Thursday, July 24, 2014

BB16 Live Show Spoilers: July 24th

The following are spoilers from tonight's Live eviction show...


Brittany (10-0)

Knockout HOH Comp:
Christine knocks out Hayden
Donny knocks out Jocasta
Frankie knocks out Caleb
Amber knocks out Victoria
Derrick knocks out Donny
Zach knocks out Nicole
Christine knocks out Amber
Frankie knocks out Derrick (Derrick let him)
Frankie is HOH #1 
Zach knocks out Christine
Zach is HOH #2


Frankie & Zach

Winning Team America Mission: Play puppet master and get 2 HG's to have a argument at either the Nomination or POV Ceremony.

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