Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 5

Sorry for such a small post, I really procrastinated this week on writing this and even thought about not doing a eviction prediction anymore....but here I am writing this at the last minutes. Here we go again....Please remember the following content is MY Opinion, feel free to send me yours @TheBBInsider.

Getting Howard Out.... would be the best strategic move they have made all season. If Howard leaves, you are breaking up two VERY strong alliances. One, with Candice. Two, with Spencer. If Howard leaves then both Candice and Spencer have lost their closest Allie. Then then are pretty much at the other side of the houses uses because now they will have nobody. Very Smart Move, IMO.

Getting Amanda Out..... would be smart but right now, IMO, getting Howard out is smarter. However, if they did get out Amanda, it would break up the power hungry (but never has the power to do anything) couple of McCranda (McCrae and Amanda). It would be a smart move to evict Amanda, but I think getting out Howard is a smarter move.

Getting Candice Out.... wouldn't do much. Other then the fact that it breaks up her and Howard's little shomance. However, Candice is very smart...She is one of the first people to figure out the Moving Company Alliance existed. She is smart but I feel, the other two houseguests up for eviction tonight are bigger targets.

Eviction Prediction: Howard


"We Want YOU Out!" Results:

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(Amanda received 72.4% of the Votes)

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