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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 20

Live Feed Highlights For Sunday, July 20th
*Please remember all times are BBT (Big Brother Time PST)

Overnight Report

12:07AM- Cody/Frankie in the kitchen. Cody asks Frankie why he threw him under the bus. Frankie told Amber Cody was the reason she went on the block. Frankie says he didn't. She lied to Caleb and said she never volunteered and she did in front of both Frankie/Cody. They go up to HOH to continue their conversation. Frankie said he warned Amber to stop making side alliances outside of their alliance. Frankie said he was trying to make Amber feel more secure in their alliance so she won't make side alliances. 
They come up with a plan to get Caleb onboard with voting Amber out next week. Tell Caleb Amber tried to kiss Cody. Cody says Caleb will either punch him or go tell Amber he knows. 
Christine joins them. Frankie says Amber/Brittany/Jocasta have formed an alliance called The Witches of Eastwick.

12:47AM-Brittany tells Hayden/Cody/Christine/Derrick after 1000 goals she's jumping in the pool and resting in the hammock. The net breaks and they go on indoor lockdown so production can fix it.

1:36AM-Frankie/Derrick check in.  Frankie tells Derrick he had to make Amber feel more secure because she's making side alliances. They agree to not leave Cody alone with Brittany, and Donny has to be the replacement. If Donny is the replacement, Brittany is for sure leaving. If it's Caleb they will have a hard time convincing people to keep him.
Frankie talks about Brittany. He says she's not a poor mother of 3. She married wealthy, drives a BMW and hangs out at the Playboy Mansion. Derrick says he's not concerned with her home life. He's only concerned with sticking to the plan and sending Brittany home Thursday.

2:00AM- HOH with Derrick/Frankie/Zach. They talk about Caleb wanting to trade the 5k with Zach so he can take Amber to Germany. 
Zach says he wants to make jury so he can vote for one of them to win. Zach says he wants Amber gone next week. Derrick says Amber or Jocasta. Derrick is sure Amber will come back after Brittany leaves.
Derrick talks about Caleb's loyalty. Zach says he's loyal to a fault, but more loyal than Hayden.

2:17AM- Derrick/Frankie talk about Team America. Frankie worries Donny will tell someone about it. Derrick says he doesn't, they signed contracts.
They agree Dentonators till F5, and a F4 with Derrick, Frankie, Amber & Caleb.

3:00AM- Derrick/Brittany/Hayden/Nicole/Christine in the backyard. Derrick talks about only having 2 kids because daycare is really expensive. He says College was so simple, but he wouldn't trade his life for anything.
Zach, Frankie, Victoria join them and they talk about Big Brother 15. They agree it was a tough season to watch. Zach says Andy was the definition of a floater. Derrick disagrees. Christine Gina Marie was just embarrassing. Derrick says goodnight.
Zach tells Nicole she's working that germitard and will she put on a show for us? Nicole says maybe tomorrow.
They talk about Joey running through the house naked. Hayden says as a person she was cool. He reenacts Joey as Alex lifting weights.

3:20AM- Victoria/Derrick talk. Derrick says you're good this week. Brittany is upset with you, but pay no attention to it. Victoria worries about a double eviction. Derrick tells her there are bigger targets, and she would only be a pawn. Victoria says Cody wasn't even happy for her. Derrick says only because he has to nominate someone else. She's handling it right. Victoria goes to bed.

3:45AM- Hayden/Nicole cuteness.

4:00AM- Zach/Frankie in HOH. Zach asks Frankie on a scale of 1-10 how would you judge your game? Frankie says a 7. Zach says he thinks he's a 7 too. Frankie says he'll feel better when Brittany leaves. Zach says so much has happened since they made their F2 deal. Frankie says that was on day 4. Zach says they will definitely make it to F5.
They talk about Caleb talking about himself all the time, and his obsession with Amber. Zach doesn't get his obsession.
Frankie & Zach talk about possible nominations if they win HOH.
They talk about Frankie's personal life, and Zach asks about Frankie's first sexual experience with a guy.
In the bathroom Hayden/Nicole talk about women's underwear, and highschool. Cody comes in and says it started raining so they covered Brittany up.

4:50AM- BB tells Cody he can't sleep outside so he heads up to the HOH to get a little sleep before the whistle sounds to go do his a**kicking.

5:03AM- Whistle sounds. Cody goes outside.

5:24AM- Cody tries to sleep and the whistle sounds. Cody/Frankie go outside. Cody says he hates Brittany being outside alone. He asks Frankie "What if that's your sister?" Frankie says "She's not mine and she's not yours!" They head to bed in HOH.

Daytime Report

8:15AM- Brittany/Donny/Cody in backyard. Brittany is refusing to give up even in pain. She's at 1010. She's getting frustrated. She asks Donny if she should give up. She's going home anyways.

10:10AM-Brittany misses again and says "I give up!" Donny tells her to take a rest, and pace herself.

10:15AM-BB gives the HGS a wake up call. Donny/Frankie/Amber/Christine are watching Brittany make her goals. 
Cody comes down and wonders if the whistle went off. He goes back up to HOH and the whistle goes off.
Brittany continues to complain about making goals.

11:24AM- Brittany hits 1400! 1000 to go

12:07PM-BB announces Brittany has 9 hours. Amber/Donny giving her encouragement.
Donny- "You can do it!"
Brittany tells Amber/Donny she's keeping the soccer ball.

12:15PM-BB tells Brittany 8 hours to go! She's at 1,533 now. Donny agreed to do 10 jumping jacks if Brittany got 20 goals in a row.

2:07PM-Hayden/Nicole in Fireroom talking about how much Brittany is complaining. Hayden says if a guy got that punishment, they would've been done in 5 hours. 
Hayden asks Nicole why she's ok with cuddling, but why she won't kiss him. She says not on national TV. Nicole asks "Hayden do you wanna kiss me?" He says "I do."
Nicole says Christine was super worried about nominations when bomb squad members are in power, and she's 100% safe. Hayden says she's a good liar. Nicole says Christine is a good actress. 

2:36PM-Hayden/Christine/Nicole in the backyard. Hayden jokes Christine's last name is "Third wheel."

2:50PM- Brittany hits 2000 goals. She says "Only 400 to go." She takes her shoes off and shows Donny her blisters on her toes. She starts breaking down. Donny gives her a peptalk. 

3:04PM-Donny/Cody. Donny trying to work Cody and get Caleb put up. Donny tells Cody Caleb made a selfish decision taking the money, screwing Cody over. 
Cody says he doesn't know what Brittany will do. Donny tells Cody to talk to her. Cody says he doesn't know if she's telling the truth. Donny says Brittany won't go after him. Cody is mad Caleb put him in this position (by giving Victoria the veto) Donny leaves. 

Christine comes over and sits with Cody. Christine asks if Donny is going to be pissed if Cody puts him up. Cody tells her he doesn't know who should go Caleb/Brittany. Christine says if Brittany doesn't go home, she'll go after her, and if Caleb doesn't go, he'll go after Cody. Christine says she doesn't think they should go after Caleb this week, but she'll support any decision he makes. She says if Caleb wins HOH, he won't go after their alliance. 
Cody thinks he should trust their alliance and go with putting Donny up. 

3:52PM-Hayden gives Brittany a Dan Gheesling worthy peptalk

4:23PM-Hgs start reading the Bible and having a mini-church session with Jocasta 

4:31PM-In the kitchen Nicole says she got into trouble with production because she has to keep her Stein and Sausage in her hands at all times unless she's preparing food. She complains her feet hurt. 

4:38PM-The hgs start a "Let's Go Brittany!" chant

Night Time Report

5:12PM-Brittany hits 2400 in 24 hours! The entire house celebrates and Brittany jumps into the pool!

5:48PM-Christine/Caleb Christine-People should be more afraid of Hayden/Nicole than Nicole/Me. Caleb-People want Amber to go home because she's strong at comps. Christine- I need Amber in this game. Caleb-I wanted Victoria to go home so bad. Christine-She's so irritating.
Christine doesn't understand why people aren't going after Victoria.
Christine tells Caleb if Brittany wouldn't come after her next week, she'd have no reason to vote her out. Caleb tells her Brittany is going after the girls. Christine says "That's so Catty!" 

6:07PM-What Caleb really thinks of his fellow hgs came out during his conversation with Christine
-Zach is in my alliance but I don't like his strategy. He sleeps all day and lets the alliance carry him
-Victoria does nothing at all. She's the dumbest Big Brother player ever. 
-Jocasta talks no game at all. She just sits here reads the Bible and eats 
-Brittany busts her butt to be here. I think it's only fair she stays 
Caleb says no one is working the other side of the house. Amber thinks she needs Brittany & Jocasta. He says Amber told Frankie/Cody she will go up next to Victoria, now she's walking around all pissed off. He says Amber is setting stuff up for jury. She wants to get to jury. 
Caleb about Amber- "If she doesn't watch what she's doing, she will be going home next week and I don't like that."
Christine wonders if she should talk to Brittany at all. Caleb says she's going this week, so there's no point. He's given her a few ideas to try. Caleb "With her going up against Donny or me or anyone else, Brittany is going home."

6:17PM-HOH with Frankie/Victoria. Victoria says people think she's stupid, and not playing the game. She complains about Jocasta and the other girls picking on her. Frankie says he doesn't care who Cody puts up, he's voting out Donny.
Victoria- "The point of being fake to someone is they don’t know you’re being fake."

7:00PM-HOH talk with Cody and Amber. Amber says she knows Zach is Cody's friend, but he doesn't trust him. He's annoyed by the alliance because he's the HOH and no one wants to help him, they just wanna make sure their good (in the game) Amber suggests Nicole go up, but she knows Cody/Nicole are close. He says he doesn't want to put her up because she said she was going to go for the veto, but not doing anything about it. The alliance is wanting him to put up Donny and he knows Donny won't come after him. Amber talks about what Christine and her went through. Amber says she's just now gaining trust back. Cody talks about his conversation with Brittany and it was Brittany who brought Amber up. He warns her about telling stuff to Brittany, she may go back and tell people. Amber says she observes alot about where people hang out. She says Devin made decisions without telling the alliance. He says he put up Brittany because she only used him when she needed him to save her, but he lost trust in her. Cody says there are a few people if they go up against Brittany, they would go home. Cody doesn't know how to tell Donny he's going up. 
Derrick comes into HOH. Amber says when Nicole was HOH, he suggested Amber/Christine go up on the block. He's trying to figure out how to tell Donny he's going up. Cody says he's going to talk to Donny tomorrow morning. Cody is still pissed only Nicole & Him were actually going for the veto. Amber says it sucks to get people who are on the block. Cody says he felt bad for Brittany going out and doing the 2400 goals in 24 hours. Caleb joins them. Caleb suggests Cody puts someone in the alliance up. They don't know who. Hayden's name is thrown out there. Conversation is broken up by Cody getting his penalty kick, and Victoria goes upto HOH. 

7:18PM-Caleb/Frankie playing pool. Caleb says he told Amber to stop playing both sides of the house. Amber wants more girls in jury. Frankie worries about what Amber is talking about in HOH

7:29PM-Hayden says it would be nice to get rid of Caleb but it makes no game sense. Christine/Hayden wonder who Cody will put up.

7:47PM-Cody/Victoria Victoria complains about the girls being mean to her.

7:49PM-Cody leaves to do his penalty kick. Derrick, Caleb, Amber discuss who should go up. Caleb says it doesn't matter.He said he'll go up again because he knows Brittany is going. Derrick warns him not to volunteer because he'll go home. Amber/Caleb/Derrick agree they rather Victoria go than Brittany, but Victoria won POV. Caleb says it's about your alliance right now because Amber wants to keep Brittany for her personal game. She's going to put up alliance members. Amber says Zach threw her under the bus. Derrick says Zach won't go against the alliance or he'll end up like Devin. Cody completes his POV punishment and comes upto HOH.
Amber says it just sucks to see Brittany hurting and she's just now starting her social game. She said Brittany could've gone far. Derrick said we went to battle to keep her (Brittany)
Amber- Brittany was going after Christine and Christine is in her alliance.

7:52PM- Caleb/Nicole/Christine talk about how Caleb is a nut and they're voting out Brittany on Thursday. Also how Amber trying to save Brittany is putting a target on her back.

7:57PM-Hammock time with Zach, Donny, and Hayden. Donny says he's not in an alliance with Donny & Brittany. Donny says he doesn't do things for game sometimes, he just does them to be nice. They all agree Amber is super paranoid right now, and Caleb is the dumbest person in the house. They go over all Caleb's annoying characteristics.
After they're done Zach says If Brittany or Jocasta win HOH they'll put me up. Zach says you have some influence over her (Jocasta) Donny says yes some. Zach asks why he used the veto on Jocasta. Donny says because she was sick and it made him look good on TV. Zach says he thinks Donny is going up tomorrow, but he'll talk to Cody about putting up beast mode cowboy.

8:38PM-Hammock time with Nicole/Zach. Zach asks Nicole who she would put up. Zach says the only person he wants gone is Amber. They talk about Caleb going up.

8:47PM-HOH crew discusses backdooring Caleb. 

9:03PM-Hammock time with Christine/Nicole. They talk about who's going up as a replacement.

8:59PM-HOH Cody/Derrick/Zach/Cody Frankie says "They"are trying to drive a wedge between the denominators. Cody says he's waiting for Caleb to slip up because his gut says Caleb is bad for his game.
Zach comes in and says he wishes everyone would send Caleb home. When Cody asks for a reason he says because Caleb took the 5k over the veto. Big argument/Discussion happens.
Amber comes up. Zach leaves.

9:31PM- Amber talks to the hoh crew about Zach throwing her name put there.

9:37PM-Zach/Derrick. Zach says they have a group of 3. Zach, Derrick, Cody.

10:04PM-Storage room with Frankie/Zach. They talk about Zach being nuts and Brittany has to go.

10:25PM-Beehive Room Cody/Victoria. Cody tells Victoria he thinks Caleb isn't coming after him. Victoria says she's glad she won veto, but apologies Cody has to put up someone else.

11:02PM- Derrick/Hayden/Cody in hoh. Cody says he knows Caleb will come after him, and he's pissed Caleb didn't go for veto. Hayden suggests putting Caleb up as a pawn, but the shoot the idea down.  Caleb will go after Cody next week.
Derrick says there's enough influence to keep Cody off the block. Cody says he knows Brittany has to go.

11:14PM-HOH crew discusses Zach being a loose cannon, and Frankie is scetchy.

11:15PM- Hammock w/Christine and Frankie. Frankie says Zach is being selfish, caleb is predictable.

11:49PM-Zach goes back to HOH and tells them to put him up. He'll go nuts and says Cody is his arch rival then he'll make a F2 deal with Donny. Zach says he's bored, put him up.
Cody/Derrick tell him they'll think about it and Zach leaves. Cody says "I'm putting up Donny."
Derrick starts talking to America.

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