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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 18

Live feed highlights for Friday, July 18th (Nominations & 'Battle of the Block')!

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)
Overnight Report!
12:04AM Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Zach in HOH. Talking about nominations. Derrick wants Frankie to put up Brittany/Amber. Frankie is worried Caleb will kill him. Zach tells Frankie Caleb says he doesn't care about Amber anymore. Derrick asks Frankie what he thinks about putting up Brittany/Amber and Cody putting up Jocasta/Victoria. Frankie tells him he's fine with that.

12:40AM- Derrick/Brittany talking about Victoria's behavior with the sleeping arrangements. She refuses to sleep in the same room with the guys unless it's Cody. Derrick tells Brittany he's not sure what Frankie's nominations are going to be because he's all over the house. He said he knows Victoria is going up, and that's all he knows.

1:07AM- Christine, Hayden, Zach, Cody, Amber in HOH. More complaining about Victoria's behavior.

1:29AM-Frankie tells Donny about the new Team America task. They have to target a physical threat.

1:31AM-In the kitchen Nicole asks Frankie if she's 100% safe. He says of course she is.

1:32AM-Donny, Frankie, Derrick decide Amber is their "Team America" nominee because she's a physical threat. 1:45AM- Hayden, Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine and Zach in HOH making fun of Victoria.

Beehive room- Brittany tells Frankie she doesn't play kiss a*s with the HOH. She's not all over Cody like the younger girls. Frankie tells her now that Devin is gone the target shifts to the weakest players. Brittany guesses Victoria is going up. Frankie says that's what he thinks. Zach/Caleb join them. More complaining about Victoria.

2:30AM-Jocasta, Frankie, Hayden, Zach, and Caleb Up in HOH. Zach is pushing hard for Victoria to go this week. They all agree Victoria is thirsty for male affection.

2:55AM-HOH crew discusses different challenges like The Cinnamon Challenge. Caleb, Derrick, and Zach talk about who's going up. Caleb suggests Victoria/Jocasta be put up seperately so they can make sure one of them goes. Caleb goes downstairs and throws a candy wrapper in Amber's face.

3:25AM- Up in HOH. Frankie/Cody talk about nominees. They talk about the possibility of backdooring Donny. Cody says he can't put up Amber because that would wreck everything. Frankie tells Cody Brittany thinks he's going to put her up because she doesn't kiss his a*s. When Derrick returns to HOH he says Amber told him Frankie told her she's safe. Frankie says he never said that. Cody/Frankie discuss Cody nominating Brittany & Victoria and Frankie could nominate Jocasta and Amber. Hayden comes up and says he wants Amber or Brittany gone this week because they're strong competitors.

4:05AM- Frankie/Victoria in Beehive room. Frankie tells her he's not putting her up. Cody/Amber discuss nominations in HOH. He explains why he's nominating Brittany. Amber closes the door to HOH. Cody says "What would Caleb think?" Amber tells him he's her best guy friend in the house.

4:30AM- Frankie tells Caleb he's nominating Amber/Brittany. Brittany is the target. Caleb goes on about Cody/Amber shutting the door to the other HOH room.

4:55AM-Derrick goes up to the HOH and tells them Brittany took her sleeping bag into the Beehive Room to sleep. She's pissed. Frankie says Caleb's sleeping in the HN room. He's pissed (Cody/Amber talking) Cody tells Frankie Amber is OK with going up. They all talk about Brittany's behavior (slamming doors, sleeping in the Beehive room) and agree she's the target this week.

5:00AM-Amber is worried Caleb is mad at her. Amber goes to check on him in the HN room. He gives her the cold shoulder.

5:40AM- Zach asks Cody if amber likes him. Cody says no just friends.

6:55AM-Cody/Brittany in kitchen. Cody tells her he's had her back and heard things. She says if course you did. Everyone talks shit. I haven't talked shit about you. Cody/Brittany talk it out more. Brittany heads to the bathroom.

Daytime Report! [Nominations & 'Battle of the Block' taking place]
8:20AM- Big Brother wakes up the Hgs.

9:20AM- Jocasta giving shout outs.

9:32AM-Feeds go to fish for Nomination ceremony.

12:13PM- Feeds back. Cody has nominated Brittany and Victoria. Frankie has nominated Amber and Jocasta.

12:17PM- Cody apologizes to Amber. Amber responds with "yup." Cody tells her if she needs to talk let him know.

12:20PM- Amber asks Christine "Why are the guys so chicken? They never go up! Why cant Zach step up? Why cant Derrick? Caleb has done it. Why not any of the other guys? Why me?" She's clearly pissed off at the guys.

12:26PM-Brittany says if she gets evicted over Victoria she's not going to the finale. Brittany tells Jocasta she has no one to talk to in the house. Jocasta says "you have me."

12:36PM thru 1:00PM-Fall out from nominations continue. Brittany continues to whine about being nominated with Victoria, and the guys are chicken.

Cody tells Derrick "Victoria was pretty confused cause I just talked to her. She said she trusts the hell out of you and she likes me"

Victoria/Cody in HOH- Victoria to Cody: it is what it is and that being mad about being nominated wont help anything. Brittany to Victoria- "Are you good? Vic- Yeah. Brit- I can tell. Vict- I'm just tired of crying over things I cant control"

12:49PM- Victoria/Derrick in Beehive room. Derrick reassures her she's not the target, and if people say negative stuff about Cody/Derrick/Frankie to come and tell them. Victoria says she trusts them.

1:06PM- Frankie- Time to pick the host for Battle of the Block! Feeds go to fish

1:15PM- HOH Caleb/Cody talk about Amber closing the HOH door on them last night to be alone with Cody. Cody tells Caleb she wants Brittany gone. Caleb tells Cody the girls will go up before the guys. He reminds Cody he volunteered to go up and threw BOB last week. They agree Caleb/Jocasta prob wouldn't have won anyways because Jocasta sucks. Frankie comes in and vents about Brittany talking about who deserves the money. He says it's not about deserving the money. He's annoyed by her comments. They agree Victoria doesn't deserve it not because she's filthy rich, but because she's not playing the game. 
Frankie adds Brittany's strategy is to cry she's playing for her kids. That's how she got Devin to use the veto on her.

1:32PM- Beehive Room Victoria/Brittany talk. Brittany says she's not use to the fake sh*t. She feels like she's going crazy. She's tired of being on the block. She thinks there might still be an 8 person alliance. She thinks Devin was replaced by Nicole. She thinks Jocasta and her are on the block because they don't hang all over Cody.

1:42PM- Victoria/Brittany in the bathroom. Victoria doesn't trust Christine. She thinks none of the girls wanted to sleep w/her because she giggles w/Frankie. Brittany complains about being on the block more than anyone else.

2:07PM- Jocasta, Amber, Brittany, and Victoria in the kitchen. Brittany says Donny doesn't like Christine. Amber says she heard he was trying to get her nominated. Brittany adds she never talks game w/Donny. Amber complains about Zach doing something during the show she didn't like. Brittany said he was sweet as pie last week, this week he's ignoring her.

2:14PM- Battle of the Block time.

4:18PM- Feeds return. Frankie is dethroned. Victoria/Brittany remain nominated. Amber/Jocasta are safe. Cody remains HOH.

Amber-"These guys better watch out!"  

4:33PM- Storage Room Derrick tells Caleb the strategy is don't use POV and send Brittany home. Victoria isn't playing so why not keep her around? She's harmless. Caleb tells derrick he heard Jocasta was trying to flip votes to keep Devin. Derrick says Jocasta will be the target next week.

4:40PM- Cody/Amber/Zach in HOH. Amber asks Cody to be POV host. Cody warns her Caleb is going to talk to her. He's probably upset about something. Amber says she hates hurting people's feelings. They all talk about not knowing where Donny's head is at. Amber says Jocasta is the most trustworthy person in the house.

Cody/Zach talk about how angry Brittany is. Derrick joins them and they start talking about BOB comp.
Derrick tells Amber- "You're a competition beast!"

Night Time Report!
5:07PM- Beehive Room Donny/Caleb. Caleb asks Donny about Jocasta flipping the votes to send him home instead of Devin. Donny says he doesn't know anything. Donny- "The only person who wanted to keep Devin is Devin."

5:38PM-Beehive Room Amber/Caleb. Amber says she wishes guys would go up as pawns. Caleb mentions Amber hanging out with Jocasta/Brittany and Frankie is trying to stir up stuff. Caleb explains Frankie told him how Amber said Jocasta was trying to flip the votes when Caleb was on the block. Amber says it's obvious all the guys are working together. Caleb says no other guy but him has showed her loyalty.

Caleb mentions Frankie told him Amber volunteered to go up as a pawn. Amber says she has to talk to Frankie because she said she didn't want to be a pawn. Caleb says he told the guys next week if its endurance and he wins one of the guys will go up.

Zach told Caleb 4 more pawns before they start putting up their alliance members. Caleb tells amber he wins HOH 1 possibly 2 of them will go up. In the last 3 days he's had his doubts about the house.

5:55PM-Have Nots Derrick/Zach. Zach says he talked to Brittany for 30 mins and she was going on about why she should stay. She only trusts Derrick/Zach. Derrick says Christine told him Brittany/Jocasta said they win HOH 4 guys are going up. The guys are picking off the girls. Derrick/Zach agree Brittany has to go this week.

Caleb/Amber still talking in Beehive room. Caleb tells her when someone has my full trust they have my full trust. Amber doesn't understand why he doesn't trust her. Caleb/Amber agree they only trust Derrick. They talk about not listening to Frankie. Amber says she feels like Amber/Christine never know as much as the guys do. Caleb mentions how Jocasta/Brittany never talk game, and Victoria is dumb. She's still in the house because she's a vote w/them.

Amber jokes about putting 2 guys up if she wins HOH. They both agree they only trust Derrick/Christine.
Cameras switch. Victoria is crying. Zach comforts her. They go to the storage room. She says "you know why they called me.." Feeds cut.

6:25PM-Cameras on HOH room with Hayden/Nicole/Christine/Cody/Jocasta. Victoria called to the DR again. Nicole jokes they forgot about her. In the kitchen Caleb tells Amber again how perfect they would be together.

6:50PM- Victoria/Brittany in the fireroom. Victoria says she'll campaign for Brittany to stay over her. Brittany tells her not to do that. Brittany says she wishes Devin was still in the house because he was telling the truth. Brittany mentions not trusting Christine because she's a superfan. Victoria says it's obvious she's working with them. Victoria says she trusts no one. Brittany says she doesn't trust them. Victoria says she thinks she's in hell.

*Note: The feeds were cut a few times because of something going on with Victoria. Derrick said some accusations were made. They aren't allowed to talk about it, but that's why Victoria was in and out of the DR crying.

In HN room Caleb tells Frankie all about his conversation with Amber. Frankie says Amber's conflicted.

7:35PM- Hayden/Nicole talking about the next to go. Zach joins them. He wants to call Amber out on lying. Hayden tells him to wait till they get power. He calls Brittany a liar. Zach says nominations stay the same who would you vote out? Hayden/Nicole say they would vote with the house, but they know Brittany is coming after them. Victoria wouldn't. Zach wants to tell Amber people are talking sh*t about her. Hayden tells him wait till after veto. Zach talks about jury.

7:50PM-Frankie/Zach/Hayden/Nicole in the bathroom talking. Frankie asks how Victoria is doing. Zach says she doesn't like being on the block, but she's staying. No one will send her home. The only chance of that is if Brittany wins veto. Hayden says he can't wait for Amber to see how much people hate her. Zach says he hates her because she was talking sh*t about him. Hayden doesn't want Amber in jury. Hayden tells Zach Amber thinks they're (Nicole/Hayden) in LALA Land and don't know what's going on. Zach says Amber's obsessed with Cody.

In the Kitchen- Caleb/Zach talk. Caleb says whatever is best for their game, they should do. If it's best to send Brittany home, then send Brittany home.

7:55PM-Jocasta/Donny playing Chess. They discuss using the veto on Brittany. They say they have to talk to Cody so one of them doesn't go up as a replacement. Donny says it was different when he used it on Jocasta because she couldn't play (in veto) because she was sick.

8:35PM- Donny/Zach play pool. Zach says Amber's getting too cocky. Donny says when you get good, you get cocky. Zach says Brittany is the target. He trusts her...Donny says he doesn't. Jocasta joins them. They change the subject. Donny talks Victoria into coming outside with them. Zach says I like Victoria.

9:25-10:00PM- General chit chat. They talk about Victoria being upset. She thinks everyone is talking sh*t about her. Nicole says she talked shit about Hayden to her. Christine says "She's use to getting everything she wants." Zach tells Victoria in the kitchen he's going to the DR to rant about Amber.

9:52PM- (About the unknown accusations) Victoria says “I wanna go to the DR and apologize to Matt because he was the one talking to me.”

10:39PM-Derrick tells Victoria to smile, talk to people and be happy and let Brittany seclude herself.

11:15PM- Frankie tells Amber that he feels really bad he nominated her and he didn't give her the heads up before he did it.  Frankie says he still wants them to work together.

11:41PM- Amber suggests keeping Nicole on the side like the boys do with Hayden.

11:47PM- Amber goes over possible noms if she wins HOH with Derrick

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