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Big Brother 16 Live Feed Recap: July 19

Live feed highlights for Saturday, July 19th (POV Comp Day)!

*Please Remember all times listed are in BBT (Big Brother Time / PST)

Overnight Report
12:05AM-Zach/Caleb playing pool. Zach goes off about Amber. He calls her a snake, and follows Cody around like a sick puppy. They need to get her out soon. Caleb tells him to call her out about it. Caleb-"hopeless romantic off! Beastmode cowboy on!" Hayden also wants Amber gone next week.

On the hammock Cody/Christine/Amber/Nicole. Cody mentions how bad he wants Brittany gone. He saved her and she didn't appreciate it. He's not talking to her anymore.

12:30AM-Derrick/Hayden Up in HOH. Hayden tells Derrick Zach was getting Caleb onboard with getting Amber out next week. Derrick says Caleb told them he's onboard.

Hayden says he likes Donny and wants him to go further than (Brittany, Amber, Victoria, Jocasta) Derrick says Amber has to go.

They talk about the 2 HOH twist might be ending this week, and something else like a Double Eviction. They both agree Caleb isn't a big competitor.

12:45AM- Frankie joins Hayden/Derrick in HOH. They talk about a possibility of a double eviction. They get excited at the possibility Amber/Brittany leaving together this week.

They laugh about how easy it will be getting Caleb out. Hayden says Zach was trying to get Caleb onboard with getting Amber out.

They agree if Brittany/Victoria wins veto Donny goes up. Hayden says if Donny wins veto he can convince him not to use it because it's bad for his game.

1:00AM- Hammock Amber/Cody/Christine/Hayden joke about Victoria being sexual with the boys. Cody tells Amber if she's not picked as a veto player, he'll make her the host.

Cody/Hayden talk in the hammock. Cody says he's keeping Amber close till they need her to get Caleb out.
Victoria talks to Nicole/Frankie about how negative Brittany is being. Nicole apologizes for not sticking up for her w/the bed incident.

1:30AM-Beehive Room Zach tells Caleb it's not cool what Cody/Amber are doing, and Caleb needs to let him know. Caleb wants Zach to talk to Cody and find out what's going on between them. Derrick joins them and adds Cody isn't into Amber like that. Half the alliance doesn't trust her. She needs to go.

1:40AM-Amber/Christine/Nicole in the Beehive Room. Amber tells them she's ready to make a bold move and get some of the guys out. She says she didn't like going up as a pawn. Zach has to go first. Caleb told her Zach is telling people not to trust her. They all want to see a girl win this year. Amber mentions bringing in Jocasta/Brittany/Victoria. Amber talks about sticking close to Caleb and Nicole sticking close to Hayden.

They agree to share information. Their alliance is formed.

In the kitchen Brittany whines about wanting to go home.

2:00AM- HOH Frankie/Zach/Cody Cody says if Donny uses veto backdoor Caleb. Zach asks would they send Donny home. Frankie says no. Zach asks would they send Victoria? Frankie says yea. Zach tells them "You can't! S*it went down! I can't talk about it!" (Zach's talking about unmentioned accusations they aren't allowed to talk about) Feeds get blocked for a few minutes.

Zach comments Caleb told him Cody is putting a target on his back because he's so close to Amber. Cody says good now I have a reason to backdoor him.

2:20AM-Christine/Zach/Cody/Derrick/Frankie. Christine tells them Amber tried to make a F3 deal with her and Nicole. Zach is her first target. She wants a girl to win, and she's done with Caleb.

They talk about veto possibilities. If Brittany/Victoria win Donny goes up. If Donny wins and uses it Caleb goes up.

Cody says there isn't 1 thing Caleb is better than him at. Derrick says doesn't matter. He puts you up he doesn't have the votes. You do.

3:00AM-Zach goes off to Hayden/Christine about how much of a snake Amber is. (Yes, again)

3:10AM- The boys play with spanky the sock monkey.

3:35AM-Zach talks more about the Voctoria accusations. She said something happened in the DR that didn't happen.

3:45AM-Beastmode Cowboy/Brittany outside. Caleb tells Brittany about his conversation with Amber. Brittany whines about people lying in the house and she's being bullied. She's not sure why people think she's a threat. Caleb tells her the boys think she'll make big moves the other girls are scared to make. Caleb tells Brittany he wants Victoria gone over her. Caleb comments about being the victim in the whole "Amber situation" and he'll have a line of girls waiting when he leaves the house.

5:50AM-Long Brittany/Amber conversation. Who they can trust. Who they can't. Both agree they can trust Derrick.

7:41AM-Amber wants to retell her entire conversation with Brittany to Derrick.

Daytime Report! (Veto Day!)
9:23AM- Hgs wakeup call. Lots of morning routine going on.

9:25AM-Frankie tells Cody (HOH bathroom) Amber/Brittany were trying to figure out how to save Brittany. Cody calls Amber a flip flopper.

9:35AM- Amber/Cody in the storage room. Amber tells him she doesn't wanna host POV, she wants to play. Amber tells him Brittany wants to talk to him, but if she stays she won't come after him. Cody agrees to talk to her, but tells her he knows she would put him up. Amber leaves Jocasta comes in and Cody hugs her and asks her to host POV today. Derrick comes in and Cody fills him in on what Amber just said. They laugh because you pick players before host. Amber said Brittany deserves to be there.

9:45AM- Up in HOH Cody tells Frankie what Amber just said. Cody won't be Brittany's target. Frankie says "so amber wants to take her off" Cody is annoyed Brittany wouldn't come talk to him he says Brittany needs to go.

9:50AM- Derrick/Brittany in Fire room. Brittany starts making her case why she should stay. Victoria/Zach needs to go first. Derrick says he'll say something to Cody, but fight for the veto.

10:10AM- Derrick tells Cody about his conversation with Brittany. She thinks she's on the block because she won't kiss Cody's ass. Derrick says Zach needs to keep his mouth shut and Amber can't be trusted. They agree no way in hell will they keep Brittany this week. Derrick says Brittany thought she was safe and Zach told her she's being voted out and campaign. Cody (annoyed) says they need to call Zach out so he'll keep his mouth shut.

Zach joins them. Cody says he's not sure how long he can play this game with Amber. She pulled an all-nighter with Brittany now she wants to keep her. Derrick leaves.

10:30AM- Zach/Cody discuss veto picks. If they get hg choice choose Hayden. Cody says next week Amber has to go then Caleb. They talk about not making it obvious Christine is working with them because she's finding out info for them.

Cody is called to the DR (Possibly time to pick veto players)

10:40AM- Frankie tells Zach he's Brittany's number 1 target. Zach says "for what?" Frankie says she thinks she deserves to be here because she has kids.

10:55AM-Feeds on fish. Time to pick veto players

11:15AM- Feeds return. Veto players-Nicole, Zach,Caleb, Brittany, Victoria and Cody. Frankie hosting.

Apparently Brittany got hg choice and chooses Caleb confusing Caleb's alliance. Derrick talks about another twist after Julie stressed something would happen this week.

Caleb/Cody talk once again about Caleb's favorite subject. Amber.

Beehive Room w/Nicole & Christine. Christine is glad Nicole was picked. If she wins it and doesn't use it, it solidifies their alliance with the guys.

11:30AM- Derrick & Amber talk about how weird it was Brittany picked Caleb as hg choice. They talk about it for awhile. Amber tells Derrick she doesn't trust Zach.

11:40AM-Nicole & Derrick alliance "Bottom Feeders".

11:45AM- Brittany/Amber. Amber tells Brittany she needs to start talking to people otherwise she'll be on the block every week. Start playing the game. Brittany thinks she has Amber, Caleb, Jocasta & Derrick's votes. She's not sure about Donny.

Amber says she wanted to play in veto, but she's too tired.

HOH w/Cody, Derrick & Nicole. Cody tells them Caleb told him about his conversation with Brittany last night. Cody is annoyed Brittany won't talk to him herself. Derrick said she has everyone campaigning for her. She's not doing anything herself. Cody says Brittany/Amber are flip floppers, and he's just playing Amber. Nicole leaves

Derrick says they shouldn't talk game with Zach anymore because he has a big mouth. Derrick tells Cody Amber is campaigning for Brittany to stay.

Cody says Nicole/Christine are onboard with getting rid of Brittany.Zach walks in.

Caleb told Cody he wins veto he won't use it. Zach says why did she pick him then. They talk about how many votes they have to get Brittany out this week. They talk about using the fact Amber was campaigning to get Victoria out next week to get Victoria onboard to evict Amber.

1:09PM- Victoria/Christine. Victoria is worried about Brittany winning the veto. Christine tries to comfort her.

1:33PM-Feeds blocked for veto comp.

3:55PM- Feeds back. Victoria won the veto.

Zach won a trip to Germany. Caleb won 5k, and Nicole has to wear a  unitard called a "Germatard" Brittany has to kick a ball 2400 times in 24 hours as a veto punishment. Cody has to run outside and kick himself in the ass every time the whistle blows for 24 hours.

Brittany on Victoria's POV win- "She got lucky" Brittany saying she screwed herself.

4:11PM- Brittany/Amber whispering in the fireroom about Donny going up as a replacement. Brittany says she wishes Cody would put up Zach, but won't because they're best friends.

4:17PM-Jocasta/Amber/Brittany trying to figure out who's going up as a replacement. Jocasta says Cody/Derrick/Caleb are probably together talking about it.

Victoria apologizes to Brittany. Brittany tells her don't. She's happy for her.

4:19PM- Hayden & Derrick discuss possible replacements. Hayden says Caleb/Zach screwed them by taking the prizes over the veto. Derrick says it has to be Donny (as a replacement) because Caleb/Zach go up they would go home. They agree Brittany needs to go. Derrick asks Hayden to help him convince Cody to put up Donny. 

4:21PM- Frankie/Cody talk. Frankie tells Cody Caleb is dumb, but he wouldn't put you up. Brittany would put you and Zach up. Derrick joins them. He tells Cody you put up Caleb, he would go, and that's a short term victory. Brittany/Amber/Jocasta would put us up.

Cody tells HOH crew- Next time I win HOH, Nicole is never going up. They agree.

Derrick tells Cody the girls want him to put up Zach. Cody says "Are they high?" He would never put up Zach.

4:59PM- Amber/Caleb in fireroom. Caleb says he was trying to convince the boys to get rid of Victoria, but she's now safe b/c she won the veto. Amber says Donny has been stirring stuff up. Caleb says no matter what the boys want Brittany gone. Amber says she's voting for Brittany to stay if Donny goes up as a replacement. Caleb warns her if she does that she's painting a target on her back. Amber says she can't wait for a girl to be HOH.

Night Time Report
5:13- SR with Brittany/Zach. Victoria says 2nd time on the block she's saved herself. Stop putting her on the f**king block. Victoria admits today was luck. She says she deserves to stay over Brittany because she brings positive vibes to the house.

Zach says its now obvious Brittany/Amber hate him.

5:30PM- Caleb/Amber. Caleb tells amber nothing they can do now. Brittany is gone. He tells her to think about her game. He points out look what devin did and now where is he?

5:41PM- Derrick/Victoria in Beehive Room. Derrick tells her to lay low for the rest of the week. She's safe. Victoria says Cody seems mad. Derrick says it's because he has to nominate someone else.

5:48PM- Back to Caleb/Amber. Caleb says he only trusts Derrick. Cody is too close to Zach. Amber says Zach is hurting Cody's game like Devin hurt Calebs. Caleb tells her Frankie basically said Cody told him Amber volunteered to go up.

5:55PM- Finally Brittany gets out of bed to go talk to Cody in HOH.

6:00PM- Derrick/Brittany/Cody hanging out in HOH. Frankie joins them. Brittany says she would die if she had to leave in the Germitard outfit. She would go out the back door. Frankie said he's excited to see Nicole in it. Frankie asks Brittany if she's a good kicker. She said no. She complains she only got 30 minutes of sleep. Frankie leaves. Cody says he heard the girls were banding together to get the guys out. Brittany says if she got HOH she would put up Victoria, Nicole, Christine. Brittany says Zach told her to make up lies. She's not doing that. Cody says he doesn't tell Zach anything. Amber comes in briefly. Then leaves. Cody tells Brittany he doesn't want her to hate him. She says she doesn't.

6:20PM- Down in the kitchen with Nicole, Christine, Amber, Donny, Frankie, Caleb and Derrick. Amber asks Nicole how long she has to wear the germitard. Nicole says 7 days. Caleb wished he knew how much the trip to Germany was worth, he would have taken it.

Nicole, Derrick, Hayden in fireroom. Derrick says Cody has to put up Donny. He wouldn't make a deal with Brittany like Devin did. Zach/Frankie come in and joke about how Brittany is in HOH trying to get Cody to fall in love with her. Zach goes up to HOH to be an a**hole to Brittany.

6:35PM-Zach goes upto HOH to be an a** to Brittany. Cody says she knows she's going home, stop being an a**hole. Frankie comes up and asks if Cody's in love with Brittany now. Cody says no. Zach says OK I'll stop. Cody says just don't be a d**k to her.

6:55PM-Cody worries about having to talk to Donny about putting him up. Zach says you should make a deal with him. Cody says that would never work. Zach says how about I tell him I got wind he was going up and volunteered to take his place. Derrick says NO WAY! You would go home. Zach says how good of a player would you be if you convinced Victoria not to use the veto? They talk about how annoying Caleb is. Cody asks who do you think Amber will try to get me to put up? Frankie says if Caleb won the veto Amber would've convinced him to use it on Brittany.

7:20PM-Jocasta/Caleb. Jocasta talks about Nicole not taking the veto. It doesn't  make sense. Caleb says Victoria was trying to make deals and BB told her they can't make deals you need to pick one. Caleb told her to do what's best for her game. Caleb said he took the 5k. He's happy.

7:45PM- Jocasta asks Nicole why she didn't take the Germany trip. Hayden says that's the number 1 spot I want to go to and you could've made that happen. Nicole/Hayden talk about going on a date.

7:50PM- Big Brother opens the backyard so Cody/Brittany can see their punishments.

8:09PM-Amber/Frankie in HOH. Amber says she heard her name has been thrown out there by alliance members. Frankie blames Brittany as being an instigator. Cody comes up Amber asks him the same thing. Cody asks if it has to do with Caleb? Amber says no. Amber complains out of the 2 girls in the alliance, she takes more heat than Christine does. Frankie says Christine will pull her weight when there's a mental challenge.

Amber says she doesn't want her name thrown out there. Frankie tries to calm her down. He says the 8-Person alliance is broken into 2 parts with Derrick in the middle. Frankie tells Amber to strengthen her relationship with Caleb. Amber says she doesn't trust Zach. Amber asks who's going. Frankie says Brittany.
Nicole gets her Germitard with a hot dog on a stick and unlimited beer all week.

8:43PM-Booze Delivery!

8:47PM-Caleb/Cody on the hammock. Caleb tells Cody it's too bad they're sending someone home who's trying hard to stay in the game. Cody agrees, but that's the game. Caleb points out she's a mother of 3 who deserves to be there. Cody says Brittany gave him a guilt trip and it sucks.

BB Announces Brittany has 23 hours to go on her punishment.

Caleb says he just hates that Victoria might make it far in the game.

8:57PM- Christine/Zach/Frankie talk about how hard Caleb/Amber are fighting to keep Brittany. Christine says Victoria/Brittany/Amber are catty as hell and she's done with them.

9:19PM-At the Pool Table Cody goes off about Frankie.

9:32ish-Caleb talks to Derrick about Amber refusing to vote out Brittany. Caleb says he told her if she didn't she would be a target. Caleb talksa bout how Amber thinks everyone will gang up on her after Brittany goes. Derrick says he only trusts Amber because Caleb does.

9:43PM- Cody complains to Zach about Frankie throwing him under the bus.

10:13PM-Brittany is up to 542 goals. Cody/Amber laying down. Caleb having delusions of proposing in Germany. General chat.

10:32PM- Hayden/Cody discuss how Caleb messed up by not taking the veto. Cody said if it was 1 week later, Caleb would go up. They start discussing how much Zach is pissing them off. Hayden and Cody agree they have to do damage control when Cody puts up Donny. Hayden/Cody talk about hating Caleb.

10:57PM-Frankie is annoyed Brittany is complaining about her punishment. It was pretty harsh. He tells her to "lay down you aren't going to be here next week anyways. Shut up" (Paraphrased)

11:47PM- General chatting. No game talk. Brittany is still kicking the balls. She has 1600 more to go. Frankie brings her coffee.

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