Thursday, July 25, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 4

First off, these 3 girls are the 3 girls I dislike the most in the house. I wish they all could home but they cant unfortunately. Second off, I'm, sorry but these are short reasons. I didn't have alot of time to write this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why Aaryn Should Go....
She is just a racist B**ch. I want her out of that house and nowhere near Jury.

Why Aaryn Shouldn't Go....
Other then her comments, she has no real reason to go. She hasn't proven herself to be a huge comp threat (her HOH was won by Jeremy) and she has a horrible social game.

Why GinaMarie Should Go....
She is still crying about Nick, and for that reason only, I want her gone.

Why GinaMarie Shouldn't Go....
Again, other then her blubbering about Nick, she has no real reason to go. She hasn't proven herself to be a huge comp threat and she has doesnt have a strong social game.

Why Kaitlin Should Go....
Voting Kaitlin out would be the houseguests smartest move. She is a comp threat. She has almost won 2/4 HOH's and she has a POV win under her belt.

Why Kaitlin Shouldn't Go....
I really dont have a good reason for her not to go.

From what it sounded like at the beginning of this week, Kaitlin would be evicted this week but Honestly, I don't know and in that house things can change moment before the eviction. That is why this weeks Prediction is Aaryn, even though I will probably be wrong and it will be Kaitlin. I guess I will "Expect The Unexpected".

Eviction Prediction: Aaryn


"We Want YOU Out!" Poll Results:

America has chosen the Houseguest they want to see evicted is......


(Aaryn received 61.18% of the votes)

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