Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 10

Getting Amanda Out.... 
Would be the best game move they have made all season. Her and McCrae should have been split up along time ago. I'm shocked flabbergasted it has taken them this long. Amanda has a shot (and In my opinion, if she makes it to the Final 2, deserves to) of winning. She has pretty much masterminded every eviction since week 2!!! Even though she is one of the most hated houseguest left, she is one of the best playing the game and the houseguests would be IDIOTS if they didn't evict her now before it is to late.

Getting Spencer Out.... 
I gotta hand it to the guy, going up 7 times (A Record, by the way) is impressive. He has never had more then 1 vote against in when he is up. You have to admit that is shocking. He hasn't proven to be a very big comp threat. He did win a Veto in Week 5 but other then that he is more of a social game player. He kind of reminds me of Adam from BB13. He hasn't done much and probably won't. I see him making it to Final 3 because of it. However, he does have a shot at winning if we have a bitter jury in the end.

There have been talks the past few days that Elissa is most likely going to vote to SAVE Amanda. Thus leaving only Andy and Judd to vote out Amanda and Elissa and McCrae to vote out Spencer. So I expect tonight's eviction to be a tie breaker and GinaMarie breaking the tie....

Eviction Prediction: AMANDA


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