Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 6

This week is another Small post because I stayed up late last night writing the Spencer Comments Blog Post. (Read More About That). and I haven't had much of a chance to watch feeds this week. As always please remember the following content is MY Opinion, feel free to send me yours @TheBBInsider.

Getting Amanda Out.... right now would be the smartest move. Breaking up her and McCrae I think would cause McCrae to step up his game and really start playing (which I want to see #TeamMcCrae) Also getting Amanda out would really shake up the house because her side of the house has all the numbers and if she got evicted I feel like either they wouldn't know what to do or it would go back to being Helen in charge....which NOBODY wants. If Amanda doesn't go home in the first eviction tonight. I see her possibly going home in the Double Eviction tonight.

Getting Candice Out..... As much as the houseguests want Candice out, I don't see what the strategy is behind it. She hasn't done much in terms of competitions. They got out her biggest Allie  Howard, last week. Evicting her this week, IMO, is a waste of a HOH.

Getting Spencer Out.... Smart move, but right now I thinking getting Amanda out would be a smarter move. Spencer has proven he is good at comps, he is very smart and will likely go far just piggy backing on people.

No matter who gets evicted tonight, it will be a good episode because remember Tonight is a DOUBLE EVICTION episode of BB15. That is one whole week of BB in a hour!! Even though I don't think Candice should be evicted tonight, it sounds like that is the plan.....

Eviction Prediction: Candice


"We Want YOU Out!" Results:

America has decided the houseguest they wanna see evicted is....


(Amanda received 81.1% of the Votes)

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  1. I've always liked Amanda. Thought she was a smart player and was playing a great game, until this past week. She has become so paranoid about being on the block. I don't understand why America doesn't like her, but I still thought she would keep it together! Others before her kept it together on the block when told they were not the target! Seems like they are letting the targets know when they are going??? So, now, I'm letting Amanda go, I'm ashamed of her game play. Sad as it is, I think she will go during the double eviction tonight. Looking forward to watching!


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