Sunday, June 24, 2012

Keeping up with the News

So much news related stuff has been going on the last couple days that I decided to just make one post with everything news related that has been happening lately so, here it goes....

Lance Bass to Interview Evicted Houseguests
Former Nsync star Lance Bass has announced that he will be interviewing the Evicted Big Brother 14 Houseguests on his SiriusXM Radio Show OutQ, Ch.108 airing from 10pm - 12am ET.

Showtime After Dark Returns
Big Brother: After Dark, exclusively on SHO2, is a live look inside the Big Brother house after the network prime-time cameras have been turned off. For three hours (12:00-3:00 AM ET/PT) seven days a week, Big Brother: After Dark will feature a live television feed from the Big Brother house and will be back for Season 14 of Big Brother.

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 Media Day Photo Leaked....
On Friday (22nd) a group of Journalists, Reports, TV Personality's entered the Big Brother House to play a shortened version of the Big Brother Game and to check out the House before the Houseguests enter. Then go and talk/write about How awesome this season of Big Brother will be. Well a photo of media day has been leaked....(Image on Left)....Now its not much of a photo but, if you read the names there are 2 names that stand out... Brendon & Rachel.

Speaking of Media Day, Later Friday Night Yahoo!'s Matt Whitfield (A usual member of Media Day) Tweeted @LifeOnTheMList:"Today was ... Out. Of. Control. I'm gagged 'til 7/2. Sorry, my friends." 
So It seems like Rumor that we will find out the Twists/Houseguests/House on July 2nd...IS TRUE.
...Stay Tuned....

Julie Chen Promo Shoot

 The photos on the Left & Right are from Julie Chen's recent Photo shoot to promote Big Brother.

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