Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big Brother 16 Rumor Round-Up

Twitter in a buzz after BB16 Rumor Mill starts back up. 

Rumor #1: Relatives Season
Big Brother Superfans should recognize the name of the notorious BB leak, Corner Office. Well he (or someone pretending to be him) has started back up again for "Big Brother" 16. The twitter account @CornerOffice16 has started to spew some BB16 casting related rumors.

The account, which in the past has been SOMETIMES accurate, has stated that, "#BB16 will be a relatives season. So far it's looking like 8 newbie couples and 8 veteran couples (possibly with a newbie)."

The list of RUMORED Houseguests for the RUMORED twist are:
  • Rachel (BB12/BB13) & Elissa (BB15)
  • Daniele (BB8/BB13) & Dominic (BB13)
  • Dan (BB10, BB14) & Chelsea (Wife)
  • Frank (BB14) & Sid 'Vicious' Eudy (Father)
  • Aaryn (BB15) & ??? 
  • Kara (BB14) & ???
Also Corner Office tweeted, "Daniele Reyes and her sister were originally being talked about. However she was asking for WAY too much money. #BB16"

Personally, I can totally see this being a realistic twist. We've seen "Survivor" do it before, wouldn't be shocking to me to see "Big Brother" do it too. However, don't believe everything you read. Especially on Twitter.

Corner Office has promised more tweets, so we will keep an eye on them and keep you update, But personally, I don't trust it.

Rumor #2: All Winners Season
We've been hearing rumors of a 'All Winners season' of "Big Brother". It some cases this would be an amazing show and would be awesome...if it were true. We can debunk this rumor in a heartbeat.

CBS wont bring back BB9' Winner, Adam Jasinski, after he was busted for drugs a few years ago. Also BB8 Winner, Evel Dick, won't be returning after he recently moved to Ireland. BB4 winner, Jun Song, is also out because she now lives in Belgium.

Also don't ever expect to see Dr. Will or Mike "Boogie" Malin back again. I can't imagine either of them want to come back (except maybe Mike for the $$). Also they both would probably ask for WAY to much money for CBS to ever consider it.

So since the show has only been around 15 seasons, that is equivalent to 15 houseguest. Well, if you take away 5 winners that leaves you with 10 houseguests....Big Brother hasn't had 10 houseguest since the early days.

I can't imagine this type of season ever happening. Sorry.

Rumor #3: All-Stars
We hear this rumor ALL THE TIME. There is hardly any proof ever and its one of those rumors that is around every season. Some say Big Brother is overdue for a All Returnees season. However, BB13 and BB14 both had Vets playing the game.

Some speculate that due to the disaster racist season that was Big Brother 15, CBS doesnt want to take the chance with all newbies.

Personally, I have no Idea. On one hand I want to see another all-stars season but the other hand its like, I am ready for some new hamsters houseguest.

Rumor #4: Miscellaneous Stuff
  • HD Cameras for BB16 = Probably NOT going to happen. CBS has said that HD cam's would only happen if they just built a new house.
  • Potential houseguest being asking questions about knowing minorities/gays? = Probably TRUE. CBS and Big Brother probably want to prevent a BB15 repeat.
Have you heard any ridiculous rumors? Tell us in the comments section below!

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