Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tonights the Night!

Tonight is the BIG Night, the start of summer begins at 9/8c on CBS!!! I have been lazy and haven't updated the blog on everything new like I should (Which is why you should follow me on Twitter, Cause I always update there). So here is what you missed if you have been in a coma or been away from the computer for the last few days.

 Big Brother Buddy App Leaks Screen Caps!
Big Brother Buddy App
There was a feed leak a few nights ago from Big Brother Buddy App (Available on Android/iOS devices) and it confirmed that Dan, Boogie, & Janelle are in the house. Now we never saw Brittney's Face (Like we did with the other 3) but its 99.9% Positive she is in the house. You can check out all the leaked screen cap pictures on the BBB Facebook page.

CBS Makes us think...Eviction Tonight?
Today CBS posted some photos of a first look at tonight's episode (You can view those photos on our Facebook Page) However, the caption on the photo below is "Julie Chen about to interview the 1st Houseguest evicted from BIG BROTHER."

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS  © 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

WOAH WOAH WOAH, Back that crazy train up CBS, did you just say that we will see an eviction on premiere night? Now most people would just brush this off and say CBS web techs just messing up again or they are showing what Julies area will look like when a Houseguest gets evicted. However, when the feeds leaked every houseguest was seen except Jodi (and maybe Danielle, her and JoJo are hard to tell apart from the back). Now this could just be that when the feed captures (every 15 minutes) Jodi just wasn't one of the houseguest in the area that the 4 cameras showed, which is VERY possible when there is 16 houseguests to keep track of. It is still unknown if she was indeed evicted or what exactly happened. Now you could say to your self, this doesn't mean anything. But, in season 9 when the feeds turned on Jacob and Sharon were gone turns out they were evicted before the premiere even aired. We will just have to watch tonight at 9/8c, if the questions aren't answered in tonight's episode then watch the live feeds. If she indeed was evicted though, we most likely wont see it tonight, maybe in the next 2 episodes. (Credit to My words, her information/story)

BB5 Winner Arrested

 Big Brother 5 winner Drew Daniel was arrested in Urbana, OH on July 2nd for domestic violence. He reportedly attacked/punched a man in the ribs and caused him problems breathing. Daniels was tased by the deputy on the scene.

See the news article for details


Don't forget to tune in TONIGHT for the Season Premiere of 
Big Brother @ 9/8c!

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