Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glass House Review

It has been a long wait to see the Glass House, and it wasn't worth it. Glass House is probably one of the most talked about shows before it even premiered. 

As most of you did, I also tuned in last night and watched The Glass House premiere and honestly....I was disappointed. I honestly thought Glass House had potential. I liked the concept but the for some reason it was just boring.

I liked certain things. I loved their comp with the lifts and turning boxes to connect people to a statement. Defiantly a better 1st comp then Big Brother has done in a few seasons. I also really loved the way you could vote people into limbo by moving your hand in the direction to find the person you wanted then by thrusting yourself toward the tv in a cool looking way breaking their glass. I thought that whole thing was really cool and very technically advanced. In fact the whole house is very technically advanced with they way people enter and exit the house to the Twittering with the fans was really cool. Also the awesome necklaces that were actually mics. WHOA, Mind Blown.....CBS better start taking notes!

I also disliked certain things....Mostly the cast. I thought Alex was a complete asswhole and his exiting remarks were uncalled for and I voted for him NOT to return. I thought Apollo's card strategy was really weird and is really keeping himself from playing the game.

At the end of the show, the siri type voice came on and said Jacob had quit the house. Not surprising but disappointing (I was rooting for him) I hope America didn't vote Alex Back in the house. 

I will continue to watch this show. I will tune in next week. I'm not gonna stop watching this show because the 1st episode was boring. I didn't love Glass House like I love Big Brother, but the fact of the matter is....Glass House is an OK show, I think most people didn't like it because of the build up. The wait was so strong that it didn't measure up to the actual show.

Now onto The live feeds. I really like watching people being people and naturally talking to each other. I don't like a group of idiots playing Draw Something on the walls, playing dodgeball, and doing sexy yoga. I enjoyed the 1 hour I got to see (because I am on the pacific coast, and didn't watch the feeds before the show aired) of the feeds were actually interesting hearing them talk about who they thick quit the game, Rodney King died, and even civil rights and equality. The feeds are more interesting this way.

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