Friday, February 15, 2013

All-Stars 2 Dream Team

Hey Guys, Big Brother is fastly approaching. With rumors of a Big Brother All Stars season 2 already starting, I decided to make my personal dream team cast. I asked on our facebook page who YOU guys would want to see back and I got responses from Evel Dick all the way to BB10's Brian Hart.  Here is my picks....

First, I created some rules for myself that I would want to see on a All-Stars season.

This is the group I ended up with:

(Edit: BB10 - I choose Memphis...not Ollie)

My dream season would be like a season of 2nd chances
Let me explain all my choices..... Lets start at the beginning with BB8. 

Jen: I chose Jen because I really want to see her play without having Evel Dick on her ass. I dont think she could go far in the game but I want to see how she would do in a house without Evel Dick.
Nick: Oh, Nick....Nick the Flirt (or as I called him, Nick...The Closet Gay Guy). Nick was attached to Danielle and they had a little shomance that didnt last after the show. I want to see how he would play the game now knowing that shomances can be the downfall to your game.

Natalie: Chatty Natty!!! Natalie has to be one of my favorite players of all time. She could have gone to the finale if she didnt give Shelia HOH....

Remember this?

then Shelia nominated her and then she got evicted. Natalie got screwed over for having a good heart. She is on the top of my "Deserves a Second Chance" list of houseguests.
Parker: We never really got to know the guy, I would like to see him play again because I think he could bring some good drama.

Michelle: Aww, Michelle....I loved Michelle in BB10! I loved her attitude and her personality (minus the whole "for you Jessie.." part. I want to see her play again because I want to see what she would do differently without being wrapped around Jessie's finger.
Ollie (Sorry while writing this post I decided I really wanted to see Memphis play again not Ollie) Memphis: I feel bad for the guy, in my opinion he deserved the win in BB10 (however I was fine with Dan winning). I want to see Memphis come back on Big Brother and I want to see him win it!

Laura & Russell: I really liked both of them. In the game, the both hated Ronnie, like I did. (Outside of the House Ronnie is actually a really cool guy) I liked how Russell played the game and I liked how Laura stood up to Ronnie.

Annie: The failed "Saboteur"...I wish we could have gotten to see Annie for more then 1 week, she was the 1st voted out and I was really rooting for her. 
Lane: "The Beast"... This dude cracks me up and thats really the only reason I would want to see him back...

Cassi: Oh, sweet sweet Cassi. I wish catty Jealous bitches weren't the reason she got evicted....but it was. Other then the fact that she is GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL, I really rooted for her and loved her southern girl attitude and personality.
Dominic: Dom was a really cool guy who got rapped up with Danielle Drama (But dont worry it was worth it cause they recently tied the knot) I want to see Dom play again because I'm intrested to see how far he would go without Danielle.

Kara: 2nd Voted out, deserved to stay over Frank in my opinion. Just wanna see her get a second chance.
Frank: This dude was a beast in comps, even though I didnt like him during season 14...since then I found that he played a really good game and deserves to play again (He probably will be back for BB15 cause the Producers loved him)
Jodi: I picked Jodi as my final Houseguest because she got SCREWED over. She deserves a second chance more then anyone.

Speaking of Jodi, I still want to see a season of every person who got voted out 1st, from season 1 to season 14. (Equaling 15 Houseguests if you Include Kara & Jodi from BB14)

Welp, those are my picks....What are yours? Tell me on Twitter @TheBBInsider or share your thought on our Facebook wall!

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