Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eviction Prediction: Week 2

The Nominees: JoJo & Danielle
My Thoughts:
These houseguests never cease to amaze me what they will do for a vote..... JoJo gave Joe 2 packs of in exchange for his vote to keep her. Jojo then took back the cigs and when Joe confronted her about it she said she took them back incase she did go home she didnt want him to have the cigs. He made a big deal about it, long story short...Joe got a pack back in exchange to vote to save JoJo. However as of last night, he planned to evict her dispite him giving her his word that he would vote to evict Danielle. He said that he planned to tell her he will give her some Comp Memorabilia (to sell online for $) for the cigs but not a vote. We shall see tonight if he kept his word or not.
Why JoJo should go.... I want her to stay, I really dont see any reason for her to go right know, except for the fact that her and Shane are getting closer and they could be a threat together in the future. She doesn't seem like someone who could win alot of comps, so I dont see her as a being a big threat.
Why Danielle should go.... I like Danielle, but I actually kinda want to see her evicted JUST to see what will happen to Dan when he has no more players left. She reminds me alot of Jordan, If you dont get her out NOW she will win the game by floating along.
This weeks eviction prediction is short because there really isnt a valid argument to make one of either one of them to stay over the other one. However the house seems to want to evict JoJo this week, she might be able to get the votes to stay (unlikely but possible with this group of Houseguests).  According to my Facebook poll. Most people said they would vote to evict JoJo....I would have to agree. My Eviction prediction goes to JoJo.

Eviction Prediction: JoJo

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