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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 21

Live feed highlights for Monday, July 21st (POV Ceremony Day)!

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:06AM- Hammock with Victoria, Frankie, Christine Frankie calls the gaze of Brittany is like the gaze of Meddusa. Christine says she's a poisonous person. Brittany knows she's beautiful.

12:20AM-HOH with Brittany/Jocasta. Brittany says they will find a reason to get rid of her no matter what. Jocasta Agrees. Brittany adds she thinks she's "the step child in the house" and people keep throwing sh*t at her and it hurts

12:25AM-Outside with Zach, Christine, Frankie general chit chat. Christine talks about colleges 
in Arizona being bad. Frankie brings up the ban on homosexuals that almost past there.

Victoria says Jocasta isn't as innocent as she seems and your strategy shouldn't be to bully people. Christine brings up Evel Dick doing it in Season 8. Frankie says you can't feel bad for judging people in this house because you have to assume everything is a lie. They talk about Caleb asking Amber to go on a cruise with him. Christine thinks it's hilarious.

12:31AM - Nicole/Hayden have a small make-out session in the Fireroom (Their first kiss!). Hayden gives the feed watchers a 'thumbs up' before he leaves the room.

12:45AM-Derrick/Zach playing pool. Zach asks what they are going to do with Caleb. Zach talks to Derrick about going on the block. He wants to go up. Zach asks Derrick if it's bad people thinking Cody/Zach are working together. Derrick says they know you're friends, not necessarily you're working together. Derrick says if Cody is down with putting Zach up, he's fine with it.  Zach continues to talk to Derrick about going on the block. He says it's good TV.

1:00AM-Zach goes over to Frankie/Christine and asks what the cons are of him going on the block. Frankie tells him to forget about it. Christine says Donny won't be mad at Cody. Zach asks if it takes a target off his back. Frankie says no. Hayden comes over and Zach asks the same thing. Hayden said it would put a target on your back, and not a good idea.

2:09AM-Jocasta/Brittany in the Beehive Room. Brittany say Cody feels real bad and he doesn't know who to put up without getting a target on his back. He feels bad Brittany is going home no matter what. Brittany has an idea. Tell Cody to let her decide. That way there's no more blood on his hands. She says she would throw up Zach. Alot of people don't want him here. Jocasta says that's a great idea, but Cody won't go for it. She says she wants no part of Donny going up because he supported her during her punishment.

2:15AM- In the Earth Room lots of joking around about Hayden and Victoria. Brittany asks about talking to Cody. Derrick tells her not to wake him up because he hasn't slept for 2 days, and forget about putting Zach up.

3:15AM-Brittany/Derrick go to the Beehive room. Brittany tells him her idea of choosing who to put up next to her. Derrick tells her it won't work. Cody won't put Zach up. Derrick tells Brittany he's voting for her to stay. They talk about other suggestions...Nicole/Christine's names are thrown out there.

3:50AM-Caleb/Derrick/Brittany in the Beehive room. Brittany tells Caleb her plan of getting Cody to put up Christine or Nicole. She thinks Victoria will go next week. They joke about Victoria thinking Unicorns exist.
4:00AM-Storage room with Derrick/Zach. Zach talks to Derrick about talking Cody into putting him up. Derrick tells Zach Brittany's plan to get Zach to go up. Zach starts to think going up may not be a good idea.

5:49AM-Amber tells Brittany to campaign to Cody. Brittany tells her there's a chance of getting Nicole/Christine up. Brittany says there's no way she'll campaign against Donny. Brittany talks about how broke she is and how much pride she has not to ask her dad for money. Frankie comes in as Brittany continues saying she doesn't want people to feel bad for her because she has kids, and if she were to win HOH she would put up Nicole/Christine/Zach. Talk turns to POV and Brittany says Nicole can't think for herself. Someone had to tell her what to do during POV..to take it or not. They talk about how disrespectful Zach is. Amber says I wish Cody would put Zach up. Caleb tells her she can still campaign against Donny. He can win this thing. Amber gives Brittany some pointers on campaigning.

7:00AM-Caleb/Amber/Brittany making breakfast, just talking about random things.

Daytime Report
8:40AM-BB wake up call. Hayden/Donny in the backyard. Donny says he wants to talk to Cody. Hayden brings up Zach's campaigning, but it doesn't come across well. Donny says Frankie,Caleb, Amber, Derrick have a F4 deal. Donny says "they" wanna keep Victoria around. Hayden disagrees and says people want her gone. Brittany comes out and Donny goes inside.

9:14AM-Donny/Hayden Donny says he wants to win HOH and put up Derrick/Frankie and if veto is used Amber as a replacement. Donny says Derrick is safe because he's close to everyone in the house, but talks alot of crap about Victoria. Hayden says he likes Victoria. Brittany says she can't push for Donny to go up. Cody talks about being frustrated Caleb/Zach/Nicole not going for the veto. It sucks because in this game you have to hurt people's feelings.

9:50AM-HOH w/Cody & Brittany. Brittany asks Cody if he's nervous. Cody says yes. Brittany asks who Cody is thinking of putting up. Cody tells her Caleb. Brittany talks about Christine needing the money more than Nicole.

10:20AM- Fire room with Frankie/Nicole. She tells Frankie Donny said whatever happens it draws a line in the sand. They talk about Brittany staying up all night. 
Nicole goes outside to talk to Donny. Donny asks if they're working together. Nicole says yes. Donny says OK enough said.

10:20-10:30AM-HOH with Donny and Cody. They have a big talk. Donny tells Cody to play his game and no one elses. Donny says if he was HOH he would put up people he can't trust. Cody talks about Caleb going after him because of Amber liking him. Donny says if he puts him up he wouldn't hold it against Cody. Cody talks about not trusting Caleb and how full of himself he is. Cody changes his mind. He wants to put up Caleb instead.

10:30AM- short conversation happens in the bathroom between Brittany & Victoria. Victoria feels bad Cody has to get more blood on his hands.

Storage Room Cody/Frankie. Frankie tells Cody Brittany wanted to put up Nicole. Cody leaves to get Donny.

11:06AM-Frankie wakes up Derrick in a panic "He's putting up Caleb!"

11:08-Derrick goes upto HOH to talk to Cody. Cody is thinking about putting Caleb up instead of Donny. Derrick says they may regret it, but he'll support Cody's decision. Cody is having second thoughts after his conversation with Donny this morning.

11:31AM-Veto Ceremony time. Cody might be putting Caleb up!

12:14PM-Feeds Back Victoria used the veto on herself and Cody put up Donny.

Cody tells Frankie/Derrick he feels like a f-king pu**y. Derrick asks what's with the change of heart. Cody was afraid to be the next Devin. Cody tells Frankie if Caleb puts him up next week he's going to kick him in the nuts.

12:31PM- veto fall out continues. Donny is confused because Cody told him he wasn't going to be nominated. Hayden/Derrick reassure him he's staying. Cody feels like a pu**y.

1:15PM- Frankie/Caleb/Donny Donny wants to come up with a good speech like devins. Frankie said not to worry about it, he's staying 100%. Donny says I hope so. Caleb comments on how Cody's duties are up. Frankie says yep! Frankie is wondering why Brittany is up in HOH talking to Cody because there's no chance people will get rid of Donny. Caleb says no one will fall for it (Brittany's pitch to stay) Caleb says its probably personal.

1:35PM HOH w/Nicole. Nicole tells Cody I just wanna thank you. I don't know why Brittany is throwing my name out, I haven't done anything to her game wise. Nicole tells Cody putting up Caleb would've been a good game move for you. Nicole says if you would've put Caleb up it would've put me and Christine in a bad spot. Cody says it would've put a lot of people in a bad spot, and I didn't wanna do that. Cody was just thinking of what a d**k Caleb was for taking the money over the veto. Nicole tells Cody she would backdoor Caleb if that was the plan. Cody says next week if Caleb doesn’t win HOH I am going to go to him and be like last week you didn’t have my back so...Nicole says its a good thing everyone hates him (Caleb) and would be OK with getting him out. Cody wants to protect Christine, Nicole, Derrick, and Hayden. Cody says if Caleb comes after him it would be for personal reasons. Nicole promises to fight for HOH and would never make deals with Caleb ever. Christine agrees.

1:55PM- Amber comes up to the HOH room and says oh sh*t all the girls up here with my man! Christine/Nicole leave. Amber asks Cody how he's feeling. Cody says pretty sh**ty. His only choices were Donny or Hayden. Cody says he didn't like how the week played out, but at least their alliance is safe another week. He just hopes they return the favor. Amber says she just hopes when the time comes the guys don't turn their backs on her. Cody says I'm not turning my back on you or Christine. They talk about Amber worrying about Zach saying really disrespectful things to the girls. Cody says he's talked to Zach about that a few times. Amber says once they get to jury she's going to have to distance herself from Caleb because he's a big target.

2:15PM- Victoria jokingly tells Derrick he is her next target. Derrick asks Victoria if she thought he was going to put up Donny. Victoria says no, but that makes sure Brittany goes home. Victoria/Derrick talk about Caleb taking the money and everyone wants him gone.

2:30PM-Jocasta, Amber, Cody &Derrick talk about Cody being a big flirt, and other random joking.

2:40PM- In the kitchen. Caleb eats a pickle for a date with Amber. He throws up. They talk about their home lives.

2:50PM-Donny/Brittany talk about how Brittany picked Cody as hg choice and he screwed her.

2:55PM-Amber/Nicole try to do the whipped cream on Zach's hand and tickle him with a feather. When they go into the fire room Zach looks up and the girls hide. Hayden blows their cover and tells him the girls are trying to scare him. Nicole says thanks Hayden and they leave.

3:00PM-The girls go back into the fire room but make too much noise. Nicole says OK Hayden can we show you what we were going to do?  Nicole puts whipped cream on his hand and Amber takes the whipped cream and smears it in his hair. Zach sarcastically says omg that was so funny. They leave and say they're going to get us so bad. Christine says she's not sleeping anywhere near them. She shows her spider bite and goes to the Dr because it doesn't look good.

3:41PM-HOH with Cody/Derrick. Derrick said he talked to Hayden and he knows the plan is to get Brittany out. Donny told Derrick Cody put him up to make sure Brittany goes home. He thinks they're good with Donny. Derrick warns Brittany will stir the pot before she goes. There's no chance in hell Brittany is staying with Donny up.

Derrick says Brittany staying is bad for business. She'll turn on them the first chance she gets.

Cody goes over how pissed he is Caleb gave up the veto and took the money.

Cody and Derrick agree Donny thinks they are working together.

Derrick thinks Victoria coming up and telling him she's surprised Caleb didn't go up for losing the veto is evidence she would vote him out.

Derrick thinks they're in a good position. They're running the house. Cody is still mad at Caleb, and thinks he d**ked him.

Derrick thinks putting Caleb up was a bad idea because Caleb wouldn't put up Cody. Caleb is all about their alliance. Putting Donny up assures Brittany will go home. Derrick adds if Cody would've kept Brittany he would've looked like Devin.

Derrick and Cody agree Brittany thinks Derrick is voting to keep her. She's use to getting her way because of how she looks...we're better taking our chances with Donny. Brittany will realize it wasn't her game play it was her personality that didn't work in this house. Brittany comes in to tell Cody he's being called to the DR. Feeds cut.

4:35PM- Backyard With Donny and Jocasta. They agree the alliance is going through people in order like Devin said. Jocasta says she doesn't trust Nicole/Christine. Jocasta told Christine something about Frankie and she told Frankie. Jocasta starts to cry and says she doesn't wanna lose Donny. Donny reassures her it will be OK. Donny says there's a leader (to their alliance) because Cody wouldn't put him up. They have Cody on 24 hour watch. Either Derrick or Frankie are always there.

They talk about when Donny wins HOH. Jocasta points out they're threatened by Donny/Brittany.

Night Time Report
5:06PM-Christine/Nicole in storage room. Christine/Nicole how close Cody was to putting up Caleb. Frankie saved them.

5:30PM- Christine/Nicole/Victoria/Frankie/Derrick. They joke about Brittany spending all her time in HOH with Cody. Christine/Nicole/Victoria start bashing Brittany saying she's mean and immature. Christine says she hates Jocasta but can't remember why.

6:36PM-Hammock w/Zach & Christine. Zach comes down from HOH and comments Brittany/Cody are passed out. Christine says "at least they aren't doing other things." Zach jokes they did it already. They agree Brittany doesn't know how to play the game and they hate the BOTB twist.

6:48-7:00PM More catty girl comments. They say Amber isn't genuine and it drives them nuts.

7:03PM-Jocasta/Amber in the bathroom. Amber isn't sure who she's voting for because they're both her friends. Amber thinks Donny will target her, so she's going to talk to him tomorrow.

Amber says yesterday was tough because she's not sure who she can trust.

7:23PM- Donny/Nicole in the backyard. Nicole promises she'll do everything she can to keep him safe this week. Donny is ready to make big moves, flip the house while they have numbers. Donny says if he wins hoh he'll tell everyone not to come up to hoh to talk to him. If they do he'll nominate him. Donny points out how he's in a really bad position. Nicole says he was probably nominated because they know he'll stay.

7:42PM- Pool with Zach/Hayden Zach says next HOH is big. Hayden worries it's a double eviction. Zach asks who he would nominate. Hayden says he wants amber gone, maybe Jocasta or Victoria.
Hayden leaves. Zach starts playing pool with Donny.

Zach reassures Donny he's staying. Donny/Zach talk about food for a bit. Donny starts talking about a plan for the next HOH.

8:01PM- Backyard Frankie, Zach, Derrick and Cody. Cody tells him everything Zach said about Amber got back to Amber. Zach called Caleb "a little bitch" Derrick says Amber will crumble when Caleb goes. They agree Caleb/Amber need to go in a double eviction. Cody says he likes Nicole. She's ride or die. 
Cody says they need Brittany to have a fighting chance so she won't stir up sh*t. Zach asks what she knows. Derrick says we never worked with her. Cody says they don't need trouble.

Derrick/Cody mention Amber coming back to them. Derrick says he still sees her w/Jocasta & Brittany a lot.

8:36PM-Frankie/Derrick talk about how many votes Brittany has. Derrick says Caleb doesn't realize how close he was to going up.

Frankie-Caleb said he's  going to put up Jocasta and Victoria and use Donny as replacement
Derrick – Perfect.

8:43PM-Victoria/Zach. Zach says he doesn't know why he hates Amber. Zach says he doesn't like Amber/Jocasta/Caleb. Victoria says all Caleb does is talk about himself.

9:20PM- backyard Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, Amber, Cody, Caleb and Hayden talk about random stuff. Caleb describes eating a bug.

9:30PM-Victoria/Derrick Victoria says she heard Derrick knew Donny was going on the block. Derrick says not true and asks who told her Zach? Victoria says wasn't Zach it was Christine.

9:34PM- Derrick/Cody hammock time. Derrick tells Cody Christine is telling people I knew Donny was going up. It doesn't look good for his "I'm trustworthy image".

Derrick says this is why they can't have a 5-6 person alliance...only 2 people win the money. Cody asks why they told Victoria that. Derrick says Victoria is dumb as a stump, but Nicole/Christine are setting up to play long term.

They go over who would put who up.

They agree Hayden loves them. They think Christine will burn Nicole, and Christine will not win any hoh. That's not good.

10:00PM- Victoria/Derrick. Derrick warns Victoria. Zach has a big mouth. Victoria doesn't understand Zach/Cody's friendship. Victoria thinks they talk a lot of game. Derrick doesn't.
Victoria says she trusts Nicole more than Christine.

They talk about people thinking they are working together. Victoria says Cody's a nice guy.

10:31PM- Zach comes outta the DR. Frankie/Zach have a little talk. Zach says the DR is telling him his goodbye message wasn't mean enough.

10:39PM- Caleb/Jocasta talk about Brittany leaving and the next comp might be endurance.

11:14PM-Derrick reveals the real reason he wants to keep Donny...to take out Frankie and Christine. They talk about Christine having a big mouth.

11:46PM-Cody tells Donny he made everyone promise to keep him. Donny says it's still a risk.

11:58PM- Donny asks Cody why he didn't put up Nicole. Cody says because she tried so hard for the veto. He wanted to repay her.

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