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BB14 Winner Prediction

Eviction Winner Prediction for the SEASON Finale of Big Brother 14!

Tonight is the night!!! Big Brother Season Finale is here! Tonight we'll watch either Dan, Danielle, or Ian win $500,000! (2nd place gets $50,000, 3rd place get $0) Ian and Dan will go head to head in Part III of the HOH Comp. The winner of the comp will then choose who they want against them in the F2, thus evicting the other Houseguest, making them the 7th Jury member. The final 2 will then be interrogated asked questions by the jury. Then the jury will listen to the F2's plea speeches and the Jury will then cast their votes for who they want to win. The Winner only needs 4 Votes to win!

Click "Read More" to see who I think will take it all home!

Dan: 1 HOH, 1 POV, 2 Nominations
Danielle: 2 HOH's, 2 POV's, 4 Nominations
Ian: 3 HOH's, 1 POV, 2 Nominations

Jury Members (In Order): Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, Jenn, Shane, and Last Jury member will be evicted LIVE!
**Please Note: I have NO idea what the Jury is thinking. Every year it shocks me who votes for who. Im just guessing right now and none of the below is a Statement, just a theory.**

Dan VS. Danielle (Evicting Ian)
Who Will Win? - Dani
Votes - Ashley (Dan?), Britney (Dani?), Frank (Dan?), Joe (Dani), Jenn (Dani), Shane (Dani), Ian (Dan?)
Why?- Dan COULD take home this win but I dont see it very likely with this scenerio. Danielle should automatically have Shane, Jenn, and Joe's vote (Joe hates Dan). Leaving Danielle to just need 1 more vote to win. She might have Britney's Vote. Dan would need to get Ashley, Britney, Frank, and Ian's Vote in order to win.

**Dan VS. Ian / Ian VS. Dan (Evicting Danielle)
Who Will Win? - Ian
Votes - Ashley (Ian), Britney (Ian), Frank (Dan?), Joe (Ian?), Jenn (Ian?), Shane (Ian/Dan), Danielle (Ian/Dan) 
Why? - Dan COULD also win this scenario but it seems unlikely with this Jury that Dan will win. Ian might get Ashley, Britney, and Maybe Joe or Jenn's votes. If Dan Wins the Final HOH comp and Evicts Dani, Danielle has said that she will vote for Ian to win and she says so will Shane. Same goes the other way. If Ian wins the Final HOH comp and Evicts Dani, Danielle says that she will vote for Dan to win and says Shane will vote the same. So Im guessing if Ian wins (Dan throwing it to him, like Dan has talked about so he doesnt have to pick Ian or Danielle) Dan Will win because he will then have Shane and Danielle's vote plus possibly Frank (depending on Franks Bitterness) and all he would need is 1 other vote. Dan might be able to pull off a win against Ian but I dont see that likely happening, plus the jury is not gonna forget he has already won 500K.
On the other Hand, in this scenario the Jury might recognize how Dan has rose from the dead and played a AMAZING game. Its very tough to call.

Ian VS. Danielle (Evicting Dan)
Who Will Win? - Ian (Close though, Dani might take it)
Votes - Ashley (Ian), Britney (Ian), Frank (Ian?), Joe (Dani), Jenn (Dani), Shane (Dani), Dan (Ian) 
Why? - This is one of the hardest scenario's to predict. As always Danielle should automatically have 2 votes. Jenn, and Shane. She might get Dans vote as sympathy. She could have Brits vote based on friendship, Frank might vote for her cause of what Ian did to him. Its really hard for me to predict this....which is why I think it would be a great scenario (entertainment wise). However with that said, I see Ian winning this.

In Fact I see Ian winning the whole thing (as much as I want Dan to win). I think the Jury will remember Dan has already won 500K and Ian took out the biggest player in the game and Danielle....well Danielle was just Danielle, but remember she is the only girl to win a HOH this season (TWICE).

** = Most likely scenario.
( ____?) = I have no Idea who they would vote for, Its just a likely guess.
(Editors Note: This has been the HARDEST Season to determain who will win in which Scenarios. I hope you understand my thought process and respect it. Let me know your thought by sending me a tweet on Twitter - @TheBBInsider) 

Who Should Win? 

Ian should Win Because.... He has played a GREAT Game. Some people call him the Shelly (BB13) of this season, I would have to agree. But he did a much better job at it then did she. He was very successful in playing both sides (or playing one side and telling everything they did to the other). He pretty much created the "Quack-Pack" and tried keeping it together even at the worsts of times. He played the game of a winner this season, but unfortunately for him so did the rest of the F3.

Danielle should Win Because.... She is the only female houseguests to win HOH this season (TWICE) and she played a pretty good social game. Her and Dan worked together until the end (well until he stabbed her in the back). She was a great game player and it any other normal season she would easily make it to F2.

Dan should Win Because.... I've said it before and I'll say it again. I truly think Dan is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) Houseguest to ever play this game! I mean the guy hosted his own funeral then survived his own cremation (in a away, sorry to go with the whole death theme). He may have only won 1 HOH comp and a POV, but he played a amazing social game. He broke and re-gained Danielle's trust 3 times with his misting powers ;). In his season he played a quiet under the radar game until the end and he played completely different this season. He has proven he is true game player that deserves nothing less then F2.


Thank you for reading! Thank you for your continued to support all season long! Cannot wait for BB15! ~TheBBInsider

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