Monday, June 18, 2012

Crazy 24 Hours

Wow, the past 24 hours have been insane for the Big Brother world. Twitter is just blowing up. Here is the most talked about conversations in the past 24 hours.

Glass House Premieres TONIGHT!

Yes that is correct, the most talked about show (as least for me, recently) is premiering TONIGHT. I haven't blogged much about Glass House but I have tweeted about it occasionally, and I watched the live feeds and I have no idea how the heck they will put together a full hour show. Between Draw Something on the Walls and Sexy Yoga and Dodge-ball, I don't know how that is a show and how we the voting public will be able to choose who goes and who stays over a dodge-ball game.

The Lawsuit,  it seems to be at a standstill right now. Friday, the Judge DENIED CBS request for a restraining order on Glass House! So the Glass House will move forward, but CBS still plans to pursue lawsuit.

Early Bird Live Feed Special goes on-sale TODAY 

For most Big Brother fans on Twitter, today is the WORST day because all the other Big Brother Blogging Sites are tweeting/urging you to buy your feeds through them. I'm not going to do that because this year will be the 1st year that I will be getting the Live Feeds online. I have Showtime after dark but this year I decided to save up the money and get the feeds. So your welcome, this year I will not be begging you to buy the feeds through me.

The Early Bird Special is 29.99 for 3 months and goes on sale today. CLICK HERE

(VIDEO) Crazy New Promo for Big Brother


The New Promo promises 4 Major surprises (Not Twists) and the most houseguest EVER! Which, if CBS did their math right, that means 16+ Houseguest.  Now que the rumor mill. I will be tweeting some of the CRAZY-ist Big Brother 14 rumors. Follow my tweets with hashtag . If you have heard a crazy rumor, tweet me them @TheBBInsider

2 New Promos that have the Web Buzzing with Rumors!
Please note the last promo (starts at :20) is the exact same promo as above just Higher Quality.

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