Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 2

 As I write this, I am completely unsure if Elissa or Nick is going home (Is Helen even ON the block? ;)). From the sounds of it, Nick might get blindsided and get the boot tonight. But as always expect the unexpected. The house votes could change at any minute. 

Please Remember, The following is My Opinion and as Evel Dick says,"Thats just my opinion, it doesn't mean shit!"

Why Should Elissa Go....
In My Opinion, I want her to go because someone else deserves a chance to win MVP. I want to believe the game is not rigged for her, but BB Production is not helping there case when she win MVP twice in a row. If she wins next week, I might lose it

Why Shouldn't Elissa Go....
As Spencer says, "We Could Weaponize her". She could be a huge asset to someone if she keeps winning MVP.

Why Should Helen Go....
She is very smart and will make it far in this game. I strongly believe that nobody is the house sees her as a threat and right now she has a pretty clear path to the half million. If the other HG's were smart/thinking about it. Get her out now, while you can.

Why Shouldn't Helen Go....
She hasn't done anything worth Going/Not Going.
Why Should Nick Go....
He is like a snake, you cant tell what he gonna do. I think he is the Matt (Brigade) of the Moving Company. He is the brains of the Organization. The HG's would be smart to evict Nick because of that.

Why Shouldn't Nick Go....
He, like Helen, (In my opinion) hasn't done anything worth Going/Not Going. The only thing he has done is help set up/organize The Moving Company Alliance.

Even though the current plan seems like Nick will get evicted. Im still going to predict that Elissa will be evicted tonight.

Eviction Prediction: Elissa


We Want YOU Out! Results

The person America want to see evicted tonight is....


(Nick received 75.8% of the votes)

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