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Monday, March 3, 2014

How to watch Big Brother Canada Live Feeds in the U.S. FREE (UPDATE)


I would like to apologize for the confusion of this post about the 'Hola Better Internet'. It appears some users experience issues with it. I apologize if you downloaded it and it didn't work. (I highly recommend if it doesn't work for you, uninstall it). However, if it does work for you Congrats! You now have a free and easy way to watch Big Brother Canada. I apologize for the Inconvenience. - John


We have found the answer you have been looking for!

A New, Easy and FREE way to watch the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds. No more paying $12 a month for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around the Geo-block to watch the free live feeds.

Introducing 'Hola Better Internet', A Google Chrome Extension that allows you to watch the feeds right from your Chrome Browser.

 *Note: You must have Google Chrome downloaded in order for it to work*
UPDATE: Their is a Firefox Extension, that also works.

Below are Step-by-Step Instructions on how to download it!

Click 'Read More'

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Approve Download of the Extension (Click Add)
 Step 3: Verify that "Hola Better Internet" downloaded
(The flame icon should show up in the right hand corner next to the address bar)

You should see the image below if you live outside of Canada

*Note: Make sure you are on the BBCAN website before continuing*

Step 5: Click the Flame next to your address bar
The image below should pop up 

Step 6: Click 'More' Then find 'Canada'

Step 7: Return to and you should now see
the screen below.

Please note, It seems to be working currently however we don't know yet if it will for sure work when the live feeds become active. 

I hope this helps all of us non-Canadian viewers watch the feeds this season.  
If you have any questions or problems with the download, feel free to tweet me (@TheBBInsider)

Download at your own risk.

**The Following Article is the sole property of The Big Brother Insider, this article may not be copied or redistributed without the expressed consent of The Big Brother Insider**


(Update): Some users have reported issues with the Google Chrome Extension. To double check if The Extension is working properly, visit the 'Watch' page. If the video plays your extension works great. If it doesn't play then  you are experiencing issues, and I recommend trying to download the Firefox Extension; it works also.

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  1. Both the Chrome and Firefox extensions no longer work, as of 8am this morning.


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