Thursday, July 18, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 3

Why Aaryn should go....
Her racist/homophobic comments need to be put to a stop, and since BB won't do anything about it, she needs to be evicted. She is casting a ugly shadow over the show and In My opinion, running this season. I want to move past this racism stuff and get back to the game.

Why Aaryn shouldn't go....
Honestly, other then her comments, she has no real reason to go. She hasn't proven herself to be a huge comp threat (her HOH was won by Jeremy) and she has a horrible social game. No reason that I see for the House to evict her (no matter how much I want her gone)

Why Jeremy should go....
Jeremy is a HUGE competition threat. He has proven himself, when he wants to win, he will win. I dont doubt that if he gets to the Final 3, he has a good chance to bring home a win.

Why Jeremy shouldn't go....
In my opinion, Jeremy leaving will make this season boring. We already have lost 2 potentially strong guys, we don't need to add another. If the trend continues of getting out big/good players. We will be watching a final 3 season of Andy, Judd, and Jessie.

Why Spencer should go....
He hasn't done anything worth Going/Not Going. The only thing he has done is played both sides of the house pretty well. He seems more loyal to the Helen/Elissa side of the house.

Why Spencer shouldn't go....
Again, he hasn't done much of anything to go/not go in my opinion.

Unfortunately, It seems like Helen's plan to backdoor Jeremy will work tonight. I thought Production might try to sway the houseguest to vote out Aaryn (for PR sake, she is a PR nightmare) but it seems that haven't or if they have they didn't do a good job. 

Eviction Prediction: Jeremy


"We Want YOU Out!" Poll Results:

The houseguest America wants to see evicted tonight is....


(Aaryn received 53.44% of the votes)

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