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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 24

Live Feeds Highlights For Thursday, July 24th (Live Eviction Day)!

*Please remember all times are BBT (Big Brother Time/ PST) 

Overnight Report 
12:30AM-Living Room with Frankie/Derrick. Derrick says "I love you buddy." They talk abut being friends inside and outside the house 
HOH with Zach/Cody/Christine Christine says Victoria admitted to liking Hayden. Zach thinks he has a better chance with Amber. They tell him he has a better chance with Victoria. Zach says after their blow up, he and Victoria have become very close. Zach thinks he and Amber are perfect for eachother. They basically tell him he has zero chance with Amber. 

1:20AM-Frankie says being in the house will help him deal with his grandfather's death. His family is probably falling apart. 

2:15AM-Victoria and Brittany try and prank Derrick by rubbing Vaseline on his pillow and sheets. Derrick says he knew something was up because she was giggling. Victoria says she was trying to get him back at him for grabbing her leg and scaring her. Derrick goes to the fireroom and finds Vaseline all over his sheets. He goes back to the kitchen and tells Victoria/Brittany he's not letting them sleep all night. Brittany/Victoria goes up to the HOH and knock on the door. Frankie/Cody/Zach and Derrick watch them on spy tv. Derrick and Zach put shaving cream on their hands and open the door. Zach goes after Victoria. Derrick goes after Brittany. 

2:30AM- HOH Frankie/Zach ask Cody if he would hook up with Amber. Cody says not with Caleb in the house. Maybe after he leaves. Brittany leaves HOH in a towel after showering. Cody says she's so f*cking hot! Frankie tells him to hook up with her. Cody says he can't hook up with her and send her home in the same week. Derrick comes upto HOH and tells him he knows it was Brittany who started it. He wants to dump ranch dressing in her suitcase. Victoria comes up and says she's scared. Cody tells her not to get involved with something she can't handle. 

Brittany comes upto HOH and they tell her they know she started it. Victoria told them. Brittany says "VICTORIA REALLY? REALLY? YOU'RE GOING TO BLAME IT ON ME?" Feeds go to fish. 

3:00AM-Feeds come back and Frankie/Zach/Cody are talking about needing to win HOH. Zach says if Caleb wins HOH he would kiss his ass 24/7. Cody asks if it's just 1 HOH will you put up Caleb. Zach says no. Cody says he would. Cody says if Caleb puts him on the block he's going to tell him he's a punk and he better send him home. Frankie says no you hook up with Amber. Cody says he would be all over her, but wouldn't hook up with her because of the feeds/show. They notice Caleb's cleaning with Amber. They joke he's only cleaning because of Amber. 

4:00AM-Cody/Zach wake up get something to drink and go back upto HOH. Frankie/Zach/Cody have a conversation about their first sexual experience. 

4:25AM-Caleb/Amber/Derrick are talking. They think if Donny wins HOH he'll put up Christine/Derrick. Derrick comments he has to beat all The Detonators. Derrick says not to tell Brittany she's going because she might say something they have to defend themselves later. Derrick tells Amber she has to win HOH with the guys Thursday. Derrick tells Amber not to tell Brittany she's leaving because she might throw her under the bus on her way out. 

HOH-Cody/Zach/Frankie say they will be friends for life. They talk about Amber/Caleb. Cody says Caleb went to the DR and asked them to buy Amber an engagement ring. 

Daytime Report
9:45AM-Houseguest wake up call. In the bathroom Victoria talks about Derrick and the shaving cream. She says Derrick lost his wedding ring. 

10:20AM-In the kitchen, Donny tells Hayden if there's 1 HOH and he wins he's putting up Caleb/Cody with the plan of backdooring Amber. He says he would have a reason to nominate Cody because he nominated him. He said he can't do it if there are 2 HOH. Caleb comes down and says he's going to be the kitchen police from now on out. He says they spent 2-3 hours cleaning it. 

10:55AM-HOH bathroom Derrick tells Cody he talked to Caleb/Amber and they are voting Brittany out. 

11:00-11:10AM-Feeds on fish. When feeds return the hgs are talking about getting sleep in now because they won't tonight. Caleb talks about if it's going to be endurance tonight 

11:15AM-12:10PM-Feeds blocked for HOH lockdown

1:35PM-3:10PM-Random conversations. No game talk. Hayden says he sprayed Victoria's perfume everywhere. Chatting about random things and some hgs sleeping

3:10PM-Feeds go to Jeff for Live Eviction 

Evening Report
7:00PM-Waiting for feeds to return. Brittany was Evicted 10-0 and Frankie & Zach win HOH. Derrick threw the comp to Frankie.

7:12PM-Feeds back.

7:18PM-Donny & Jocasta both assuming they are going up. They wonder if they're going up with each other or against each other.

Amber comes in and says she's worried Zach will put her up.

Jocasta talking about Christine not knowing who to pick. Jocasta said she knew before the comp started.

7:20PM-Caleb says he SWORE Julie was going to ask about his date with Amber (Delusions continue)

In the HN room Caleb is complaining. He says he's the most active person in the house. Zach should be a HN. Amber tells him he should've been more active. Caleb says hes a personal trainer. Caleb says America wants to see him ripped. Amber tells him not to be cocky . He says he's not cocky..he's confident.

Amber tells Caleb Jocasta asked her if she was going up. I told her idk. Caleb says there will be a pawn. Amber says Brittany prob took her eviction personal. Caleb says he told her they (Amber/Caleb) wanted to keep her, but they have to go with the house.

7:26PM- Derrick announces he lost 30 pounds since coming in the house. Everyone congratulates him.

Nicole says she should have showered today. Caleb says he's not showering for 3 days.

7:36PM-Caleb warns Frankie. There's still BOB/POV. If they put up Hayden/Caleb there's going to be trouble.

7:39PM-Living Room with Zach/Derrick/Caleb. Zach tells Derrick he looks like a hero for throwing the comp to Frankie. He assures Derrick he's safe this week.

Caleb complains about not hearing during the comp. Caleb says Victoria/Frankie go up against eachother, one of them goes home.

Zach/Derrick/Caleb agree Caleb being a HN is fishy. Zach says he thought he would have because he sleeps all the time.

Derrick says the worst part of throwing the comp to Frankie is he's now a HN. Zach says the best part is they are all safe.

7:50PM-Zach/Frankie talk in the Beehive Room. They hug. Zach says he wants to give Frankie 100% control over this HOH. Zach asks if they have a target. Frankie tells Zach he has to get the blood on his hands. Zach has to put up 2 nominees that Frankie's nominees can beat. Frankie wonders if Zach should put up Donny/Jocasta? Zach refuses to put up Donny. Frankie asks why. Zach says because he has him in his back pocket. He doesn't wanna burn that bridge. Zach suggests he put up Victoria/Jocasta or Nicole/Jocasta. Frankie thinks he probably should put up Donny, but doesn't want to. Zach wants to gain as much info from Donny as possible.

Zach says he wants to get blood on his hands. He wants Caleb mad at him. Frankie says either Caleb or Jocasta should be the targets. Zach says if his nominees lose he's going to have to put up Caleb. Zach asks if Caleb is the target. If he doesn't go, he'll be coming after Zach. Frankie says if Caleb goes up, he'll def go home. Zach says Caleb took 5k let's send him home!

Zach wants to put up either Victoria/Jocasta or Jocasta/Nicole and Frankie will put up Hayden/Donny. Frankie wants to win BOB and stay HOH.

8:17PM-Frankie asks Derrick if they want Zach to stay HOH. Derrick says its probably not, for their game. Frankie says Zach wants Caleb gone. Derrick asks who Zach wants to put up. Frankie says Jocasta/Nicole or Jocasta/Victoria. Fankie says he wants to explain to Hayden he wants to put him up with Donny so Caleb goes home. Frankie asks Derrick to talk Zach into nominating Donny. Derrick says he doesn't listen to him. Frankie says he was trying to make the case to Zach Jocasta/Donny go up together because they are a couple. They talk about possibly nominating Hayden, but it might piss him off. They talk about Hayden possibly going up to save Nicole. Derrick warns frankie to be careful because Zach is all over.

8:32PM-Hayden/Frankie in Beehive Room. Frankie tells Hayden the plan is to backdoor Caleb. Frankie says 4 people who araren't in the bomb squad are going up, but not Nicole because she's on slop already and Donny because he's won comps.

Frankie asks Hayden who he wants gone. Hayden says for his ego Caleb wants Caleb to go. Frankie/Hayden didiscuss different targets and why they should go. They get excited with the thought of Caleb/Amber going on the block.

Fire room with Zach/Nicole. Nicole says she would never put up the guys. She brings up how she let him have the Germany trip. He says oh yea I owe you a favor. Zach proposes putting up Amber/Jocasta with plans to backdoor Caleb. She calls it a big move. He says to Nicole Donny/Jocasta/Victoria and ???? Nicole tells Zach she wants to work with him, but warns Amber is after him.

8:39PM-Christine/Frankie in Beehive Room. Frankie tells her he wants to put up Donny, but Zach won't, so he's going to do it. Frankie wanted Hayden to volunteer, but he didn't. Christine suggests Nicole/Donny. Frankie says shshe'll be pissed! Christine says just tell her she's staying. Zach comes in and tells Christine shes going to take one for the team. Victoria won't throw BOB. Christine she won't throw BOB she's seen too much of the show. They go back and forth about Christine throwing BOB. Christine asks why he's not putting up Victoria/Jocasta/Donny together.

Hayden comes in. New plan- Zach puts up Hayden/Amber and Hayden throws it. Hayden says no. Zach comes up with a new plan. Throw up Victoria/Calab and convince Caleb to throw it (Plan A) Or Put up Amber/Hayden/Donny and risk Caleb winning POV. (Plan B) Frankie Likes it. Hayden says he wants Caleb gone the most.

9:00PM-Zach tells Victoria he has 3 plans and she's  not involved in any of them.

9:07PM-Fire room Cody/Zach. Zach tells cody he has a plan A, B & C. He explains what all of them are. Zach says Christine has to go up. She's done nothing for the alliance. Cody says she wants to protect Christine, but at the end of they day what has she done to benefit the alliance?

Derrick comes in. Zach tells him Christine has to go up. Derrick says she's safe. Zach makes his case to Cody/Derrick. They compare Christine to Andy Herren. They worry she'll flip on them.

Zach leaves. Derrick tells Codrivhy good they are at thhe's game. Zach comes back pissed Christine is in the Dentonators and Hayden isn't.

9:11PM-Zach tells Cody only 2 people are out of the question...Derrick/Cody. They have a BFF moment.

9:13PM-Team America gets their next task. Donny to Frankie- We have to get 2 houseguests to have a heated argument for 20 seconds or longer at the nomination ceremony or veto meeting. Donny suggests they get Zach to do it because he's a hot head.

9:54PM-Zach/Derrick/Cody Zach says if Christine goes...whatever. He tells them he thinks he takes heat off Derrick/Cody's backs. They agree they don't want Donny to go up. Hes done enough pawn work. Zach said 2 minutes after HOH was over Caleb asked him if he was going to put up amber. They complain more about Christine not pulling her weight with the alliance.

10:16PM-Beehive Room with Caleb/Zach. Zach tells Caleb Amber has said I am Ambers target from Chinese Food. Zach asks Caleb who he should put up. Caleb says someone who would throw the BOB. Zach tells Caleb he has to sleep before making the decision. He doesnt wanna do something stupid.

10:25PM-Storage Room with Christine/Nicole.
Nicole said by going on the block Zach was telling a few people he took one for the team.

Christine is so mad someone told the house Frankie things hes doing them a favor. Nicole says Zach is prprobably lying. Lots of
complaining about Zach's comments.

10:30PM-Beehive with Caleb/Amber. Caleb tells Amber the rumor Zach is her target. She denys it.

10:35PM-Storage Room with Zach/Cody/Hayden. Zach asks about the rumor going around Amber is coming after him? Zach says he's getting new info on this case, but he's still putting her up.

Zach leaves. Hayden tells Cody Zach has been going around asking if they'll throw BOB, but no one will. Derrick agrees no one will volunteer.

10:40PM-HN room Donny/Zach. Zach tells Donny he's putting up Victoria & Amber and they might backdoor Caleb.

10:42PM-Amber tells Christine she doesn't wanna tell certain hgs things because they can't keep a secret.

In the bathroom Christine is raging at Zach. She wants him gone next week. She vents her frustrations to Cody.

10:49PM-Beehive Room. Caleb told Zach Amber is going after him. Then the subject switches to Creepy Cowboy.

10:58PM-HOH reveal Zach got a letter from his little bro. Frankie got one from his mom.

11:21PM-Christine talks about how crazy the game is with Cody.

HN room Caleb/Cody They talk about Nicole/christine  being very close.  They talk about Caleb saying he's trying to protect Amber, but she keeps running her mouth and its bad for his game. Cody said Amber's not talking to the alliance anymore which is a big problem. Caleb says amber goes on the block, she's going home.

11:35PM- Zack/Frankie in HOH. They talk about Amber/Caleb. What order should they go in? Zach relays a conversation he had with Caleb earlier to Frankie about Amber. Zach says he wants to send Christine/Amber home soon.

HOH crew (Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Frankie and a little of the girls & HHayden talking game in HOH.

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