Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Eviction Prediction: Week 4

The Nominees: Frank & Janelle

My Thoughts:
In past seasons of Big Brother, it was fairly obvious who was going home a few days in advanced. However, with this group of Houseguests....It seems they may not know who is going home until hours/minutes before the LIVE eviction. Both of the Nominees need to go, in my opinion, it would be my dream if there was like a triple eviction tonight and Janelle left, then Frank, then Joe....That would make my day! and make this season SO much better. However Janelle seems to be the target for tonight's eviction
 **Please note: Double eviction is not planned for tonight and a Triple eviction has never happened it was just a joke.**

Why Frank Should Go....
Frank is a physical and social threat in this game! If the houseguests don't split up this newly reformed "Chill-Town" alliance, Him and Boogie can and will destroy this game. And between them they can get VERY far. I really don't have anything against Frank, I just fear he can be a physical threat in comps especially if Shane leaves before him.

Why Janelle Should Go.... 
I don't understand why these houseguests cant see she has been 1 comp away from winning the entire game...twice!!! Luckily it seems like Janelle is the target this week and will be going home. Janelle is a comp threat...she can win pretty much ANY comp she wants if she puts her mind to it. I wish these houseguests can see that Janelle is a typical/dictionary definition of a floater. (Bring it on Janelle lovers). She floats her loyalty from power to power, however this week she couldn't do that because her and Danielle already cant stand each other and she knew that she wouldn't be able to get Danielle's loyalty this week.

She had no idea she was going home, she thought she could run this game and had all her bases covered but she didn't wanna work with Boogie and ultimately that was her downfall and the reason she is being backdoored. My eviction prediction goes to the "Bye Bye Bitches" queen, Janelle.

Eviction Prediction: Janelle

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