Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Eviction Prediction: Week 1


Credit: @89RazorSkate20
Our Weekly Eviction Prediction is back! We Predicted who will be evicted tonight. As of right now there is not much Prediction, it is pretty much guaranteed that Elissa is staying and David will be evicted. Usually here is where I say Why the each Nominee deserves to stay and deserves to go. But since The current plan is that David will be evicted, not Elissa. I see no point in me doing so. So, The Moving Company and a few other members of the new alliance created to save Elissa (See Image on Right) plan to evict David. Leaving only a handful of Houseguests to be completely shocked tonight's eviction when David walks out the front door and not Elissa. My Prediction (pretty much a fact) that David will be the first evicted Houseguest of Big Brother 15. 

Eviction Prediction: David


We Want YOU Out! Results

The person America want to see evicted tonight is....


(David received 56.8% of the votes)

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