Monday, June 23, 2014

Did You Catch That?! - Pre-Season

Welcome to our first 'Did You Catch That?!' article! Each week we will post a DYCT article that will recap everything that has happened that week. It will be your on stop reference for the week. It will contain spoilers, alliance updates, and much more. Pretty much it will be, "The Week In Review: A Big Brother Reference for You".

The Twist
Julie Chen announced on The Talk the BIG twist for this season. She announced that this season there will be 2 HOH's! Both HOH's will nominate 2 houseguests for eviction, meaning a total of 4 houseguests nominated for eviction. However, Julie teased that, "For the first time on Big Brother, just because you're the HOH doesn't mean you're safe."

A new competition will also be played called 'Battle of the Block'. Now we don't know to much about this new 'Battle of the Block' comp. However, this morning, Hollywood Reporter posted an exclusive interview with executive producer Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan. In that interview, Allison spilled some details about the comp.
"In this case, they're two HOHs and each one will be nominating two people for eviction — a total of four — and they're operating independently. They are ultimately going head to head in this competition with Battle of the Block, where one is going to end up in power and one is going to end up not in power," said Grodner. 
Julie also announced that america would have a hand in the game again this season. This time in a "new interactive way, like never before." Julie says, "You the fans are going to be influencing the game in a new interactive twist called 'Team America'."

Team America already had their first vote. We got to pick a houseguest based on this question, "If you had to form an alliance with one of the Houseguests, who would you select?" We were also remind to choose wisely, because our vote will impact the game. We will have to wait until the premiere to see how.

The Houseguests
The Cast
On Thursday, CBS announced the cast. This cast is very diverse but kinda bland. You can read my first impressions on the cast. Also, check out our 'Houseguests' tab! The page is full of information about the houseguests with links to their pre-season interviews.

The House
Have you seen the new digs this season? The theme is "Urban Treehouse". Check out the house pictures.

Watch the House Tour with Julie Chen:

The Rumors
We aren't quite sure how the twist will work with this new "Battle of the Block" competition. There have been talks of teams (8 on each team). It could be Men vs. Women? 1 man and 1 women win HOH? Also rumored is the 'Team America' vote determined who is on what team. Does this new comp means no more POV? We will have to wait and tune-in on premiere night JUNE 25th when Chen-bot will spill all the details and answer all our questions.

How do you think the twist will impact the game? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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