Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leaked ET Canada House Tour

Late Monday Night we got a leaked BB15 House Tour video from ET Canada. The House theme is mid-century modern. 60's, Madmen feel. The vision that the architects the had for the future in the 60's. 

Plus in this Julie drops many hints....
1) No Nomination Chairs, instead a nomination couch?
2) 16 Houseguest
3) America Will play a role, where it effects nominations. It's going to effect nominations every week.
4) Americas role is so big this season that even before the game starts America will be asked to do something that will effect nominations.
5) 16 New Houseguest, but 1 familiar face....but its not what you think.

House Tour Video (Provided by DreamersVids):

Click 'Read More' to see Screen Grab (Pictures) from the Tour.

Screen Captures from the Tour: 
The Chess Area outside HOH Loft

Living Room (Fireplace doesnt actually work)


Dinning Area (16 Seats)

Lounge Room

First Bedroom 
Second Bedroom

HOH Bedroom

Pool Table
Outdoor Patio Area 

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