Saturday, June 21, 2014

Big Brother 15, Part 2?

Photo Credit- @BigBroAbridged
The brand new season of Big Brother 16 starts on Wednesday, but controversy has already begun. Caleb Reynolds has an interesting Instagram account mainly full of selfies from the gym, but Twitter user @mcoop found something that has fans in quite the uproar...

Caleb calls Obama a "Muslim Monkey" and uses the derogatory term, fag, toward another Instagram user. 

Is this Big Brother 15 part 2 or are fans just sensitive? Should we wait until we see even 1 episode or 2 minutes of the live feeds?

What do you think? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I really hope it is not a repeat of Season 15 - it was very hard to watch people be so mean and disrespectful.

  2. sickening glad i didn't waste my money on the feeds after last season i have no interest in watching these kind of people sad i really wanted to root for him too :-(


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