Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Official Big Brother 16 House Photos Released

Let the twists get TWISTED.... but first lets see some high quality photos of the Big Brother 16 house.

(The Earth Bedroom)

(The Fire Bedroom)  

(The Living Room)

(Hydroponic Garden)

(Mini hall way between the Kitchen and Living Room)

(The Hallway from the Bathroom to the Kitchen)

(The Kitchen)

(Living Room view from the Kitchen)

(Front Living Room View)

(The View from the Front Door in to the Kitchen)

(Spiral Staircase)

(Dinning Table / Kitchen / Memory Wall)

(Tree House. "New Build")

(The Hive Room)

Sadly no "Have Not Wind Room" But we have an Ice Room.... seems really cool! "Pun intended"

(Have Not Room)

(The Fire Room - Fire Truck)


(The Earth Bedroom Rock Climbing Gear)

(The Earth Room "New angles")

(The Earth Room "New angles")


(Wind Mill )

Now lets talk the "HOUSE" I love the build this year its very detailed, I feel that its the most detailed house since Big Brother 8 when it was the "Alice in Wonderland" them. This year BB brought some new builds/modifications. The kitchen is completely revamped,"Maybe the ant problem is fixed now" and the question that's buzzing around is, "Where is the fridge?".... Maybe they only get the fridge that's in the storage room? *Editors Note: The fridge has been found, Thanks to @BBGossip on Twitter for spotting it.

Another thing is that we have the bedrooms which are named the "Earth and Fire Bedroom" Now lets think "Have Not Room" will the "Have Not Room" be the "Wind Bedroom"? lets think of how horribly funny that will be to watch as hosueguest are contently getting blown by strong wind!..... So you can say that I'm in favor of a "Wind Have Not Bedroom" LOL. 

Now on to the "Memory Wall" it looks to me that we may have 2 large TV screens to replace the old "Memory Wall" and it shows it holds 16 houseguest, but remember to "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED".  So far my favorite room is the Earth Bedroom because it just looks so well detailed and it stands out to me. 

We still haven't seen the HOH room, Have Not room, Diary room, Storage room, and the Backyard. By the looks of the house so far it really gives me hope for an awesome summer.

So what room is your favorite so far? 
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  1. Wow. These rooms are amazing. I can't believe they put in a "Tree House"! I only wish that I knew at least some of the houseguests. Please tell me if you get any updates.

    1. I know. The secret of the houseguests is eating me alive to!!! The best answer I got is that there are going to be only stars, that includes Elissa, Mcray and Amanda, and possibly Jordan and Jeff.

  2. I love the ice room and the earth room. I wonder if the earth room seems crowed inside. Also, it stinks that we won't know if our favorite houseguests are safe or not if they are HOH. Otherwise, I am really excited for BB 16.

    1. GoldenMustache101June 18, 2014 at 12:34 PM

      I know. I will stay awake every night wondering if my favorite houseguest is safe or not.

  3. I wish Julie wouldn't tease us so much!!!

    1. I know but she did give a lot away

    2. Yeah. I just wish she wouldn't say "You will have to wait to see."

  4. These rooms are really great!!! Now that there are 2HOH and 4NOM Things are going to heat up fast. We can wait to start watching it unfold... Only a week to go BB fans ^_^

    1. Alyssa/ BB Fan!!!June 18, 2014 at 2:29 PM

      one long week ahead! Lol!

  5. I don't see a refrigerator in the kitchen where the old one use to be. I don't see one at all!


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