Friday, May 18, 2012

New Information about 'The Glass House'

 New Details Released about 'The Glass House'


ABC continues with plans for premiering 'The Glass House' on June 18th!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the show work? 
When the show begins, fourteen people are living in a house together, participating in challenges - with America making the decisions about what happens in the house. Each week there will be somebody eliminated from the house. The winner is the last person left in the house - as voted on by you, the public!

What are the decisions that America makes to effect what happens in the house?   America will have the opportunity to vote on a variety of things relating to the house. Not only will the public ultimately decide who stays or goes, but it will also influence other show elements like including what the houseguests wear, where they sleep, what they eat, and who gets another shot at the game.

How does a player on the show get removed from the house?  
After losing a challenge, the team captain of the losing team goes to "limbo" - along with another member from the losing team that the house votes on.

What is "limbo?" 
Limbo is where two people from the house go after losing a challenge. It's an area outside of the house where the two people go until one of them is allowed to return to the house.

How are the captains for the challenges determined?  
The two people with the fewest votes from the public become team captains for that week's challenge.

How does somebody return to the house from limbo? 
America chooses who they think deserves to return to the house. All the power is in the public's hands.

What happens to the person who America doesn't choose to return to the house?
That person is out of the game permanently.

How many episodes will air for The Glass House?
Ten episodes will air as part of season 1.

How can I help determine what happens in the house?
You can influence a variety of events in the house by voting in the Live Stream Voting, the Daily Voting and by choosing your favorites in the house.

What is the Live Stream Voting?
The Live Stream Voting lets you have real-time influence of events seen during the live stream.

What is the Daily Voting?
The Daily Voting includes a number of voting opportunities each day through which you can influence events in the house - including major decisions such as who should be given a chance to return to the house from Limbo. This voting impacts on-air episodes.

How does the voting for favorites work?
You can vote on as few or as many people that you'd like to stay in the house. At the end of the current voting period, the two people with the fewest number of votes become team captains for that week's challenge.

When does the live streaming occur?
Four hours on Monday evening from 8pm PST to 12am PST - and also Tuesday thru Thursday at 12pm PST.

How can I audition to be on the show?
You can get casting info for Glass House at  
(Editors Note: Casting process has ended)

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You can now follow The Glass House Insider on Twitter, for tweets about the show.

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