Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 7

This is probably, by far, the shortest Eviction Prediction I've ever done. It's so sad. I dont even want to blog/tweet about this season anymore. This has been one of the most boring weeks ever and this season is just pissing me off. Nobody is making any big moves! So frustrating!!!! Anyways, Please remember the following is my opinion and I would love to hear yours! Tweet me, @TheBBInsider!!

Getting Out Jessie.... It seems they all want her out, but I dont see why. She isn't a very big comp threat (the POV she won Judd gave her the POV). She has almost no allies. She is (In My Opinion) a waste of a HOH.

Getting Out Spencer.... Would be a smart move, because Spencer is willing to stab everyone in the back (which is how you win the 500k). If the houseguests were smart enough they would evict Spencer this week because he is friends with everyone and will go far.

Eviction Prediction: Jessie


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