Thursday, July 3, 2014

Devin's Self Destruction

Lets talk DEVIN....

First I want to make it known that Devin does have a daughter.. the rumors are true he does!  "LOL"

Now lets get on with this story, as you all know Devin is part of the alliance “ The Bomb Squad” but last night Devin’s bomb blew a little to early…….  Yes America he has gone off the deep end . Mr cool, calm and collective could not control the game anymore… his guilty conscious has been weighing on his shoulders.
Devin went in to the “Rock Room” last night to wake Donny up and spill the beans about backstabbing him the entire time. Now remember readers Devin and Donny have an alliance called “The double D’s” but Devin hasn't been faithful to our American sweet heart Donny. So Donny wakes up and Devin tells Donny that

  “I told my friends and family that I was going to play this game a-lot differently than any other player. I was going to play with honestly, integrity”

“I wanna let you know that the reason you were put up on the block was because of me, Caleb didn't want to do it but I didn't have the trust in you, I thought you were hiding something, so I said we need to put Donny up, I said he dangerous, I think hes a threat, I think hes somebody that hes not, and I 100% expect you “DONNY” to be disappointed in me, upset at me, and feel betrayed

And then Devin plays the daughter card again………

Donny asks Devin “ am I still a target to you?”

Devin replies “ No!, if you were I wouldn't be telling you this!”

And then Devin plays the daughter card again……….

Then we hear some sweet Donny wisdom...

For the last time Devin plays the daughter card……

Donny goes back to sleep dreaming about mini PopTarts.

Now Devin holds a house meeting…”YIPPI -_-“

For those who don’t know he held a little house meeting letting the house know how he felt about things. Here a word for word of what Devin had to say…
“A lot of you guys know that the most important thing to me is my daughter, and what she thinks of me when I leave here. And, that’s honest to God the truth. But when I got to walk through that door day one, and I got to stand in the same house where a lot of the greats have played, and it hit me that the greats haven’t gotten to the end of this game without being somewhat dishonest and somewhat deceitful at times, y’know without backstabbing some people. I've already talked to Donnie and made sure that I spoke to you guys, because it’s weighing heavy on my heart, but when it came to the first nominations, I forced Caleb’s hand and told him to put Donny, Caleb had nothing to do with it. I didn't trust Donny. I was scared that Donny wasn't who he said he was and the last 4, 5, 6 days I've gotten to know Donny very well and it breaks my heart that I passed judgment on Donny without really knowing him. And, in my heart, no amount of money is worth compromising my integrity as a person because at the end of the day when I walk out that door one day, I want to go home to my little daughter, and when she sits here and plays stuff back, I want to make sure that she looks at her Dad and says ‘you know what’, my Dad taught me that I didn't have to compromise for anything in this world, and here I know I've been deceitful, and I know I ran game, and that’s the name of it, but it breaks my heart to do that because I've told you guys some stories about me going to rehab and that was my true rock bottom, but this is just a game, and at the end of the day, Joey, if it’s you that goes home, or Paola if it’s you that goes home, it’s just a game, and you guys are so much better when you walk out that door for being here and experiencing the things that you've done. And one day I’m gonna go out that door […] and I’m gonna walk out that door with my head held high. But I want you to know from here on out that I was honest and the most integral person that I am inside and out this game […] My daughter is the most important thing in my life, and when she plays this stuff 10, 15, 20 years from now, I want her to know that her Dad didn't compromise his integrity for anything or anyone. I feel so bad for what I did to Donny, because out of anybody here, everybody knows that Donny is the kindest man in this world. He’s the most caring, most generous, most giving person. He may not have a lot to offer physically, but he has so much to give in wisdom and in heart, and that means more to me than this game. And I just want to say that I’m very, very sorry to each and every one of you because that was my decision to do that, and I forced Caleb’s hand, and Caleb went along with what I told him to do. I understand if you guys are disappointed, but I wanted to do was just be honest, and just say that, and if it doesn't get me far in this game, so be it. I’m not looking for anything, but I just wanna know the day I walk out that door, that I hear people clap because they’re proud of me and they know I did the right thing.”

    Its only week one and some houseguest conscious are weighing heavy. I would expect this later in the game but it seems that some of these houseguest don't really know how this game is played. In my opinion Devin has tried to play this game to hard to fast and this is lead to many past / future houseguest evictions. This game needs to be played cut throat and you have to follow through with your plans/decisions. Knowing that you coming in to this house you need to be prepared to deal with some ups and downs, but know how to cover all your bases and not let your info out. I do think Devin could of played a better game so far, and if he is evicted next week I guess he has on his mind that he came clean. I think the houseguest learned not to be so open with what their intentions are in the game and hopefully this leads to better game plan choices. 

    I'm not a Devin fan at all, I hope somebody wins HOH tonight and has a plan installed to evict Devin from the house. They need to make sure that all their bases are covered and there are no flaws in the plan to get him out. I have a few HG in mind to win HOH but I hope they have what it takes to get this game on the right track. It just seems to me that we are dealing with alot of houseguest that aren't experienced with this game, and I hope this season get very interesting fast. I know its only the first week, but I truly hope we have an action packed summer.

Leave a COMMENT letting us know who YOU want to WIN HOH tonight!

GIF Credit & Devin's Speech Transcript: candilandbb16

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  1. He knows he was "had"! Devin is a manipulative, insincere, idiot! He plays the "daughter card" for sympathy constantly. Houseguests better kick him to the curb asap!


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