Monday, May 5, 2014

CBS Teases Live Feed Details for BB16

Late last month CBS informed Live Feed Affiliates that the Live Feeds would go on sale in Mid-May. So it seems fitting that they would be posting details about the Feeds.

Below is the Life Feed Details that have been posted so far...

Did you catch that?!?!

Live Feeders get to cast votes on thing we want to see the Houseguest do (Like Chores, Dares, etc..). Think of it like "Glass House" and how they had a interactive vote. What do you think? Are you excited about the Live Fees becoming available? We will be sure to let you know when feeds go on sale. Stay Tuned!


Also, TVGN (TV Guide Network) has confirmed that they will continue to air "Big Brother After Dark" every night. Say goodbye to Shotime 2. I don't foresee it ever going back to Sho2 because CBS owns half of TVGN, they don't own Sho2. Many are outraged because it is very hard to watch BBAD on TVGN due to TVGN's VERY heavy censoring. To see if you get TVGN in your area visit and enter your zipcode into the 'TVGN Channel Finder'

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