Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Favorite Big Brother Seasons

**UPDATED 12.26.13 - Now Includes BB15**

First off I have written and rewriten this list almost 7 times while typing this up. So this is not a concrete view of my favorite seasons. I love each season for multiple reasons, I also hate each season for multiple reasons. These views are just a combination of the two to create MY list of Favorite BB Seasons.
A couple other BB bloggers and I decided to make a list from worst to best season of Big Brother.We decided not to rank BB1.

Please note, I did not start watching Big Brother until Season 8. I have since watched all the other seasons but the seasons before BB8 aren’t my particular favorite seasons, hence why most of them appear toward my least favorite seasons.

Alright, Let’s start at my least favorite and work up to my favorite season of all time!

Big Brother 3
This season brought us BB Favorite Danielle Reyes, and Marcellas Reynolds. However these two are the only memorable thing about BB3 other then the fact Danielle deserved to win.

Big Brother 4
This was the season of ‘The X Factor’, where the big twist was they brought peoples Ex’s into the house. This season brought us Jun Song…. And that’s about it. Alot of people love this season, for me it was boring.

**Big Brother 15**
Ah, the season of Bigots. I think everyone wants to just forget this season. BB15 was exciting at first with everything happening in Week 1, but after that it just died down and gave us (IMO) the worst winner ever.

Big Brother 9
BB9 brought us some of the more interesting Houseguests, gave us good feeds, and okay entertainment to keep our minds off the writers’ strike. Overall though this season is one most BB fans want to forget calling it “The worst season ever”. I don’t agree it’s the WORST ever. It personally brought one of my favorite houseguests, Natalie Cunial.

Big Brother 6
This had the oddest bunch of houseguest which made it great to watch. BB6 gave us some great Houseguests such as the competition power house named Janelle Pierzina. Other than that the season isn’t that memorable for me.

Big Brother 5
I liked this season, the whole Twin Twist; the unknown brother/sister relationship made it a good season. I liked most of the houseguests. Overall this was an Okay season for me.

Big Brother 2
One word…Dr. Will.  However, I didn’t love this season as much as other people do.

Big Brother 7
All Stars season, I liked this season because it put the best of the best playing together. I didn’t think Boogie was all that great of an Individual player, In my opinion didn’t derserve to be crowned the “All Star winner”. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great player….with Dr. Will, but not so great by himself.

Big Brother 13
Ah the season of the failed Golden Key. This season had great potential with Evel Dick coming back, but with him leaving before the feeds even turned on killed the season for me. I liked the drama the season brought. But overall just a failed season.

Big Brother 14
Unlike most people, I actually liked this season. I didn’t like the coaches twist because it pretty much gave them a 4 week pass in the game.  I loved getting to see Dan play again and Ian is one of my favorite players. This season is one of the better ones. It brought us some really good houseguests.

Big Brother 11
This season was good, I liked the High school Cliques twist. It gave us some great drama and feeds, gave us the power couple Jeff & Jordan, didn’t like all the twists (never do) but overall…it was a good season.

Big Brother 12
I loved this season for a few reasons; The Brigade, Britney, Rachel/Brendon, and Matt “Hands down the pants” Hoffman. I loved this season it gave us a awesome alliance you wanted to root for, gave us a shomance you loved to hate, and gave us some of the best feed moments and diary room sessions of Big Brother. It also was the first season of TBBI.

Big Brother 8
I loved this season, it was my first season I watched of Big Brother. The drama, the cast, Evel Dick. The combination of these made it a tie as my favorite season of all time.

Big Brother 10
As I said before this season is tied with BB8 as my favorite season of all time. I loved the “Going back to the basics” twist. The drama, the cast, I was rooting for the renegades from the beginning. BB10 gave us, I think, one of the best seasons of Big Brother ever.

Welp, there is my picks. Please remember these opinions are mine and aren’t concrete. Let me know your favorite seasons and why, tweet me @TheBBInsider!

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