Friday, July 18, 2014

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 17

Here are your live feed highlights for Thursday, July 17th (Live Eviction Day)!

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time (PST))

Overnight Report
12:28am- Derrick/Cody agree they need to get rid of Brittany soon, and that will bring Amber closer to Cody. Derrick says Amber is into Cody. Cody calls Brittany fake. Derrick regrets not getting rid of Brittany when they had the chance. Derrick/Cody agree Brittany doesn't trust them. Brittany thinks Derrick is in a secret alliance. Derrick is nervous talking too much game in front of Frankie. Derrick wants Donny, Jocasta, Victoria and Brittany up this week. Donny goes, it will weaken Jocasta/Brittany. 

1:05am-Brittany/Jocasta/Amber. Amber says there are 2 guys she doesn't trust. She also mentions trying to distance herself from Caleb. Jocasta talks about spreading info and by whom it comes back to test trust. 

1:45am- Derrick, Hayden, Brittany, Cody and Caleb are in the kitchen talking about the havenots. They talk about Christine/Frankie not being able to be have nots because of health conditions.

2:10am- Caleb heads to bed. Amber is now up in the kitchen. Brittany says she wants to give Devin a pickle on his way out. Derrick says he has a feeling there's going to be a twist tomorrow.

2:30am- Cody tells Derrick he needs to go to sleep so he can go beast mode on the HOH comp. They talk about what the next HOH comp will be. Derrick heads to bed. Hayden gets up and  Brittany/Hayden talk about weird facts about themselves. Cody flirts with Amber in her onesie.

3:15am until 4am- Feeds block for a few seconds, and when they come back Amber talks about not wanting to be in a showmance or relationship. Hayden/Amber cont to chitchat. Amber goes to bed.

4:15am- Hayden gives a shout out to the feeders then heads to bed.

Daytime Report
9:30am- BB wakes up the HGS. Victoria/Jocasta/Brittany/Donny talk about the next twists. 

10:35am- Feeds blocked

11:15am- Feeds return. Derrick/Caleb are talking about Cody being up late w/Amber. Brittany/Nicole joins them before HOH lockdown. 

12:10pm- Feeds blocked 

1:40pm-Feeds return. Donny w/Zach in the living room. Hayden/Victoria/Devin/Nicole/Christine all getting ready for live eviction. 

2:35pm- Feeds blocked

2:38-3:00pm- Feeds return. Hayden/Nicole/Brittany/Zach/Devin all ready hanging out.

4:12pm til 7:35pm Feeds blocked for live eviction (6:00 - 7:00pm)

After the Live Show Report
7:37pm- Feeds return. Frankie & Cody won HOH. Cody/Frankie hugging in the HN room. Caleb tells them "You're both great". Zach congratulates Frankie. Caleb whispers to Derrick in Kitchen "We're golden." Derrick excited to see Frankie/Cody's HOH pics. Nicole out of her frog suit. 

7:40pm- Derrick describes the comp. Derrick says Jocasta/Brittany almost won. 

7:56pm- Frankie/Zach celebrating in the Fireroom. 

7:58pm- Zach "Obviously Victoria, Jocasta, and Amber. Who will be the 4th? (Nominee)", Frankie has a thought, but won't say anymore. 

8:45pm till 9:00pm-Derrick tells Zach Brittany or Jocasta. We have to send one of them home. Zach/Derrick talk about putting Donny up. Zach tells Derrick- Victoria/Jocasta Amber/Brittany are the best nominations. Derrick tells Frankie Jocasta or Brittany have to go because they're with Donny. Frankie- "OK." Frankie tells Zach/Derrick he wants to put up Jocasta/Victoria so he can stay HOH. 

9:07pm-Brittany and Donny in the Beehive talking about the heart she gave Devin.

9:19pm- Brittany/Jocasta/Donny in beehive room talking about wanting to win to be safe. Brittany crying. She's pretty sure she's being nominated. 

10:00pm- Brittany starts getting mad at Christine/Nicole/Victoria. (10:02) Brittany has a fight with Nicole in the kitchen. Brittany tells Nicole she threw her under the bus. Nicole doesn't understand. She thought Brittany was mad over sleeping arrangements. She wasn't. 

10:07pm-Zach/Cody talk about nominations. Zach says Caleb hates Amber now. Zach tells Cody "one of the three has to go" (Brittany, Jocasta, or Donny)  

10:21pm-Amber lays with Cody in bed and says she's glad Brittany/Jocasta/Donny didn't win hoh. They would come after them. 

10:26pm-Nicole is crying. She's clearly frustrated about the sleeping arrangements and she starts yelling at Zach.

10:44pm- Zach starts a BB talent show.

11:04pm- Team America gets their next mission. They have to get the hoh to put up the strongest Female players. Derrick is pushing for Amber.

11:15pm-HG's joking around pretending to be zingbot.

11:46pm-Frankie/Cody's HOH reveal. Frankie's HOH letter was from his sister "Ari" He cries as he reads it. Cody's letter was from his dad. Frankie says "I have such a hot mom."

That's all for our first Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap! 
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