Sunday, August 26, 2012

HOH/Nominations/POV Comp Results: Week 7

To View this weeks HOH Winner, the Nominations & the POV Winner, Click "Read More".

HOH Winner:
 Frank won HOH after Thursdays Double Eviction Show.


 Frank has Nominated Danielle & Dan 


POV Players: Frank (HOH), Dan (Nominee), Danielle (Nominee), Jenn, Shane, and Brittney

The Houseguests playered a pictinary type game with "Draw Something" submissions from fans. Also houseguests won punishments and rewards (well POV was the only reward). Also Frank got Disqualified for something.

Frank Won -- A avocado bath, Chum Bath (for 24 hrs.), and a Carrot Costume (for 1 week), and cannot compete in the next 2 HOH Comps.
Dan Won -- Solitary Confinement in the Have Not room, with Loud Dance music playing (He also had to eat something gross).
Shane -- *As of right now, it appears Shane didn't win anything*
Brittney & Danielle --  Shackled together for 24 hrs. (People got to throw paint on Danielle for 2 minutes).
Jenn -- On slop for the rest of the season, Burned her clothes, and won POV.

 POV Winner:
Yes....You read that right....Jenn won the POV.

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