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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 23

Live Feeds Highlights Wednesday, July 23rd

*Please remember all times are BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:05AM-Frankie/Caleb. Frankie says Brittany thinks she has Christine's vote. Caleb thinks God put Amber in the house for him. (Yes, he really did say that) Caleb says you can look good on the outside, but it's what's in the inside that counts. Frankie says Brittany told Cody he's winning over the girls because he's a sweetheart. 

12:21AM-Zach/Christine/Victoria/ Nicole in the backyard. Christine asked Zach why he didn't try anything with Nicole while she was drunk. Zach says we aren't here for that. Christine mentions Brittany getting jealous when Derrick was straddling her. She says "I'm married!" Zach says no one gets more jealous than Amber who's probably all over Cody. Christine/Victoria says they want some alone time with Cody. Victoria says she finally got some today. Zach asks why didn't you tell her (Amber) that? Christine says she did, but Amber didn't understand why they couldn't talk with everyone in the room. Zach goes inside. 

Victoria/Christine start talking about Brittany being jealous and fake. Christine says everyone is aware Nicole and I are Brittany's targets. When Zach comes back out they talk about Brittany telling different people, different targets. 

They start laughing at Caleb's obsession with Amber. Christine says she thought Caleb would be a beast and impossible to get rid of. Christine wonders how Frankie can spend so much time with him. Zach says Frankie talks so much crap about him. Zach says he told Caleb Amber is literally spitting in his face, and rubbing his face in the dirt, and follows Cody's d*ck around the house, but he's stupid. 
HOH with Amber, Brittany, Cody, Hayden, Derrick, Frankie, and Jocasta. They're all just hanging out talking. Amber and Brittany start tickling Hayden, then Brittany grabs Hayden's junk. He asks her "What are you doing?" Brittany says she was just trying to tickle him. Hayden jokes now Brittany has his vote. They start playing rock/paper/scissors. Brittany leaves and Cody says Brittany is driving him crazy because she's so hot! Victoria comes up and they act like they're sleeping, so she leaves and they start laughing.

Cody says Amber is driving him crazy. Amber comes back. Brittany came back then left again. Cody tells Amber Brittany is trying to drive a wedge between them. Everything he tells Brittany she blabs to Amber. Brittany comes back and Hayden says he doesn't understand (Cody/Brittany) relationship. Any minute they'll be throwing fists or making out. 

1:09AM-HOH bathroom with Frankie/Amber. Amber tells Frankie he makes her nervous. She's afraid the boys will turn on her. Frankie tries to comfort her by telling her she's not a target. Amber says she left her heart a few weeks ago and now it's all game. They leave the bathroom and Amber goes downstairs. Cody/Brittany are laying in bed.

1:39AM-Amber/Derrick/Jocasta in the Beehive room. Amber talks about not leading Caleb on. Derrick asks her if she would date him outside the house. Amber says no, she's not looking for anything. Jocasta mentions how Caleb says God put Amber in the house for him.

The conversation turns to voting Brittany out. Amber says she rather just tell Brittany and doesn't like lying to her face. Derrick leaves.
Amber/Jocasta talk about Brittany leaving. Jocasta says she can't vote for Brittany to stay and Amber shouldn't feel bad. Conversation switches to Amber/Caleb. Jocasta gives Amber advice. Amber says he never asks how she feels, and she's afraid he's going to blow up. Amber says Caleb is forcing so much on her, and brings up Caleb kissing her on the forehead while she was sleeping. Amber says she doesn't like people touching her while she's asleep.

2:00AM-Zach/Christine/Frankie/Hayden playing pool. Zach talks about Caleb's obsession with Amber. "She doesn't like you bro!" Christine says Amber could go to Caleb and say she hates him, and he would ask when their next date is. They all start laughing. They start talking about Brittany thinking she has 4 votes. Hayden says he wonders who those votes are.

2:10AM-HOH with Cody/Derrick/Brittany. Brittany tells them she wants to know if she's going home. Derrick says if you don't know by now you better get on it. Brittany asks Derrick how he would feel going home before Victoria. Derrick says it wouldn't bother him. It's a game. Derrick says everyone goes home, but 2 people, so it doesn't matter when you go.
Zach joins them and they turn off the lights and continue talking about random things.

4:15AM-Hammock time with Derrick/Victoria. Victoria is stressing about what Brittany is saying and doing. Derrick says it doesn't matter. You won. She's leaving. He asks why she's stressing about someone who's leaving on Thursday. Victoria goes to bed.

Daytime Report 
9:50AM-Houseguest wake up call. 
Backyard with Amber/Donny. Donny mentions Amber's first date with Caleb. Amber says that's her first and last date. "I would have felt bad if I said no." Amber says she's told Caleb she's not interested. Donny says maybe Caleb hasn't been turned down before. He grew up in a small town and he's good looking so he always got what he wanted. Amber says she doesn't want to make it worse. Donny warns Caleb will probably keep trying. Amber says she wishes she could be laid back like Donny, and he understands. Donny says he always understands. 

10:35AM-Victoria/Nicole in the bedroom talking. Victoria tells Nicole how she was getting up and Derrick scared her. Then she couldn't sleep so they had some hammock time to talk about Victoria's frustrations. 

10:40AM-Frankie in the backyard making fun of Caleb always talking about himself. 

11:15AM-Nicole/Christine in the kitchen talking. Nicole says Donny learned to keep his mouth shut. Christine says if she wins HOH it wouldn't be smart to target Amber/Caleb because they aren't coming after her Nicole or Hayden. They go out into the backyard. Nicole asks Christine if she thinks Amber is coming after her. Christine says no. Nicole says it would be dangerous to put up Caleb. They talk about Victoria being mad if she's put up. They don't think she would. Christine wonders if Zach would be mad if she put him up because he volunteered this week. Nicole says it would be funny if Victoria won hoh to get blood on her hands, but Derrick has control over her and her nominations 

11:40AM-Frankie/Caleb/Brittany by the pool. Frankie says Caleb is a vision of gorgeousness. Frankie goes inside. Brittany and Caleb talk about his date with Amber last night. He says he hopes their date wasn't a real one because it wasn't worth eating a pickle for. Caleb says he's going giver her a banana peel over a pickle and close it up to make it look like a regular banana. It's to show her you can't judge a book by it's cover. Brittany tells him that's cute. 

11:50AM-Indoor lockdown starts to set up for tomorrow's HOH. Caleb tells Frankie his banana idea. Frankie says "so you're the pickle?" Caleb says Amber won't touch a banana, but if he can get her to open it. Frankie says he wants to be there to support his efforts.

12:10PM-Frankie in the bathroom comments about how cool his HOH letter was, but he wishes it included how his family, grandpa and nona are doing. 

Kitchen with Jocasta, Amber, Donny, and Brittany.Donny talks about the night Devin woke him up to blow up the bomb squad. Amber says that's no reason to wake a person up.They talk about how hard it's going to get to nominate people as the game goes on. 

1:00PM-Donny plays a game with Amber/Jocasta and Amber

1:30PM-Random conversation with Jocasta and Amber. Donny suggests Jocasta sells her bow-ties for charity. Jocasta says that's a good idea. They talk about Victoria not talking to them. Donny says there are just some people you don't have anything in common with. 

2:20PM-Jocasta cries in the Beehive room then the cams switch to Hayden/Victoria in the kitchen. Hayden asks if Brittany campaigned to her. Victoria says yes. Hayden asks what she said. Victoria says she doesn't wanna say. Donny comes in and Hayden tells Donny no need to say goodbye. He asks if Brittany was saying her goodbyes. Donny says yes in the backyard. 

2:45PM-Cody asks Christine if she would like to have a hammock date in the birds nest bed. Christine says she would love that. Cody tells her just grab him when she's ready. 
In the bathroom with Brittany/Nicole. Brittany says she doesn't wanna talk anymore game because she knows people don't wanna hear it. Brittany says she hears people are starting to doubt her. She says she offered to go up as a pawn and she doesn't know what else to offer. Brittany says she's ok as long as people speak up about who they're putting up. Nicole tells her not to do anything different. 

In the beehive room Hayden/Victoria. Hayden says Brittany told him she wants Victoria/Zach out. He's not voting to keep her. Victoria asks why she's saying that. Hayden says because she's dumb and doesn't know how to play the game. 

3:00PM-Victoria tells Nicole she's excited for Thursday to come.The houseguests talk about their most embarrassing moments. Nicole says hers was last night.

3:33PM-Cody/Derrick/Zach talking about Brittany. Derrick tells Cody Brittany feels in her heart of hearts Cody controls the votes. Cody/Zach/Derrick feel like it's going to be a 10-0 vote. 

3:41PM-Derrick jokingly tells Victoria they're voting to keep Brittany. Victoria "Liars!" Nicole tells Derrick you better be lying about keeping Brittany. Derrick tells Nicole "You were suppose to be in on it!" Nicole says it's not even funny to joke about keeping Brittany at this point.

Derrick says we just got to keep doing what we're doing because Brittany would blow this house up. Zach says worse than Joey!

3:49PM-Victoria/Zach and other random hgs talking. Zach asks if Victoria likes "Frank" (The straight version of Frankie) He asks if Frank was a real person you would date him. Victoria says no. Victoria says in this house Frank is the most attractive guy, and mysterious. He only comes out once a month. The hgs joke about Victoria's family being pissed Victoria kissed "Frank." Zach jokes it's going to be on national TV for 10 minutes for America to see. Victoria says "10 MINUTES?" Zach tells her she's a grown woman and can do whatever the f*ck you want! He asks if he's making her feel bad. She says yes. Zach tells her then he's succeeding.

4:38PM-Zach tells Derrick they have to win HOH so they can put up Amber/Victoria/Jocasta/Donny and backdoor Caleb. They have to make sure either Caleb or Amber goes next week.

4:39PM-Hgs talk about the most attractive former HG's. Nicole says Jeff. Christine says she thought Lane was cute.Nicole says she thought Dan was attractive. Christine adds Brendan and Dominic

4:40PM-Feeds cut to fish.

Evening Report
5:02PM-Frankie is given a letter that tells him his grandpa died. Frankie starts talking about his grandpa's life and how close they were. He says his grandpa was really supportive about his sexuality. He talks about his grandpa over Cancer 2 and a half times. Frankie tells the hgs production is letting him send a message to his family. They have a group hug. Frankie says his family wants him to stay so that's what he's going to do. Caleb was the only one who wasn't in the group because he was sleeping.  

5:20PM-Zach starts crying in the HN room. 

5:32PM-Cody/Zach in the Beehive room. Zach just says damn that sucks and Cody leaves the room. 

Cody gives Frankie a long hug upstairs and they talk about a eulogy. 

5:37PM-Christine/Cody date in HOH. Cody tells Christine she's not going anywhere as long as he has anything to say about it. They hug. 

5:46PM-Caleb's awake. Cody pulls him aside and tells him about Frankie's grandpa. 

5:54PM-Zach/Derrick in the Beehive room. They agree Frankie is taking it pretty well. They talk about how they hate the Beehive room. It's not comfortable. Zach tells Derrick he knows he can use the money more than he can. Derrick says he doesn't want the pity. He's not Brittany. Zach tells Derrick he's one of his soldiers and he'll do what Derrick wants. Derrick says he has Zach's back too. 
Frankie comes into the Beehive room. Derrick tells him to win the HOH. If it's between him and Frankie, he'll throw it to Frankie. Frankie tells Derrick Caleb's Banana/Pickle plan 

6:57PM-Frankie in hoh sobbing. Victoria pokes her head in, asks him if he wants to be alone. Frankie says Caleb's coming up. Caleb comes in and tells Frankie "talk to me." Frankie starts to explain, but reads the letter to Caleb. Caleb says he's dealt with death numerous times and goes on a speech. Feeds cut.

7:15PM-When feeds return, Caleb says I heard Amber/Jocasta talked about our date.Frankie suggests Caleb use aluminum foil to make a banana. Caleb says that won't work because aluminum isn't a banana. Caleb talks about using toothpaste as adhesive because that's how they hang pictures in jail. Caleb can't fathom either Amber or him leaving because she lives close to him on the outside.

7:21PM-Frankie/Cody in HOH They talk about Zach being worried about the next HOH, and Frankie calls him a f*cking mess.
Cody tells Frankie Zach told Brittany Amber/Cody are working together. They talk about its sad Caleb is head over heels for Amber who doesn't like him back. Cody says hes worried about Zach because he's such a wildcard. Then Zach walks into the room. Zach/Frankie hug. They make fun of Caleb's pathetic gestures of love for Amber.

Cody/Frankie/Zach talking about polling everyone in the alliance to make sure everyone is onboard to get Brittany out. Derrick/Christine come in. Christine says she wants to punch Amber in the face. The HOH crew starts talking about how stupid Caleb is and they have to make sure he's onboard with getting rid of Brittany, also Caleb's pickle/banana plan.
Christine mentions Amber giving her dirty looks for having a little date with Cody, and it scared her. Christine says Amber is catty and she hates it.

9:00PM-Christine scares Nicole in the bathroom. They're both worried Caleb/Amber will tell Brittany she's leaving.

9:05PM-Frankie in HOH room giving his grandpa's eulogy. Frankie tells the camera this has been the most difficult day of his life. He reads the letter he got from his family, then starts talking about his grandpa's life.

Frankie says "NONA if you are watching this you have to be strong because i’m going to need my hugs when I get out”

9:41PM-Jocasta/Cody talk about religion. Cody says he's Catholic. Jocasta says her religion can reach out to God anywhere she wants. Cody asks "Catholics can't?"

9:55PM-Christine, Zach, Frankie, and Nicole in the kitchen. They talk about hot previous houseguests. Frankie's surprised the girls don't find Jeremy from BB15 hot. Christine says "Hell No!" Gag! Frankie says Christine judges. Christine says she only judges mean people.
Nicole/Derrick join them. They start joking about who their targets are.

10:41PM-HOH with Zach and Frankie. Zach mentions how much Frankie talks about his grandpa. Frankie says he was raised by a single mom, so he was up to his grandparents.
Caleb comes up to HOH saying something about clothes. Zach says he's super cheap with his clothes. He says he can get a good outfit from Costco for 19.99

11:00PM- Cody/Amber/Nicole discuss doing pranks. Nicole says shes pulled 12 pranks on Hayden today. He's easy to prank. Cody says he's going to scare Nicole when he gets the chance.

11:25PM-HOH w/Zach, Christine, Cody and Derrick. They talk about getting Caleb out next week. They think  the other side of the house would put Donny/Caleb up. Cody says he doesn't think Hayden would nominate Donny.
Zach says it's going to be "The detonators" against Nicole/Hayden/Victoria. They control Victoria's vote. They control 90% of the house. Cody says if they send Caleb home they can reel Amber over to their side. Brittany comes in because he can't sleep. They play a game of truth.

11:42PM-Zach reveals to the HOH crew he has a crush on Amber, but knows he doesn't have a chance. Zach asks why Amber doesn't like Caleb? He's a good dude. He's the man. Christine says "He's beastmode cowboy!" Zach says he hopes they slowmo the Frankie/Victoria kiss for the show with graphics around it.

Zach says Amber sees Caleb as a friend, Cody as a brother, and me as someone she can be with. Brittany-Not going to happen.

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