Friday, August 31, 2012

Pandora's Box Returns

Pandora's Box has Returned!!

Pandora's Box has returned and Ian opened it!! This time it released America's Most Favorite Hated Houseguest (Productions Favorite) Jessie Godderz returned into the House, making it his 3rd Pandora's Box appearance.
Jessie (BB10/BB11)

He apparently came in the house and cleared the house of all Junk Food related Items and only gave them "Jessie Approved" items. Which includes Muscle Milk, Organic Items, Lots of Fruits/Vegetables, ect... 

Sounds like Ian got some Science related toys for him and the other houseguests and BB got him a new hammock (the old one was seasons old and was starting to squeak BAD). He may or may not have gotten a special power, I have a feeling he got SOMETHING. Either it being Money or some special diamond POV or a Coup'Deta or whatever. It just seems odd of them (BB) to do a random Pandora's Box....but then again "Expect the Unexpected".

Tune in Sunday's Show to see the reveal of Ian's Pandora's Box (I dont expect it to be the last either).

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