Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eviction Prediction: Week 7

The Nominees: Britney & Danielle
My Thoughts: 
Why Britney Should Go....
I love Britney to death, She is one of my Top 10 favorite players to ever play this game but he ultimate downfall this season was actually "putting her hands in too many people cookie jars". By being covered/aligned with almost everyone in the house her target on her back is huge. Dan pretty much masterminded her eviction (or I guess I should say "her being on the block"). The other Houseguests need to see that right now, she is pretty much guaranteed to go to F2 because she is aligned with almost everyone in the house.

Why Danielle Should Go.... 
I cant tell if she plans to stay with the Quack-Pack or if she plans to stay loyal to this new formed alliance of Jenn, Frank, Dan, and herself. It would be a smart move for her to join the new alliance because she could still act like she was with the Quack-Pack and give this new alliance information (Much like Ian did with his alliance with Frank and Boogie). I really like Danielle as a person, but she still needs to prove herself (to me at least) that she is a quality player in this game....As of Right now, I dont want her anywhere near the F2!

Honestly, and it pains me to say it, but I wont be sad to see Britney go tonight. The Britney I fell in love with in BB12 just isn't the same Brit in BB14. I am sad to say but it looks like Britney will be evicted tonight.

Eviction Prediction: Britney

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