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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 22

Live Feed Highlights Tuesday, July 22nd 

*Please remember all times are BBT (Big Brother Time PST) 

Overnight Report
12:42AM- Christine/Frankie on a "Date" in the Beehive room. Christine says Nicole has problems keeping her mouth shut. Frankie comments about Cody putting up Caleb. The house would've blown up and Cody would be hiding in HOH for the rest of the week. Frankie thinks Cody was hesitant to keep Frankie in the loop. Christine says "We're so good"

Frankie says he wasn't against backdooring Caleb, he thinks it wasn't the right time. Christine wonders if Amber or Caleb should go first. Frankie says if Caleb goes, they can draw Amber in, and convince her it's good for her game. If Amber goes, Caleb will be out for blood. They agree backdooring Caleb would've been the dumbest move.

12:51AM-Amber tells Brittany she's doing everything she can, but doesn't know how everyone is voting. Brittany says Cody told her the same thing. She's not sure she has the votes.

1:00AM-Hayden/Zach playing pool. Hayden says he wants Amber & Caleb to go. Zach agrees, and says Amber is the worst. They start mocking Caleb talking about himself.

1:15AM-HOH with Amber/Caleb/Derrick/Cody. They are going through what they should tell Brittany. Caleb says he'll tell her he's voting with the house so he doesn't become a target. They agree the entire alliance is voting for her to go. Victoria might vote to keep her, but her vote doesn't matter.

Cody mentions people asking why Caleb felt safe enough to go for the money. He said because whoever kept me safe, I'm keeping safe. Caleb asks who was asking. Cody says Donny & Victoria.

Caleb says Brittany deserves to stay longer than Victoria. Derrick says everyone not in the alliance has to go. Doesn't matter in what order. Brittany is using the single parent card. Derrick says Brittany has a bigger house than most of us and drives a BMW.
Caleb starts talking about his future date with Amber. He's taking her on a cruise to Atlantis.

2:00AM-Backyard with Nicole/Hayden. Nicole says she can't trust Victoria. Cody asks Nicole about her showmance with Hayden. He asks if they did anything. Nicole says no. She comments Victoria/Hayden have done more
Cody says Caleb was trying to convince Victoria giving her the veto was a good choice and anyone who thinks different doesn't know the game. Cody is dying to blow up on him.
Amber comes out complaining about the boys missing the toilet while peeing.

3:00AM-Kitchen with Nicole/Christine. Both agree Brittany is annoying and they won't change their votes.
They change the subject and start talking about how Caleb is embarrassing, and Nicole hopes they show it like it is. Christine says I'm sure they are.
Christine/Nicole/Derrick all in bed. Nicole goes out and scares Zach as he's coming out of the storage room. Zach comes back into the bedroom with a butter knife and says she should be scared of him. He leaves and Nicole comments how Zach was scaring her and that's why they can't have knives.

3:40AM-Backyard with Brittany/Zach. Brittany says she thinks it's over. Zach tells her to start making deals. Brittany says she deserves to make jury because she has kids, and she's been away from her kids for along time. Zach tells her she has his vote if she promises not to come after him. She says she won't. He says OK you have my vote.

4:00AM-Cody comes out to talk to Brittany. She says she's shunned. She asks if he thinks Zach will vote for her. He says he doesn't know. Brittany says she's tried the sad/mad/happy look and nothing seems to be working. Cody says "I see you're an actor."

5:00AM-HOH with Zach/Amber/Frankie They talk about relationships. Zach tells Frankie if Zach was gay he would be obsessed with him.
Cody joins and Zach says he felt bad for Brittany then remembered he's Zach Attack.
Amber asks Zach what he thinks of her. He says I think you're in my alliance that's what I think of you.
Amber leaves HOH and Zach tells Cody Brittany says she knows everything about our alliance. They guess Amber told Brittany.
They talk about Caleb wanting Brittany to stay. Zach warns not to tell Caleb stuff because he tells Amber. They start talking about Caleb planning a date with Amber.

Daytime Report
10:00AM-Houseguest wake up call

10:40AM-Donny outside eating his cereal. Waves to the live feeders.
Donny talks to Jocasta. He says he was nominated because they really want Brittany to go. Jocasta says that's what she heard, but doesn't know if its true.

10:45AM-Bathroom with Jocasta & Brittany. Brittany says Cody doesn't want her to go. She thinks Derrick & Caleb are voting for her to stay. Amber says she's voting with the house.
Brittany tells Jocasta Amber told her Nicole/Christine think she's going after them because of the bed situation. Ridiculous.
Brittany says she feels bad for campaigning against Donny. Jocasta tells her not to. Big Brother is an individual game. Brittany wonders if she has Victoria's vote. Jocasta says she'll vote how the house wants her to vote. Brittany says its frustrating, no one will play their own game.

11:50AM-Victoria/Brittany. Brittany asks Victoria how she's voting. Victoria says she's not sure yet.
Brittany says she doesn't know why no one is staying when influential people want her to stay. (Cody/Derrick/Cody) Brittany says they should stick together or Victoria will be next to go. Victoria says there are bigger targets. Brittany fears Donny is making deals. Brittany says Nicole thinks she's my target, but the guys are.

12:40PM-Beehive Room with Brittany/Nicole. Brittany tells her people have come to me saying you and Christine are targets of mine which isn't the case. Brittany says the only people who want her gone are people who don't appreciate being here and don't do anything.
After Brittany makes her pitch, Nicole says I just heard I'm one of your targets. I'll think about it. Nicole says all I ask is you not put me up if you when HOH. Brittany says she won't and will throw the next HOH. Nicole says she won't ask her to throw anything. Just don't put her up. Brittany points out Donny being a super fan. Nicole says she doesn't know how the house is voting, but she'll think about it.
Nicole goes into the backyard and tells Donny she just talked to Brittany, but he had nothing to worry about.

1:00PM-Beehive with Derrick/Brittany. Brittany says she cleared up the bed situation with Nicole. Derrick tells her to keep doing what she's doing. Brittany says Victoria thinks she's a big time competitor now. Derrick says not true, Caleb actually won. He let her keep the veto. Brittany points out Donny is a bigger threat. He points out things as they happen. Derrick says he thinks that's why Donny is on the block. Brittany says the girls are dumb going with the house vote. Derrick says she has to convince Nicole/Christine.

1:10PM-HOH Camera time!
Storage Room w/Derrick & Christine. Derrick tells Christine Brittany is going to come talk to her. Christine asks if Derrick said he would vote for her. Derrick says yes.
Nicole comes in and tells them about her talk with Brittany. She says Brittany thinks Derrick/Cody have a lot of control and the house she just vote with them. Nicole tells Christine just to say she's not sure what she's doing yet.

1:30PM-Beehive Room with Christine/Brittany. Brittany gives the same campaign speech she gave Nicole.
HOH with Cody/Derrick. Derrick tells Cody Brittany is telling people Cody/Derrick have a lot of pull in the house. Derrick says Brittany says Cody/Derrick are influential and Caleb is feared. Derrick says Amber has said who her target is. Caleb hasn't. Derrick wonders why Caleb wants to keep Brittany so badly.
Derrick says if it's a double eviction, Caleb's going home. He wants Hayden/Zach to pull an HOH win. Derrick says Frankie is on-board with getting Caleb out. Caleb has to think he has the votes till he walks out the door.
Derrick says Brittany is using them as sponsors. Cody tells him that's not good. Derrick says it is because everyone knows they want Brittany to go.

1:55PM-Victoria/Derrick in HOH. Victoria tells him Brittany is pulling people aside talking to them. Derrick says he knows, she's talked to him. Victoria says she's sick of Brittany telling people she deserves to be there more than Victoria. She's proven herself in comps. Derrick says Donny/Brittany are on the block for a reason, and Brittany is talking sh*t about her, so why would she keep Brittany.

2:30-3:07PM Backyard conversations going on. Derrick says Happy Birthday to his mom Suzanne. Caleb says Happy Birthday to his mom.

3:21PM-Brittany/Victoria. Brittany tells Victoria Zach is saying how dangerous she is, and he stirs up sh*t. Brittany says all Zach does is sleep, and there are "A lot of those on the other side of the house."
Brittany tells Victoria she wants to work with someone. Donny will continue to play his own game, but she wants to work with someone. Brittany says the only way to get him out is to backdoor him, and she doesn't understand why this is a question.
Brittany thinks she for sure has 3-4 votes, but she isn't sure about Frankie.

3:40PM-Caleb/Cody in HOH talking about bodybuilding. Cody acting like he's interested in what Caleb is saying.

4:18PM-Zach/Donny in the backyard. Zach asks Donny if he's campaigning. Donny says no need..he knows he's staying.
Zach mentions Brittany was crying about just starting to play the game on day 36. He gave her a little hope.
Nicole/Amber join them and they start talking about comps.

Night Time Report
5:30PM-HOH w/Zach & Frankie. Zach complains about listening to Caleb talk about himself 24/7, and he HAS to go next week. Frankie agrees.
Frankie asks Zach if Caleb is still talking about the votes. Zach says idk I haven't heard. The agree Caleb will probably bring it up again tonight.
They change the subject to talk about how they are doing (with game) Zach says Caleb goes next week then Amber/Jocasta.

5:44PM-Girls in the bathroom getting dressed. Production told them they're getting booze tonight.

6:14PM- Backyard with Caleb, Frankie, Donny, Cody, Zach and Hayden. Caleb complains about hurting himself when he was working out. He thinks he "pinched a nerve" Donny tells him to ice it for 48 hours, then put heat on it.
They start joking about getting drunk.

6:27PM-Jocasta comes out and jokes with Amber about checking up on Caleb adding he wasn't really hurt. Caleb acted like his leg was hurt to get Amber's attention.
Brittany/Caleb in the living room. Brittany says she wants HOH to see her kids. She'll let them run her HOH. Caleb says he and Amber rather see her stay. Brittany talks about who's voting for her to stay.
Brittany wishes the guys (I'm assuming Derrick/Cody) would speak up and say they're voting for her to stay. She says Devin gave Donny a lot of info about their alliance. Brittany doesn't understand why she's being singled out. She says she's been loyal and hasn't stirred up s*it.
Caleb tells her Amber/Caleb campaigned for her big time. Brittany asks if Amber's going to keep her. He says he doesn't know.
Brittany asks Caleb to talk with Christine/Hayden/Nicole to find out where their heads are.

6:41PM-Jocasta/Cody HOH. Cody tells Jocasta he was thinking about putting Caleb up but didn't have the votes. Jocasta tells Cody how cocky Caleb was after the veto.

7:04PM-Brittany/Hayden in HN room. Brittany gives the same campaign speech she gave others. Hayden asks if she wins hoh who is she going after. Brittany said Victoria Because she brings nothing to the game. She says he can control her hoh all she wants to do is see her kids. Brittany points out why Donny is a bigger threat.

7:28PM- Zach/Brittany in the Beehive Room. Brittany gives Zach the same deal she gave Hayden/Nicole/Christine.
Brittany says all "the big dogs want her to stay." Caleb/Cody/Derrick. She points out why Donny is a bigger threat.
Zach says he's voting for her to stay, and if she has Amber/Caleb she's probably staying. He asks if she's talked to Christine and Nicole.
Brittany says Christine/Nicole will vote how the house votes. Brittany tells Zach she needs his help.She reminds him she gave him her vote. She tells him shes worried when she goes home her ex took her kids and her stuff is in storage. She again talks smack about Victoria thinking this is a fashion show or summer camp. It's going to kill her to leave before Victoria.
Zach asks how close she is to Amber. She says they don't talk.He mentions them staying up all night together. He tells her to call a house meeting. He tells her right now Donny has the votes to stay. She has 48 hours to convince people.

7:36PM- Frankie tells Caleb "Frank" is coming out tonight.

7:55PM-HOH with Cody/Zach. Zach talks about his conversation with Brittany. Zach tells Cody he told Brittany to call a house
Cody flips out "WHAT NO .. WHAT THE F** is that?"
Amber comes in and asks Cody to be her date tonight. Cody says he can't because Caleb would rip his head off. He says Amber looks smokin! Amber leaves.
Back to Zach telling Brittany to call a house meeting. Cody says its stupid. Zach says he's going down to tell Brittany not to do it.
Caleb/Frankie come in and Zach repeats how he told Brittany to call a house meeting. Frankie calls him an a**hole and Cody should've put him on the block. Caleb leaves and Cody tells Frankie keeping Zach is bad for their game. Frankie agrees. Zach says hes trying to sharpen their skills. Frankie says we don't need our skills sharpened. Cody gets pissed off and leaves.

8:25PM-Cody says Jocasta talked to him about working together. The rest of this conversation was Cody complaining about Zach.

8:33PM-Zach tells Derrick he told Brittany to call a house meeting. Derrick calls him The
sabeour. A few minutes later Zach and Brittany talk in the Beehive room. He tells Brittany not to do it. She agrees not to.

8:45AM-Zach goes upto HOH to tell Cody he talked to Brittany and she won't be calling a house meeting.

9:01PM-Caleb requested an LED candle so he can ask Amber on a date. 

9:18PM-Booze Delivery!

9:21PM-Caleb asks Nicole to kee. Amber busy so he can set their date up outside  

Nicole pulls Amber in the beehive Room and tells her about the date. Amber sarcastically says "it never ends" 

9:27PM-HGs toasting then Caleb asks in front of everyone if Amber will go on a date with him. Amber says really? OK. 

9:30PM-Caleb/Amber's BB date starts. Amber just looked bored. 

10:18PM-Frankie kisses Brittany and Victoria.

11:34PM-Hayden & Nicole meeting on the hammock. Both agree Amber has to go.

11:41PM-Zach talks about how fake Amber is and he hates her.

11:48PM-Victoria/Frankie kiss again.

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