Friday, July 6, 2012

4 Returning Houseguests

 Yesterday it was confirmed (rumors have been going around for weeks) that 4 past houseguest would enter the house.
Here is has to say "In a series first, four of the most successful players in Big Brother history will return to play their own game -- for their own separate prize. The identities of the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere on Thursday, July 12th at 9/8c! You won’t want to miss it!"

The rumor mill is saying that 4 houseguests will return as "mentors" to the new houseguests. They will have teams and if someone on their team wins, they win 100k. If all the members on their team get evicted, then  so does the leader/mentor of the group. There are so many rumors going around its hard to keep up. (I try to talk about them on Twitter, Follow me @TheBBInsider). 

Well Now CBS wants us to guess the 4 houseguests. (Below)
Every day leading up to the premiere, we'll tell you which of these HouseGuests are not returning, so check back daily to watch it all unfold! (CLICK HERE to go to the Voting Page)

The Houseguests to choose from on

The current rumor is Dan (BB10), Janelle (BB6/BB7), Mike "Boogie" (BB2/BB7). However Janelle is reported to be on vacation in Greece, even though some of her tweets were found to be fake (Read more about that on Dan is tweeting (but he could have someone else tweeting for him, like Janelle might be).

The 4th mentor rumor keeps going back and forth between Rachel (BB12/BB13) & Danielle Reyes (BB3). However Danielle was quickly shot down as she posted on a Message Board saying she wasnt going into the house also she wasn't one of the voting options on the poll. Rachel however is still up in the air...she (like Janelle) is apparently on vacation in Costa Rica or something. 

However, after the poll was posted. It was found that recently BB12's Brittney twitter changed from using always using Echofan to Twitter for iPhone. Now rumors are speculating that Brittney is the 4th rumor. We suspect, if the current rumors are true, that the 4th "mentor" will be a female. 

Producer Allison Grodner recently did a interview with TV Guide and promised No houseguests from last season will be on this season....if that holds true then we can rule out Rachel (BB12/BB13) & Daniele (BB8/BB13). Leaving us with Renny (BB10), Natalie (BB11), and Brittney (BB12). Natalie has been tweeting away ans swears up and down that she is not going back in the house. I cannot see them putting Renny back in the house...Leaving Brittney as the only Female left. Personally, I really hope she comes back! I don't know how well she will be as a "mentor" but it will sure as hell make the show worth watching (If you dont remember she had some hilarious Diary Room Sessions). 

Tune in every day (until the premiere) to to see who they remove. I will update the post if my opinion changes or if rumors shift. 

Please remember nothing is official until Julie says so.... the mentor twist might be completely false but it seems very likely.

Who do you think will return to the house? Let us know on Facebook & Twitter!

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