Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Alliances, Shomances, and Drama....OH MY!

If you didnt understand our headline post of "Alliances, Shomances, and Drama....OH MY!". We were try to get a funny in, referencing the famous Wizard of Oz line,"Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...OH MY!" It really is shocking how much stuff has happened in less then a week of feeds! We have had a number of Alliances, currently 3 shomances, and a shit-ton of DRAMA!


Hopefully this Diagram made by @89razorskate20 helps you know who is working with who currently. I am a big fan of The Moving Company, I hope this all male alliance works but doesnt turn into a brigade 2.0.

For some reason, When I think of The Moving Company Alliance. I picture something like the above image. LOL.


David & Aaryn
Okay, Seriously. Who HASN'T hooked up in this house? Right now we have 3 strong shomances. Jeremy & Kaitlin, David & Aaryn, and McCrae & Amanda. Yeah you heard me right...McCrae and Amanda are having a serious HOH-Cuddle-Kiss-Hanjob-Mance. We dont know yet if Amanda is just using McCrae or if she actually has feelings for him. Jeremy and Kaitlin makeout and cuddle consistently and its believed that already have had sex in the house. David and Aaryn are the 

As you might have heard, Some of the houseguest have been making homophobic and racist remarks towards other houseguests over the past few days. This has become national news hitting websites such as Huffington Post.

You're probably wondering exactly have the houseguests said that is so offensive?......We have a list!

The following was originally posted on JokersUpdates.com (6/30/13) and all credit belongs to them.
"This is a growing list. Some of the flashback times may be off a bit.
  • About Helen: Dude, shut up, go make some rice (6/30 1:14AM)
  • Andy will get MVP because people love the queers (6/29 11:40PM) 
  • Quick to correct Candice's pronunciation of "ask" (as opposed to axe) but is fine with GM saying it as axe 
  • Bragged about making Asian eyes in the DR
  • Called Helen Kim Jong Un 
  • Calls Andy Kermit the fag to his face (6/29 ~4:40pm) 
  • Called women the c-word 
  • Says “Bitch, get your ass cooking” (6/30 ~1:57pm) 
  • Said blacks stick together and that they're "tokens" in the house (6/30 ~4:18AM) 
  • Candice's "blackness" is showing now that she's not on the block (6/30 ~4:20AM) 
  • They should make Helen's eyes "straight"•Said something about weaves being ghetto and then looked at Candice (6/29) 
  • Helen should kiss their asses and serve them rice (June 29, 2:42pm Cam3) 
  • Told Nick in the lounge that the way Candice talks is fake because she talks too white (6/29) 
  • Said that Candice had that black thing going. intimating that she was getting ghetto (1st night of feeds) 
  • Mocked Candice's voice in a stereotypical fashion
  • Said “nigga” but not in a reference to black people but more like “dude” (6/27 3:28AM C3) 
  • Says Candice came at her acting aggressive and she was thinking Candice's black side was coming out (6/27 ~5:47AM) 
  • Said "Gays are untrustworthy in a game like this"
  • Re: Kaitlyn’s vagina: wants to see what he’s working with, called it her meat wallet 
  • Re: Elissa, said he'd cut a bitch
  • Calls herself the fag hag queen (6/29 ~5:30PM)"

In My Opinion, America DESERVES to see this Bullshit! CBS/Big Brother needs to tell these houseguests that these remarks are not excepted! Its the year 2013! These Houseguests need to know that even though you are allowed to think like that, you are NOT allowed to say stuff like that. I believe all or most comments made were made as a joke and not actually feeling of the houseguests (at least I hope not). However, that being said, I believe they should be punished because they should know better then to say those kinda of remarks (joking or not), especially infront of all of america and the thousands of people that watch the live feeds. As always, Thats just my opinion.

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