Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 9

I haven't watched much of the feeds lately. I am really over this season and the houseguests. I use to look forward to blogging about BB, but this season I feel like I have to not that I want to. I'm sorry that these Eviction Predictions kinda suck. I will attempt to do better in the future. But for now, Here is week 9 predictions.

Getting Aaryn Out....Would be a really great game move for all of them. She has proven to be a comp beast and is in it to win it. However, on the other hand if they evicted her then there would not be anyone do to all their dirty work. They would actually have to get blood on their hands.

Getting Andy Out.... Wouldn't really affect anything except that he pretty much knows everything everyone is doing at one time. He is the ultimate snake/rat. I give him props for playing both sides of the house so well. He definitely is pulling it off better then BB13's Shelly.



"We Want YOU Out!" Poll Results:

America has voted, the Houseguest they want to see evicted this week is.....

(Andy Received 63.3% of the Votes)

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