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BB14 Houseguests Announced

Today the houseguest were announced on, video interviews were posted on various media sites.

Read the full Bio's on

It seems like (most) of the houseguests have ACTUALLY seen the show, unlike some of the recent seasons. We have some super fans and some celebrity's it seems. I will post details next to their photos and my opinion of them.
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I watched some more houseguests interviews, and my opinions of some of them have changed. Just look for text that says (UPDATED) in front of it.

Ashley Iocco, 26

She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but living in West Hollywood, California and is a Mobile Spray Tanner.

My Opinion:
(UPDATED) Ashley comes off super nice but kinda of a little cray cray (crazy). She has this weird "Snow White Alliance" plan to hypnotize people to follow her around and do stuff for her....Like I said cray cray... Her thought process reminds me of Keith (BB13), thinking she can go in there with a pre-done alliance strategy.

Danielle Murphree, 23


She is from Grant, Alabama but living in Tuscaloosa, Alaska. and she is a Nurse.

My Opinion:
(UPDATED)  I actually really like her,she reminds me of Jordan in the way of just wanting to play the game and not put her self out there to be a huge target but also not to stray away from comps/people to make her a floater. If she plays that right in the middle thing, she can go very far.

Frank Eudy, 28


He is from Marion, Arkansas but living in Naples, Florida and is unemployed. He is also the Son of wrestler Sid Vicious

My Opinion:
He seems like a cool guy, a super fan of the show. A little weird but if he plays the whole "Class Clown" thing he could make it far.

Ian Terry, 21


He is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but living in New Orleans, Louisiana and is a Engineering Student.

My Opinion:
(UPDATED) This guy reminds me so much of Ronnie (BB11), he is nerdy and seems kinda unsociable but seems to be a huge fan of the game but he looks 15!! He will need to align with someone who can take him far. But I can see him winning it all.

Jenn Arroyo, 37


She is from Brooklyn, New York and is a Musician/Drummer of the former band "Kittie".

My Opinion:
(UPDATED) Flaming Lesbian, kinda reminds me of Nakomis (BB5/BB7). Seems to be very laid back and chill. I cant tell what type of player she will be yet....If she will be more social or more floater. I dont see her winning a ton of comps though.

Jodi Rollins, 42


She is from Englewood, Colorado but is living in Calipatria, California and is Restaurant Server.

My Opinion:
This girl is a gonna be a carbon copy of Kalia (BB13) her looks, her thoughts, maybe even her eating habits ;). She plans to play a good game but I think she will just be a floater...However Im kinda rooting for her.

Joe Arvin, 41


He is from Lexington, Kentucky but is living in Schererville, Indiana and he is a Chef.

My Opinion:
Who the heck is this guy? He was replaced with Mike and therefore has no pre-season interviews with the media. He is a chef/cook so maybe finally this houseguest can have a actual meal no more PB&J 24/7.

JoJo Spatafora, 26


Is from Staten Island, New York and is a Bartender.

My Opinion:
Well she trys to play a "True New Yorker" bit, but it comes off more annoying then it does true. She wants to play like Enzo (BB12)...go figure. I don't think I will enjoy her very much if this New Yorker attitude continues in the house.

Kara Monaco, 29


She is from Orlando, Florida but is living in Los Angeles, California. She is a model. Kara is Playboy Playmate of the Year (2006) and Appeared on Girls Next Door, CSI Miami, Passions, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Dated Rob) and she might be Kelly Monaco's sister!

My Opinion:
(UPDATED) Well for one this girl sure has a profile...She even has a VERIFIED Twitter Account. She seems super nice and is VERY beautiful. I hope she goes far. She seems to be a huge fan of the game. If she has a shomance with someone *cough* Shane *cough*, she could have him carry her to the end.
Shane Meaney, 26


He is from Bennington, Vermont and is a "House Flipper". He was Cosmopolitans Vermont's Hottest Bachelor 2010.

My Opinion:
He will be the Jeff (BB11/BB13) of BB14. He is the quote on quote "Hottie" of the season. But I can see him falling for a girl and getting out just like Jeff.

Wil Heuser, 24

He is from Louisville, Kentucky and is a Marketing Consultant. Appeared on American Idol as a contestant and started on a Youtube Show "Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show".

My Opinion:
A stamp of Big Brother is having a gay guy.....well here he is folks, Meet Wil. I think I actually dislike him more then Lawon (BB13). He just is a very annoying gay guy. At times he can be funny but mostly just annoying.

Willie Hantz, 34


He is from Vinton, La. but living in Dayton, Texas and he is a Tankerman. Willie is Russell from Survivor & Flipped Off star Shawn, brother.

My Opinion:
He is a Hantz, Now from Survivor we know that the Hantzs can be rude asswholes or crybabys so lets hope he can get out from Russel's shadow and play a good game. He seems nice in interviews but you can tell he can/might be a real jerk. I really don't have a formed opinion of him...yet....

CBS also announced that their will be 4 returning Houseguest coming back this season "In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game -- for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere on Thursday, July 12th at 9/8c! You won’t want to miss it!"....I will be posting more about rumors that surround that soon.

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