Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird Content Begins

The Big Brother Live Feed exclusives are up and we can’t wait for Big brother to begin.  The chats are already buzzing with BB gossip. Have you ordered you BB16 Live Feeds?

Lets get this BB16 party started!

        Jeff Schroeder is back in action to bring us an exclusive look on what our past BB house guest are up to. Jeff first catches up with Ashley Iocco from BB14 and chat about her spray tan business, as well as her living in LA, to her sadly getting evicted from the Big Brother house. 

Of-course we can't forget to show you guys Jeff's beautiful spray tan from Ashley... Oh Jordan you better hold on to him, hes quite the ladies man!
 (Before and After)

Next up is the famous Mike Boogie, he played in seasons 2,7, and 14. Mike talks about his restaurant “The Phoenix”, Some game strategy, and chats about when Ian Terry BB14 evicted him
 (Don't worry all is great between Mike and Ian). 

Lastly Jeff sits down with the Big Brother executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan. The big question is did they give us any details about the new season and the answer is…………NO, but remember to “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”. They chat about the casting process and the number one thing Allison and Rich say if you want to be casted for Big Brother is to be yourself. They touch on what goes in to making a successful season from the staff coming together and making a idea come to life to the house guest making the game what it is.

It seem we are offered two old Big Brother episodes to watch.

Will live feeders be voting to change the game? 

Subscriber Exclusive: Tuesday, June 10th at 3pm ET/12pm PT
Hopefully we get a couple of "Winners Tell All" leading up to the premiere of Big Brother 16.
Which blast from the past Big Brother winners would you like to see Jeff Schroeder interview? 

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  1. love love love it! u did a great job!


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