Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big Brother Twisted Twist Revealed

Julie Chen reveals the biggest twist in Big Brother HISTORY!


Juile said, "This year not one but two houseguest will win HOH every week. Each HOH will have the responsibility of nominating two houseguest for eviction. So that means, every week, a total of 4 houseguest will be on the chopping block.. However, for the first time on Big Brother, just because you're the HOH doesn't mean you're safe."

"That's because a brand new competition will be played called 'battle of the block'.. & one more thing, you the fans are going to be influencing the game in a new interactive twist called 'team America'." Then she said when it premieres,"this, I promise you, will be the most twisted season of big brother yet...."

[VIDEO] Check out the Announcement:

So the break down!
  • 2 HOH's, 
  • 4 nominees
  • New "Battle of the Block" competition. 
  • No HOH is safe!!!
  • Team America helping influence the game
Thanks to my friend @saints_nation23 for the word by word write up :)

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