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BB15 Winner Prediction

BIG BROTHER 15 FINALE - Winner Prediction

Tonight is the night! Our summer has officially come to a end. After months and months, the anticipation for this season to finally be over is here! (Thank God) This season we have experienced the drama, the entertainment, and the unexpected racial comments. But tonight that all ends! Cause Tonight either Andy, GinaMarie, or Spencer will walk out of the house $500,000 dollars richer and the Winner of Big Brother 15. (The runner up gets $50,000 & 3rd place gets $0). 

Click 'Read More' to see who I think will take it all home Tonight!

**SPOILER ALERT** GinaMarie has won Part 1 of the HOH Competition, and Andy has won Part 2. 

So here is how it works, They will go head to head in Part 3 of the HOH comp Live! That comp is usually a "Which Phrase did (Insert HG's Name) say?" It's a A or B Answer. The winner of that will then choose who they want to go against in the Final 2, thus evicting the other houseguest and making them the 9th and final Jury member. The final 2 will then be interrogated and asked questions by the jury members. The jury will then listen to the Final 2's plea speeches and then cast their votes for who they want to win. The winner only needs 5 votes to win!

The Final 3's Stats:
Andy: 2 HOH's, 2 POV's, Nominated 1 time
GinaMarie: 2 HOH's, 0 POV's, Nominated 3 times
Spencer: 1 HOH's, 1 POV's, Nominated 8 times

Jury Members (In Order):  Candice, Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, Judd, McCrae, and Last Jury member will be evicted LIVE!

**Please Note: I have NO idea what the Jury is thinking. Every year it shocks me who votes for who. I'm just guessing right now and none of the below is a Statement, just a theory.**

( ____?) = I have no Idea who they would vote for, Its just a likely guess.

Andy VS. GinaMarie (Evicting Spencer)
Who Will Win? - Andy
Votes - Candice (Andy), Jessie (Andy), Helen (Andy), Aaryn (GinaMarie, Amanda (A/GM?), Elissa (Andy), Judd (GinaMarie), McCrae (A/GM?), Spencer (Andy)
Why?- I think Andy already has 5 guaranteed votes with Candice, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, and Spencer. I don't see GinaMarie winning in this scenario unless we have a bitter jury and they are all mad at Andy for backstabbing them. Based on the Jury footage we last saw I think the Jury maybe favoring Andy.

GinaMarie VS. Spencer (Evicting Andy)
Who Will Win? - Spencer
Votes - Candice (Spencer), Jessie (Spencer), Helen (GinaMarie), Aaryn (GinaMarie), Amanda (Spencer?), Elissa (GinaMarie), Judd (Spencer), McCrae (Spencer?), Andy (Spencer)
Why? - Spencer wins in this scenario because I have a feeling most of the girls hate GinaMarie and in this case I think the Jury would be bitter toward GinaMarie and give Spencer the pitty votes.

Andy VS. Spencer (Evicting GinaMarie)
Who Will Win? - Andy
Votes - Candice (Andy), Jessie (Andy), Helen (Andy), Aaryn (Andy?), Amanda (Andy?), Elissa (Andy), Judd (GinaMarie), McCrae (Andy), Spencer (Andy)
Why? - This one is hard to decided because I can't tell if the Jury will be impressed by Spencer surviving 8 noms or if they will be more impressed/favor Andy for his backstabbing and lieing. I think Andy will take the win in this situation just because it seems by the last jury house segment that the Jury members maybe favoring him. 

I think ANDY has the best shot of winning. I believe the 3 have each made deals with each other to take each other to the final 2. However, I think Andy has placed himself in the best position to be taken to the final 2 and win. The Final part of the HOH comp is a A/B Answer of Jury Member statements, I think Andy will win it because he has spent time with all of the jury member and will know which response sounds like them. Unlike GinaMarie who hasn't spent that much time with fellow houseguests until after Aaryn got evicted and even then she doesn't know them on the same personal level that Andy does. I think Andy has the Final HOH in the bag.

(Editors Note: This has been the HARDEST Season to determain who will win in which Scenarios. I hope you understand my thought process and respect it. Let me know your thought by sending me a tweet on Twitter - @TheBBInsider) 

Who Should Win? 

Andy should win because.... He has lied, backstabbed, and played the game. I have re-thought my feelings on Andy and I wouldn't completely hate seeing him win. He has played the game (IMO) more then the other two. He could tell when his alliances were sinking and stabbed them in the back without them even knowing...*cough* *cough* Amanda! Even though I don't like the way Andy has played the game it is a good way to play and obviously works because he has made it to the final 2.

GinaMarie should win because.... She has made the BIGGEST move this season that nobody else could seem to do....She took out Amanda! She also was some what of a competitor, winning 2 HOH's. She didn't play the best social game and that might be he downfall. She was hated by many and most think she doesn't deserve to win after her racial comments earlier this season (I dont think CBS wants her to win either). Even though at times didnt seem like it, she played a semi-smart game and IMO at lease deserves 2nd place over Spencer.

Spencer should win because.... He shouldn't to be honest. Spencer has floated by and pretty much done nothing the entire season. He has always been apart of the decision making part of things but never seemed to be the one to actually make the decision he just went along with them. He wasn't even useful as a swing voter. The only reason Spencer got kept around for so long was to be a pawn every week. If I had to come up with a reason Spencer should win its because he survived the block 8 times which is just amazing.


Final Thoughts: I think Andy will take it all home. I also think Elissa will win America's Favorite because of the Brenchel Army. I want to see GinaMarie win and Amanda win America's Favorite but I know neither are going to happen.

"We Want YOU to WIN!" Poll Results: GINAMARIE (with 71.3% of the votes)

Thanks for reading and Thank You for being a loyal fan of TBBI this season! I have enjoyed this season and  am looking foward to covering Big Brother 16!

Until Next Season,
The Big Brother Insider 

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