Thursday, July 26, 2012

Willie Hantz Arrested! (UPDATED)

Just Days after Willie's Expulsion, he has been arrested in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana at 2:07 AM for OWI (Operating a vehicle while intoxicated - Also known in some states as DUI or Driving while Intoxicated). Willie posted on his twitter ( "Lafayette downtown at bootleggers tonight. Walk up with your dukes up and I'll headbutt you for free."

TMZ (who originally broke the story) has posted to following details about the incident.
TMZ -  "The Lafayette City Police Department tells TMZ .. cops initially received a call about a fight in a parking lot near a bunch of bars.

When cops arrived, there was no fight ... but there WAS a big crowd. Cops tried to clear the scene ... when they noticed a yellow 2012 Camaro driving toward the back of the parking lot when everybody else was exiting.

Cops say they approached the vehicle ... but before they could get there, Willie swung open the door and started to run. After a "very short pursuit" ... Hantz was apprehended and arrested for OWI.

We're told Hantz refused a breathalyzer and a blood test to determine if he was over the legal limit.  

Willie is reportedly still in custody. As Details emerge we will update this posted. Stay Tuned. 
According to Willie was released on a $750 Bond. TMZ confirmed it by posting...
"Willie has been released from custody on $750 bond. Willie's brother, Russell, has since tweeted a CONGRATULATORY message to Willie ... writing, "Youre not famous until you have a mug shot congrats Willie @HantzBB lol"
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