Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eviction Prediction: Week 1

The Nominees: Kara & Frank

My Thoughts:
This is probably the busyist/craziest/most fast paced week 1 of the Big Brother house ever!!! This house has never experienced so much drama and action in the 1st week, as a blogger, it is one of the hardest things to juggle with so many people in the house to try to keep track of. Its hard to see who is B.S and who is true and will evict who they say. Its crazy...
Why Frank should go.... Frank needs to go because he is a physical threat in comps and he knows this game very well. However I think if he made a alliance of 2 or 3 (including him) he could go very far in the game. The houseguests would be stupid not to want to evict him because he is guaranteed to win at least 2 HOH's if he stays compared to his fellow block member, Kara.

Why Kara should go.... I really like Kara, I think she will be the Annie (BB12) of this season she will leave this house way to soon. The only reason they should evict her this week is to get rid of Dan's Team...cause lets face it Daniele wont win HOH then the house could put her up or backdoor her and get rid of Dan completely. Which if the houseguests were thinking right that means both them and their coaches would be that much closer to the $$.

This house is changing who they plan every minute....hell if probably wont be final who is leaving tell they tell Julie..."I vote to evict _____." That's how back and forth everyone is this week. (SPOILER ALERT) After Tuesday nights fight between Frank and Willie, you would have thought that Frank was for sure the target and going home tonight. But just yesterday it seemed that Kara was going home and they were keeping Frank?! In my opinion Frank needs to go home, but I don't think Kara will get enough votes to stay....Which is why my eviction prediction is Kara will be Evicted tonight. However, if by some miraculous change of events (which is expected with this group) Kara gets enough votes to stay I wouldn't be surprised. Which is why Im thinking the votes will be VERY Close, if not tied....If it is tied, I have No idea what Willie would do.

Eviction Prediction: Kara (6-4)

Photo Credit @BigBrotherGame
I usually don't guess who will win HOH comp, but figured I would give it a Shot....I have a feeling the comp will be Q&A (because they didn't have a indoor lockdown last night, which is typical if they have a endurance comp) Also Tuesday, during a outdoor lockdown, a production leak was spotted on the feeds in the Storage room. A Burglar looking person was in the room with a production looking assistant. (Photo to Left) rumored that the Burglar was stealing stuff later to be asked during the HOH comp "What did he steal". Now this all could be a complete fake/not true and its just some Production idiot who likes to dress like that (we didn't think so either) My guess as to who will notice what has been stolen is Ian....Which is why I predict him winning HOH tonight. However, It is just a complete guess cause there is 9 other people competing in the HOH comp this week. Ian is a bold prediction, I know but something tells me this kid knows he might/will go up if he doesn't win and will do everything in his power to try to win this weeks HOH.

HOH Winner Prediction : Ian

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