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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 25

Live Feed Highlights Friday, July 25th (Nominations & 'Battle of the Block!)

*Please remember all times are BBT (Big Brother Time, PST)

Overnight Report 
12:25AM-Zach/Caleb In HN room. Caleb doesn't want Zach to put up Amber so he can tell her that her gam is literally in his hands. Zach says it is for sure, but Caleb asks if she realizes it. Zach says she doesn't. She's spitting in his face. Caleb says she believes Amber when she says she's not coming after him. Zach says people are coming upto him and telling him she is coming after him. They wonder who has the most control over Amber and her game. Caleb says she's promised no jury members go up until jury, and he's the only one protecting her, but if people wanna put her up after jury, he's fine with it. 

12:30AM-HOH with Victoria/Zach. Victoria wanted to talk to Zach privately. Victoria asks Zach what the plan is. Zach tells her he's targeting Caleb. Zach says he's not putting her up. Victoria asks "is Frankie?" Zach tells her possibly. Victoria asks why. Zach says he hasn't talked to Frankie much because everytime they try to talk Caleb comes in. Zach says if he puts up Christine and she doesn't throw it, he's done with her because she does nothing. Victoria tells Zach she's earned her stripes and shouldn't go up. Everytime she goes up, she pulls herself off. Zach tells her he's not putting her up. Victoria says Frankie is! Zach says he might put up Christine and Amber, so Christine will throw BOB. Victoria says she (Christine) won't throw it! Zach says then maybe he'll put up Christine/Nicole. He's tired of Christine not doing anything. Victoria says the people putting her up are screwing themselves because she could be a jury vote. 

Frankie joins them and Victoria tries to make her case. She says she doesn't deserve to go up. She just wants to be respected as a game player. She starts crying. Frankie tells her she is respected! Victoria says no she isn't, that's why she keeps going up. Frankie tells her he wants to stay in power because Zach is such a wild card, and he could go up. 

12:55AM-HOH with Amber/Frankie. She complains Zach is stirring up everything. Frankie says he's a lunatic and he's trying to get Zach to stick to 1 plan for 5 minutes. Amber says Cody/Frankie's name is being thrown around and he thought they were in on it until she heard their names. Amber says she thought Zach and her were on the same page, and working together, but guess not. Amber says Zach is putting her up with Christine. Frankie says Zach is just stirring the pot, and promises he's not putting her up or backdooring her. Frankie gives Amber this advice to not give Zach a reason to put her up- Stop fighting with Caleb.

1:10AM-HOH with Cody/Zach/Frankie They ask Zach who he's putting up. Zach says he would love to put up Amber. Cody worries if he does Amber will blow up their alliance. Zach says maybe Christine because he asked her to throw it and she flipped out. Cody reminds him she's their ear on the other side of the house, and she's close to Nicole. Cody tells Zach he's power tripping big time. Zach says he gives zero fu*ks! Zach leaves the room and Frankie whispers to Cody he needs to stay HOH. Zach says he's not putting up people he gained trust in. He's thinking Christine/Amber. He wants Caleb or Amber gone! He doesn't wanna put up Victoria/Nicole/Donny. Cody tells Zach he heard Zach threw him under the bus by telling him to put up Christine/Nicole. Zach says he doesn't do that! He wants Christine to throw it to make sure Amber goes on the block. 

1:55AM-Nicole goes up to HOH. Zach asks her who he should put up. Nicole says she doesn't know. Zach tells her he wants to put up Christine/Amber and for Christine to throw BOB so Amber goes home. If she wins veto Caleb goes up and goes home. Nicole tells Zach she heard her name thrown out there. Zach says no matter where he goes he f**ks people over. Zach tells her he's not going to put her up, but asks how much she trusts Christine. Nicole tells him she trusts her. Zach says the only way he'll get to F3 is if he does something crazy. He says he wants Caleb gone, but it's not the right time. He asks Nicole if she would be upset if he put her up. She says yes. Zach says he's not coming after her, if he put her on the block would she go after him? Would she throw BOB? Nicole says that would be stupid. Zach says this conversation is terrible. He's mindf*cked. Nicole calls him irrational and leaves. 

2:18AM-Beehive room with Frankie/Nicole/Christine. Nicole tells them about her uncomfortable conversation with Zach. She says she felt like Zach was fishing for information. Frankie says he's sorry for Zach's insanity. Christine calls him crazy! 

HOH with Frankie/Zach. Frankie tells Zach to put up Amber and whoever else he wants. Zach says his only choices are Amber with Nicole. Zach wonders if he could put up Hayden/Nicole and backdoor Amber. Frankie says they have to backdoor Caleb because Jocasta/Victoria would lose BOB. Frankie/Zach agree they want to backdoor Amber. 

Derrick and Cody join the HOH conversation. Zach tells him he's putting up Nicole/Hayden. Derrick asks what he told Nicole. He told her she's not going up. Derrick says he likes the way Zach lies. Zach wonders if he should put up Jocasta/Victoria. Derrick tells him not to put up Victoria because she trusts him. Zach tells them how Caleb asked him not to put up Amber. Zach tells them he wants Christine to stop acting like Jenn City and do something. He wants Caleb/Amber to go home! Zach changes his mind (again) and says he's putting up Nicole/Christine. 

3:40AM-Zach starts practicing his nomination speech. He says he pulled out a dictionary and under the word floater he saw Christine's name. He starts thinking of what he'll say to Nicole. Nicole, you call yourself a superfan, bet you didn't see this coming! 

Cody/Derrick/Hayden/Frankie are laughing at how mad Christine/Nicole are going to be. 

Downstairs Bathroom- Hayden says Nicole will take it alright, but Christine will be pissed! Derrick says he didn't hear any of Zach's speeches. Derrick says as a superfan it's going to be hilarious! 

SR w/ Derrick and Frankie. They think Zach/Christine argument would be perfect for the Team America mission. Derrick warns the girls will pressure them to backdoor Zach if the veto is used, but the guys won't be pressuring him. They hate Amber more. Derrick tells him they will deal with it when the time comes. 

4:00AM-Cody/Nicole/Christine/Amber/Hayden. Cody says he thinks he's going up because Zach is such a wildcard. Amber asks what she thinks will happen tomorrow. Cody tells her Frankie/Zach are concocting something. 

HOH Room- Derrick tells Frankie it might not count as a Team America mission if they don't include Donny. All 3 of us need to meet tomorrow and discuss it. 

4:15AM- HOH with Amber/Zach She asks Zach if he wants to talk. Zach says no, not really, maybe tomorrow. Amber says she rather him come straight to her than to go to Cody/Derrick. Zach says yeah I really should talk to you if I have something to say. She says don't go to Cody/Derrick/Caleb, come straight to her. Zach says I'm glad you came to me. They hug and she leaves. 

Daytime Report (Nominations and 'Battle of the Block' Comp Today!) 

8:15AM-House guest wake up call. When feeds return Derrick/Donny talk in HN room about getting Frankie to meet them so they can talk about the Team America mission. Derrick tells Frankie/Donny about Zach's nomination speech plan. Derrick tells Frankie to go ask Zach if he's still giving his nomination speech. 

9:40AM-Frankie/Zach in HOH. Zach made a necklace with his magnet from home. He asks how Frankie likes it. Frankie says he likes it. Frankie asks about his nomination speech. Zach goes over it again. Frankie says Nicole will come running to him after and he'll calm her down. Derrick joins them. Zach puts on his HOH robe for the ceremony. They encourage Zach to get into character. This will be awesome! Frankie says after nominations come up here and relax. 

Zach says Christine is going to be pissed! Frankie asks if he cares if Christine is coming after him. Zach says he doesn't care, he's putting on a show! Frankie says he can talk to her after. Derrick says don't be disrespectful, but at the same time you can sit there and ask her what do you have to say? Zach leaves. Derrick tells Frankie this is the best we can do! (Team America Mission)

Zach asks Frankie what his speech will be. Frankie says he'll say he wishes he could make these nominations out of strength, but they're really cowardly. You 2 have proven can handle being on the block. 

HN room-Derrick tells Donny Frankie is definitely not putting you up. Derrick tells Donny he threw HOH so Frankie could see pictures of his grandfather.  

10:10AM-Fireroom. Zach tells Jocasta he's not putting her up. She isn't the target of either Frankie/Zach. Jocasta says ok. Zach tells her if she wants to talk come to him. He'll always be honest with her. 

10:15AM-Feeds on fish for nomination ceremony. 

11:35AM-Feeds come back. Frankie nominated Victoria/Jocasta. Zach nominated Christine/Nicole Victoria/Frankie talking in the fire room. Victoria asks why her? She says if Donny wins veto he'll use it on Jocasta. Frankie tells her he hopes he stays HOH so that Zach isn't in power anymore. 

Beehive Room with Derrick/Victoria. Victoria is crying and doesn't understand why she's always on the block. Jocasta comes in and asks her not to throw BOB. Victoria says ARE YOU SERIOUS? Every comp I go in. I kill it! Jocasta thinks that was the plan in putting them up. 

Bathroom with Amber/Nicole. Nicole says Zach called her a dingus. Amber says she did the right thing by laughing. Nicole hugs Hayden/Jocasta

SR w/Christine and Cody. Cody reassures her no matter what they have the votes to keep her. Hayden joins them and they talk about Zach's speeches. Cody says he had no idea Zach was going to say that! He's on a power trip right now. Nicole/ Frankie joins them. Frankie says he had no idea Zach was going to say that. Frankie says he needs to stay HOH because he has no idea what Zach will do. Frankie leaves. Christine says Zach is going to look like the biggest a**hole! Nicole thinks he's America's Player. He has to complete tasks. If that's true America hates us! Christine says he's a bigger lunatic than Devin. 

HOH with Donny/Zach. Donny says he appreciates Zach/Frankie not putting him up. Zach tells him he didn't deserve to go up again. Donny leaves. Zach says he may have told Nicole not to trust Christine. H may have stirred up sh*t in a good way. Zach says Nicole needs to stop crying. 

11:55AM-HOH with Derrick/Zach/Frankie. Derrick gives the status report on what's going on in the house after nominations. Derrick asks Zach what he's going to do now? Zach says he's probably going to be even worse to them. This was the smartest move I could make. Zach says he pissed Christine off because he told Nicole not to trust her. Derrick tells Zach to relax. Zach asks if Victoria is still crying. Derrick says of course she is, she's always crying. Zach says he's going to come downstairs. 

SR w/Cody and Hayden. Hayden says that was the funniest thing ever! They started laughing as soon as Nicole started laughing. Victoria comes in crying to Cody. She doesn't understand! Frankie put up Jocasta and I because we were easy! That's just so stupid! 

12:10PM-Nicole asks Victoria if she's ok. Victoria says not really. Nicole says at least you weren't called a fruit loop dingus on national tv. 

Beehive Room with Derrick/Victoria. She tells him Jocasta asked her not to throw it. Derrick tells her of course not! She talks about loosing it. Derrick asks her if she went to the DR. She said no, she feels foolish crying all the time. She says Frankie is only thinking about himself. She sees Nicole/Christine winning. She says Jocasta sucks at comps. Why couldn't Frankie put up Amber? Derrick tells her there might be another plan. Victoria says if she doesn't win veto there is no backdooring! Derrick continues to comfort Victoria who continues to sob. 

12:35PM-Zach heads downstairs with candy specifically to taunt Nicole/Christine because they are have nots. 

HOH with Frankie/Cody. Cody says Caleb thinks he saved Amber. Frankie says if he stays HOH he has to do what the house wants and backdoor Amber. Zach comes up and Cody tells him he wants to make sure Nicole/Christine just dislike you not despise you. We need to get Amber out this week. Zach says Christine/Nicole will loose BOB because they're on slop. Cody warns they don't want Christine to blow them up. Cody warns Christine can rally the other side of the house, and they don't know about Donny. He could be playing them. 

Frankie tells Zach "I'm a bit in love with you!" Zach says I'm a bit in love with you too. 

Fire Room w/Hayden and Victoria. Victoria is complaining. No one is encouraging her to win BOB. People are encouraging Nicole/Christine. She doesn't think backdooring will work. Victoria and Nicole in the hive room complains no one has her back. Nicole says this is a super stressful situation. Victoria and Christine in the hive room same complaints. Victoria says if Amber/Caleb win veto she's fu*ked! 

1:15PM-Cody/Amber in Earth Room. Amber complains once again 4 girls on the block. Cody/Amber agree if they win veto they're taking Christine off the block. They talk about Zach..not sure if he's doing a mission or he's just like that. 

1:35PM- Beehive Room w/Victoria/Frankie Victoria does the same complaining deal. No one has her back. No one is pumping her up. Frankie assures her she's safe. Frankie says she doesn't want Victoria/Jocasta to throw it. Zach/Frankie don't want her gone. 

2:20PM-Donny pumps up Jocasta for BOB comp. Donny/Jocasta rather Zach remain HOH. They have to win it. Christine comes in and comments about only the players for BOB are up. 

2:34PM-Feeds go to Jeff for Battle of the Block Competition.

4:21PM-Christine/Nicole won dethroning Zach. Jocasta hurt her leg.

Derrick/Donny whispering about get a 2nd chance at their Team America task since they failed today.

HOH w/Frankie & Zach. Frankie and Zach talking about POV.  Frankie is happy 2 weak players are on the block. More of a chance to backdoor. Frankie tells Zach to mend things with Christine/Nicole.

4:40PM-Zach comes out of the shower. Caleb asks Frankie to save him a fig newton and a beer for when he's off have nots.

4:53PM-Hayden/Christine/Nicole HN Room. Hayden tells them they were so much better than Victoria/Jocasta. Nicole says "Fruit loop dingus is safe this week along with her bff floater."

Christine says it's uncomfortable to hang out with the guys in HOH. Christine leaves

Hayden tells Nicole Christine has a big target on her back. Christine doesn't trust Derrick. Nicole/Hayden do trust Derrick. Derrick doesn't trust Christine. Nicole says Derrick is sosomeone they can work with in F4. Nicole thought Christine was going to throw BOB. She was saying she was sick. Hayden tells Nicole Christine has a target on her back. The guys don't feel like she's pulling her weight in the alliance. They think maybe at the end they can team up with Derrick/Cody. Hayden changes the subject. He says he wants Amber gone this week. There's no reason to get rid of Victoria because she sucks. Nicole says Victoria's family prob hates them.

Frankie comes in and says he doesn't know what to do if POV is used. Hayden tells him to backdoor Amber. They agree getting rid of Victoria is a waste and a bad idea to get rid of Zach. Frankie says he was doing stuff for good TV.

Evening Report 

5:19PM-SR W/Victoria and Christine. Victoria is pissed shes's even more mad Jocasta sucks. They talk about backdooring Zach. Christine says everyone is pissed at him.

5:32PM-Caleb/Zach in HOH. Caleb complains about Amber again. She says he's looking like an idiot on TV. Zach says he wants Victoria to go. POV not to be used. Maybe Jocasta will go.

5:37PM-Frankie tells Caleb Victoria said if she wins HOH she's putting up Donny..the power couple.

5:55PM-HOH with Zach/Frankie/Derrick. Zach says Donny loves him now for putting Christine up. Frankie says the house will make a decision who will go this week. Frankie wants to know Jocasta's targets if she wins HOH. Zach says probably Derrick/Frankie. Those are Donny's targets too. They start talking about Victoria. They think she'll marry an old rich guy who thinks she looks like a supermodel.

6:14PM-Beehive room with Hayden and Victoria. Hayden is calming her down. He says if she keeps flipping out, she'll become a target.

6:34PM-Bathroom with Frankie/Christine. Frankie tells Christine the boys are not onboard for getting Zach out unless he misbehaves. He tells her he's going to have an intervention to get Zach to stop acting like a lunatic. Christine says she just hates Zach on a personal level.

7:27PM-HOH w/Caleb and Zach Caleb talks about making it big. Doing movies/music

7:37PM-HOH w/Christine and Frankie. Frankie assures Christine the best way to keep her safe was to have her in the BOB against 2 weak players. Christine tells him she loves him

Feeds Cut For 15 Minutes or so

7:55PM-Feeds come back and Derrick has been informed that his grandfather died this morning. He reads the letter and says that's part of life. They let him record a message to be played at his grandfather's funeral. He worries about his dad because they were close.

Just silence comes over the house for about 10 minutes. They're all in the living room. The hgs give Derrick hugs.

Frankie asks Derrick if his grandfather was sick when he came into the house. Derrick said no. He lived in assisted living with his wife. He was 86.

8:32PM-They all hug Derrick and tell him they're here if he needs to talk.

8:34PM-HN with Derrick/Frankie Derrick tells Frankie he's an emotional person. When he recorded the message for his grandfather he was crying the entire time, so he had to redo it. Frankie tells Derrick he's going to ask production if he can go on slop for Derrick. Derrick says he appreciates the gesture, but it doesn't bother him too much. Frankie tells Derrick he's going to be his rock.

Nicole comes in and tells him he's the most kind hearted, and genuine people I have ever met, I love you and I adore you.

They give Derrick a few minutes to collect his thoughts.

8:50PM-Kitchen with Derrick/Christine Frankie says he hopes he wins the veto so he can have all the power this week. Christine thinks Zach is the saboteur. They think Zach, Caleb, and Amber are going to self destruct. They think Jocasta watches the show, but doesn't live and breathe the game like Frankie/Christine do. They talk about how annoying Caleb is

9:00PM-Pool w/Caleb and Frankie. Frankie says if someone uses the veto he's going to be pissed. Caleb warns if he gets houseguest choice to pick wisely. Caleb says if something happens to his family, he's leaving the game. Nothing will keep him from his family. Frankie says he's glad he won HOH because Zach would've been on a power trip.

9:26PM-Caleb/Jocasta in the fireroom. Caleb says Frankie, Christine, Nicole and Hayden told Zach Amber was targeting him. Amber went to Cody/Derrick she's not talking to anyone anymore. Caleb went to Amber and was trying to help her, but she blew him off. Caleb says he's not talking to her anymore. She's only thanked him once.

9:36PM-Zach/Derrick Derrick says it's strange he threw the HOH comp to Frankie because his grandfather died, then he lost his. Derrick says he's a month in the game, no way he's leaving.

Zach talks about getting blood on his hands. Derrick tells Zach to keep his eyes on Donny, because Donny trusts him. They hope Amber/Caleb don't win veto. Zach asks if they should get rid of Amber before Caleb. Derrick says it depends on who wins veto. Zach starts to leave and tells Derrick he's here for him if he needs to talk. Derrick says "thanks bro"

10:00PM-Fireroom with Derrick/Victoria Victoria doesn't want Amber/Caleb/Donny to win veto. She mentions Nicole getting jealous when she spends time with Hayden. Victoria starts talking about Zach's nomination speech. She says it was crazy. Derrick tells her Zach was just putting on good TV. He said Unfortunately it upset Christine/Nicole. Derrick tells her she's safe this week. She's not going home. Victoria says she hopes so because she's emotionally drained. Derrick heads to the DR to record a message for his family. He warns her to be extra careful because she's on the block.Victoria is still pissed Frankie put her on the block. She says he only cares about himself. Derrick stresses sometimes people on the block campaign too much, and she has to chill right now. Victoria is worried Frankie will throw veto. Derrick said he is certain Frankie won't.

10:45PM-HOHw/Frankie and Zach Frankie says he wants to backdoor Amber but the votes have to be unanimous. He doesn't want beastmode cowboy after him during a double eviction. Zach asks if it's between Jocasta and Victoria, Jocasta is the target right? Frankie says yes 100%. He says no one is onboard with that except Amber/Caleb.

Frankie says if given the opportunity he will backdoor Amber with Caleb's blessing. Frankie is going to tell Caleb the truth about what Amber really thinks about him. Frankie says worst case Amber wins and takes Jocasta off, but he'll try to convince Amber not to use it. If she does Donny will go up and Victoria will go home. Zach asks if Amber/Caleb don't win it, you'll tell Caleb what Amber really thinks about him? Frankie says yes. Frankie tells Caleb he has to repair things with Christine/Nicole. Zach says he doesn't see the point. Frankie says his main targets are Amber/Jocasta. Zach thinks his game is f*cked. Frankie says if he mends fences with Christine, he'll be ok with Nicole/Hayden because Nicole trusts Christine and Hayden trusts Nicole. He says you need Christine so your name isn't thrown around Frankie tells him if he doesn't Nicole/Christine would put him on the block. He stresses to Zach he has to mend those fences. Zach tells him ok dude.

Frankie says if he backdoors Caleb, no one will be mad at him. Zach tells him that's a good option. Frankie says Caleb is fighting for Amber and he wants to turn Caleb against her. Frankie says there is a large large possibility of Amber going home this week. He just wants it to be a house decision. Frankie worries if he blindsides Amber Donny, Jocasta, and Caleb will come after him. Zach says not Donny. Zach asks so Caleb/Amber are going this week? Frankie says yes. Frankie says maybe Zach should make one of his speeches. Zach tells him he's sleeping all day on Sunday.

12:02AM-Germitard strip show.

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