Wednesday, June 25, 2014

HOH Competition Results: Week 1

The FIRST HOH has been crowned and FRANKIE WON, but remember FRANKIE IS NOT SAFE!


                                                    BATTLE OF THE BLOCK TWIST
      Now Frankie and Caleb will nominate 2 houseguest each "total of 4" and those 4 will battle in the new comp called "Battle Of The Block". Which ever HOH team wins they will over through the other HOH and will be tossed back in to the nominee pool and they could go up. I know this season is like no other, and its definitely a nail bitter for me.

      Julie only talked briefly about the new comp, but the way I think it will work is.....  Frankie and Caleb will pick their teams to try and win to stay HOH. Lets say Frankies team wins "Battle Of The Block" Then Caleb and all the NOMS will become just part of the house again. " just think of  Frankie and Caleb picking players for the VETO comp" ....and then when Frankie team wins, Caleb and the 4 houseguest on the block will be tossed back in as candidates to be nominated by Frankie. Then who ever Frankie nominates will have the chance to play VETO and save themselves.

1 comment:

  1. Pretty sure Derrick will be the second HoH tonight!! As 30% of ICU guys! And you, what's your opinion? We'll check after who was right!


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