Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Rumors Continue | BB16 Rumor Round-Up (Part II)

The Rumor Mill Keeps on a Churnin'

Since posting the first BB16 Rumors Round-Up, even more rumors have spread and been speculated.

Now, I need to clarify this because it wasn't clear in my last post, these are all just RUMORS. Some of these rumors have next to nothing creditably. I only post these because its fun to talk about them and to get pumped for the new season.

Here it goes...again...

[The following is a continuation (more rumors added) of our previous Big Brother 16 Rumor Round-Up]

Rumor #4 - The Return of The Reilly's
I knew this rumor would happen after last season....There is some rumor floating around the interweb that The Reilly sisters (Rachel & Elissa) are coming back this season together. I have no idea where this rumor started but Rachel sure didn't help the rumor when she posted this in a Beamly Room...

Rumor #5 - Draw Names out of a Hat?
This has to be the stupidest rumor I've heard...but I could see it happening. It sounds made-up but each houseguest on the first night will get called into the Diary room and pull a houseguests name out of a hat, whomever they pick is their partner. If they make it to the finale with that partner they get a extra bonus ($$ Bonus I assume). The catch is, is that you're not allowed to tell who your partner is and everyone thinks they're the only houseguest that did this.

Now, there is a TON of holes in that rumor. But for some strange reason I could totally see it happening in some form or another, but I doubt it.

Rumor #6 - All-Stars
Every year, Every year we have this rumor. This year, the rumor is in full force. It doesn't help that former houseguests are helping that. It's not just Rachel posting it either, Evel Dick tweeted:
Evel Dick usually tells it like it is, usually doesn't post lies. So it is surprising that he tweeted that. It gives the rumor some more creditably.

Then Janelle posted this on Beamly today:

Given what Evel Dick tweeted, what Janelle posted makes sense. It would seem logical that if it's a All-Stars and Eric is being asked back, he call Evel Dick to set up a BB8 Alliance. Now I may be over thinking this but....Expect the Unexpected.

Also Evel Dick has said, he won't be returning for Big Brother anytime soon. He lives in Ireland now.

Previous Rumor = FAIL
In our previous post, we mentioned a tweeter by the name of Corner Office. He was tweeting rumors that he was presenting as facts...Well one of his rumors was that BB3's Danielle Reyes was asked to come back with her sister but...

 She doesn't even have a sister.

Since then, Corner Office's account has been deactivated...#FAIL

Well, that's all the rumors we have for now...Have you heard a rumor? Post it in the comments!


  1. Interesting! Getting excited about the new season and watching past seasons!

  2. James Rhine. .. A possibility? He has just left Vegas and whenever someone asks why on his IG, NO RESPONSE.


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